Being Human (UK)

Season 1 Episode 1

Flotsam and Jetsam

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 25, 2009 on BBC
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The 3 housemates are discovering the difficulties of living in the human world, with vampire Mitchell struggling to repress his desire for blood, ghost Annie being confronted by another ghost from her past, and werewolf George looking for a place he can undergo his transformation in safety.


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  • Annie, George, and Mitchell are housemates but they are not your usual roommates. You see Annie is a ghost, George is a werewolf, and Mitchell is a vampire. Together they try to survive in this world and the madness that surrounds them.moreless

    A brilliant show with some great characters. Good production values and not a lot of wasted dialogue. I personally did not see the Pilot so I missed the Mitchell/Lauren bit but it is easy to see the way they wrapped this up why the three are perfect for one another.

    None of them is comfortable being what they are. All three fight acceptance of their true selves. Mitchell does not want to feed. George believes that he is a monster. Annie does not understand what she's still doing here and is lonely. Lot's of unfinished business for all three of them.

    Mitchell's refusal to act like a vampire is causing him consequences with the other vampires. I don't understand why he abandoned Lauren as it does seem cruel. Poor Janey she is like a plaything that Lauren used to punish Mitchell. George seems to have the right idea about Mitchell though when he tells Annie that maybe Mitchell did save Janey in the end.

    A lot of fun and full of possibilities. I'm looking forward to the next episodes. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Being Human

    This clever little treat of a supernatural show which sounds like a bad joke at first: a werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost walk into a bar. But there really is some heart in there especially as the message of the show is about these non human people trying to retain their humanity even though they have been transformed in some way. George wants to transform on the night of the full moon in isolation so as to not hurt anyone, Mitchell goes off human blood so as to not hurt anyone again after having turned a woman he was seeing into a vamp, and Annie the Ghost who is still in love with Owen, her fiancée from when she was alive even though she fell down the stairs and died she still feels indebted to him. Annie remains attached to the flat, which she and Owen used to own, and Mitchell and George move in and they become friends who must confront the downsides of their alter egos whilst trying to live a normal life.moreless
  • An excellent start to what looks to be an excellent series!

    For those of you in search of an original TV series, well, Being Human is certainly something you'll want to dig your teeth into, or, ya know, shred with your claws, or loom around like a ghost...

    Yeah, that sounded funnier in my...never.

    Being Human, Episode 1, is exactly what a pilot should be! It immediately introduces the characters, their situations and distinct personalities, while allowing the mythology to build with every ad break, each time focusing on a different character (and therefor a mythological being).

    The three main leads are extremely likeable, flawed, and oh-so likeable, have I said that already? Not to mention yummy in their own special ways. At first I thought that perhaps everyone was trying a bit too hard, but 5 minutes in and I warmed to these lot and the troubles their afterlife has to offer.

    My favourite character kept changing every so often through the episode; Annie had me at hello (oh ya know what I mean), and while George is clearly the comic relief, she gets a hilarious scene where she's practising in the mirror how to greet her ex-boyfriend. Very funny.

    George was the last person I settled in with, but found myself liking him the second Annie did. His scene running through the forest with the Arctic Monkeys playing was hysterical, as was his chat-up line with the polo and the hole (very funny!).

    Mitchell, meanwhile, is the brooding hunk of the piece, and has the most compelling storyline. I enjoy the general mythology surrounding vampires an am glad to see it has been shaken AND stirred, I hope we get more tidbits in future episodes.

    I even loved all of the guest bits, too, and those nasty vamps had an air of monotony about them, which made them all the more terrifying when they started rattling on about turning the tables on humanity! Jason Watkins looks like an everyday man, and yet he manages to switch into killer "shark" mode with the bat of an eyelid, he's incredibly menacing.

    Overall, this is a slick first episode. While technically not the show's pilot, it's certainly one of the best first episodes I have seen in ages. The premise is fantastic, the script is razor-sharp, the humour is totally spot-on and the whole vibe oozes of cool. Creator and writer of this episode, Tony Whithouse, is definitely onto something here!moreless
  • New show about a vampire, werewolf and ghost living together in Bristol.

    This was quite a promising start to the series. There were quite a lot of getting to know you scenes which slightly slowed things down a bit were there was also a lot of enjoyable stuff to watch here. The three characters contrast one another very well. I loved the scene where George is looking for somewhere to transform at full moon. He runs around the woods but it is inexplicably incredibly full of people (mainly couples) so he decides to go home. The next morning the scene of the wrecked house was really well done. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the series.moreless
  • a slick new show that is simply perfect viewing,the start of an era.

    after watching the pilot of the show last year i thought and hoped that it would be picked up for a full series run...amazingly the writers managed to crank up the style and edge of the show to create a fabulous and unique atmosphere for this show.

    the cast are simply fabulous, but for me out of the trio i find myself related more to the Character George(the werewolf), he has a unique charm played out marvelously by the actor.

    this first episode of the show blended all the subgenres of horror and folklore together to create something rather wonderful and unique, Demons flopped when aired on ITV...Being Human is perfect and i am sure the show will carry on for plenty more seires yet.

    it has the same style of humour and human factors that made buffy the vampire Slay my favourite show and one of the greatest shows of the decade...Being human is set to do the exact same thing for me.

    this is a must watch for everyone on Sunday's BBCthree,i also think that the sh0w will be a certified hit in the US too along with Torchwood and Doctor Who.

    this is no ordinary show...this is a success story.moreless
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Dean Lennox Kelly


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Howard Coggins

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Jason Watkins


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  • QUOTES (6)

    • Annie: Alright, George? What's happening? I thought it was your time of the month.
      Mitchell: It is. He's doing it here.
      Annie: Oh, I just hoovered.

    • Annie: So, who wants tea?
      George: You keep making tea. Every surface is covered with mugs of tea and coffee. I go to make myself some tea and I can't. There's no mugs, there's no tea. It's all been made. And you can't even drink it. You can't drink it. You keep making it. Oh my god, it's driving me insane.
      Annie: Oh, well, I like my routine. It makes me feel normal.

    • Annie: Everyone dies. Er, actually, can I start that again? Everyone deserves a death.

    • George: (re Mitchell/Becky): Where did they go?
      Nurse: Christ knows. I would've asked but then it would've looked like I gives a shit.

    • Lauren: (to George): I'm kind of new to this but aren't you supposed to weep or scream or wee yourself?

    • George: (to Mitchell): No, I'm sorry but we have to protect the household.
      Annie: You've just smashed up the household.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Viewing figures (UK) - 1,092,000

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Australia: June 19, 2009 on ABC 2
      United States: July 25, 2009 on BBC America
      Czech Republic: October 2, 2009 on AXN

    • Filming Locations:

      Totterdown, Bristol, UK.
      Bristol General Hospital.

    • Episode Music:

      (Artist - Song)
      The Prodigy - Smack my Bitch Up
      The Arctic Monkeys - When the Sun Goes Down
      Supergrass - St Petersburg
      Dirty Pretty Things - Wondering
      Maximo Park - Books from Boxes
      Pigeon Detectives - Take Her Back
      The Eels - Friendly Ghost
      Johnny Cash - Hurt

    • Russell Tovey (George) is the only cast member to return to the series. The roles of Annie, Mitchell and Herrick have been recast.


    • George: We were on holiday in Scotland. The place we were staying was on the edge of this huge ravine.

      This is where George was turned into a werewolf. It is likely a reference to the film Dog Soldiers, in which a group of soldiers are turned into werewolves in a huge ravine in Scotland.