Being Human (UK)

Season 3 Episode 2

Adam's Family

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 2011 on BBC
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Adam is a teenage vampire who relies on his father for blood, and when he is discovered by George and Nina, they want to help him out. Meanwhile, Annie offers to be Mitchell's 'guardian angel' to thank him for saving her, but Mitchell is still guilt-ridden over the incident in the train.


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  • Bad writing choices

    As I mentioned in the review for the previous episode, I can only hope that the third season manages to flesh out the werewolf side of the equation a bit more. That means a bit more focus on George and Nina, now something of a happy couple, and this episode delivers on that end. Yet the story itself is still more about the vampires and less about the werewolves, which is somewhat annoying.

    Adam's eternal teenage angst is a far cry from the cringe-inducing "Twilight", but it's still teenage angst. And he's essentially a junkie, which doesn't really help matters when the author of last series' 12-step program for beating blood addiction wants nothing to do with the "kid". So George and Nina wind up trying to get Adam adopted with a vampire "family", and things get very weird, very fast.

    In actuality, as perverted as the vampire family might be, it's really not that hard to imagine. Vampires have been equated with kink for quite some time now, after all. Buried in the hedonism is an interesting concept: that of the willing victim. "Being Human" has covered this sort of ground before, when Mitchell was offered a goth girl with feigned interest in suicide. It's not a far stretch to believe that a vampire would cultivate a cult of sorts, with servants ultimately offering their lives to their masters.

    Apparently Adam is part of an online spinoff called "Becoming Human", something I really have no interest in viewing. Adam annoyed me from the start, and considering the areas still not explored in the central premise (the werewolves, for example!), this is not a direction I'm looking to see the writers take. There were some great little moments (like the casual anti-werewolf insults and George's showdown with the mighty planter), but overall, I couldn't wait for it to be over.

    I'm also not pleased with the development of Mitchell and Annie as a couple. There are just so many ways this could go wrong. If they make this a matter of Mitchell's self-loathing latching onto Annie's over-appreciation, then it could explode in their faces in a satisfying and character-developing manner. But any actual romance just doesn't seem justified at this point.

    My main problem with this episode is that only half the episode seemed to pertain to what happened in the premiere, and that plot thread involved a potential relationship that I really have no interest in seeing develop. I would much rather see the werewolves developed so that a true conflict between vampires and werewolves, with our favorite characters caught in the center of the storm, can erupt with proper balance.moreless
  • The Obligatory Mitchell helps out a vampire episode (again)

    With Annie back from purgatory she promises to be Mitchell's "guardian angel" and assists him in a job interview at the Barry Island Hospital for a cleaning position but things don't go well with Annie sitting in on the interview. George and Nina take in a vampire frozen in his teens, Adam, whose father is about to die and try to help him overcome his thirst. Mitchell is approached by Richard, a vampire representative of "The Old Ones" (the oldest vampires), who're worried about vampires being exposed as a result of the Box Tunnel 20 debacle so they invite Mitchell to live with them in South America and a choice must be made. When Adam's thirst grows ever more powerful George and Nina take Adam to Richard to quench his thirst but things are not as they seem. Decent enough episode but all these young vampire episodes there's like one every series about giving up the thirst and I think I get it already so hopefully the writers stay away from this redundancy from now on.moreless
  • This week :- Being Human usual antics with a dash of Secret diary of a call girl

    I like this episode and like the way they portrayed a Adam. He will forever be trapped in the body of a sixteen year old yet his mind always seems to remain the same. I felt that the Mitchell and Annie story wasn't that important or relevant to the series although I did like Annie's reaction to Adam and Adam's reaction to Annie. Nina and George are so good in this episode. I love the way they are with Adam and you just know in that moment that they will make great parents. I say the episode has a splash of Call girl due to S and M in the episode. I love the fact that show is so casual with how they represent things like this. The vampire couple were just plain weird in this episode especially the women. Great Acting again and well done to the actor who played Adam, he did a great job and he deserves his own place in the spin- off show Becoming Human (Which is good and worth checking out).

    Great reference to George and his love of household objects as weapons.moreless
  • A mighty fine episode!

    I LOVED this episode, was pretty hillarious. This episode centres away from the main characters and focuses on Adam, a 46 year old vamp trapped in the body of a 16 year old.

    This episode shows the transition from boy to 'man' for Adam whos parents have died due to years of feeding him. Nina and George decide to look after him but for some reason Mitchell is very reluctant. I liked how we got to see how Mitchell is on the fringe of giving into his predator nature and the parallels we get with him and Adam.

    The classic part of this episode however has got to be when Nina and George take Adam to a wealthy vampire clan who seem to have ways to control their hunger. This however results in gimps, sex parties and a fantastic rescue attempt. "Who wants some of my plant?!"

    I was rather upset that we didn't get to see Mcnair and his son. Hopefully they'll be on the next episode to show us different ways of dealing with the whole werewolf lifestyle. I also hope Annie gets a bigger storyline role as time goes on and isn't just there to keep Mitch from going all bad vamp again. I mean it's bound to happen again even if she tries... right? Her being a guaridan angel for him is utterly hillarious however and her attempt to get Mitchell a job goes a bit worse for wear.

    All in all a very intersesting and decent episode. George and Nina are content with their condition, Annie loves Mitchell and well Mitchell is going mad and this Box Tunnel 20 thing has even managed to peeve off the 'old ones'. Now you know that IS bad...moreless

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