Being Human (UK)

Season 4 Episode 1

Eve of the War

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 05, 2012 on BBC

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  • Being human (UK)

    I started watching being human (UK) a few weeks ago. I had no idea how hooked I would be to the show, just recently I started watching the fourth season n even tho the main character's won't be on the show anymore I'm still eager to see more. I do wish the show would have kept George, mitchell n Nina. I love the show being human (UK) I would watch it all over again. Plus I have to say UK acting has caught my eye. It has an amazing story line.

    Thank you for making being human (UK)
  • When good series go bad

    This episode was nothing like I expected except that I did expect it to change. To me, Season Four's initial episode was a serious disappointment except for possibly five minutes of its content. A whole rack of new characters were just dropped into the mix. Others who were present at the end of season three were dropped out in very dissatisfying ways. Terminator-style threads were woven in to a story fabric that was already as loose as a fifty year old sweater. I understand the intentions, or at least I think that I do, of what was done and why, but overall it really left me disappointed. I do recommend it for those really good five minutes. Anyone who liked the previous three seasons will know when to stop watching. The rest of the episode did not interest me at all. I guess it's time to take a look at the US version. It couldn't be worse, right?.