Being Human (UK)

Season 5 Episode 5

No Care, All Responsibility

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 03, 2013 on BBC

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  • With Friends Like These

    Being Human continued a winning streak with the stronger 6 episode structure. Alex remains suspicious of Bobby's suicide and begins to investigate Hatch and how long he's been in the hotel itself. Rook plays a game, including a strong fifteen years ago sequence in which he save a little girl from vamps which comes back later, in his alliance with Hatch. Rook has been an interesting chess piece this year (pun intended) since he takes the almost one-dimensionality of being good at his job and saving his organization to a three dimensional level. This episode also solidified into the role of antagonist, not like Hatch, but he still willingly goes against Hal, Tom, and Alex. It was cute to see Tom fall in love with the rough are the edges stray Natasha who is not what she seems. Turns the out the little girl Rook had saved in the cold open was Natasha and he has been keeping tabs on her ever since. One thing that's iffy is Rook's desire to get Hal and Tom out of the way to create supernatural chaos as it's put doesn't benefit Hatch who needs their conflict to Rise. Does he assume that through his and Rook's scheming that that will be enough power expended by Hal and Tom fighting amongst themselves that he can Rise without problems? Their mutually beneficial relationship just has some minor holes in it for me. It was sad to see Natasha die, as all one off characters on Being Human tend to do. Tom remained the naive master he is wondering if Natasha, by not being a supe, was perhaps a succubus like last year's one. His blind loyalty to Allison who has since gone back to her family is also all sorts of naive and Alex essentially has to use the carefullest of mallets to smack him over the head to let him know that it's ok. Hal's going back on the blood was a little boring actually seeing two episode in the row where he killed someone or chugged blood ravenously left us seeing this coming. Natasha agreeing to let him feed off of her certainly complicated things no doubt especially when Alex and Tom found out. Rook had sent Natasha to infiltrate and turn Tom and Hal against one another, although I don't think she expected to die in the process. Rook's motto of "no care, all responsibility" rang throughout this episode showing that you can't show compassion in dealing with supernaturals. Alex forbids Hal to come home after finding out about his feeding because he didn't ask for help. This was upsetting for me since they were getting on so well and were going to discuss their future but this show has always had doomed relationships as a staple of its functioning. Hal shows up asking for help and Alex ties him once more to the chair determined to kick him out once he's detoxed. Natasha, having her ear whispered into by Hatch goes to the house with a knife and cuts Hal's restraints to his dismay and slits her throat. Hal trying to uselessly save her was the most heartbreaking part of the episode and even tries to get her to drink his blood to turn her into a vampire. Alex and Tom finding this leads Tom to almost stake him but the fact that he hadn't drank the blood was evidence enough for Tom to leave and let Hal hit the road. Poor Tom, another female that he has to love and let go. Although if Hal had had such as hard time with a cut when not having fed from Natasha in a while why was it so easy for him to stay level headed and not drink from her when her throat was cut? Could it be because he had fed during the day from her or that in the heightened state of it all he could control the monster within? Either way, Natasha's ghost appears and tells Alex that Hal is not to blame for her death and that Hatch said something to her, although she can't remember. Natasha's corpse begins to say "He Will Rise" much like the "We Are Coming" that the children in Torchwood Children of Earth chant around the world. Hatch stands up in his wheelchair while Alex is in the room (she thinks he can't see her) now having enough power to Rise I guess whatever that means in regards to this. In a cool finale Hal goes into a bar and locks the door insinuating that he will everyone in there just like the Box Tunnel 20 (a little too similar I might add), Tom sharpens his wooden stakes in the hotel kitchen, and Alex gets thrown through a mirror by Hatch and gets trapped inside her coffin with her body. I don't see how she can get out without help and we have absolutely no idea what Hatch's plans are now that he's risen. Tom and Hal have no suspicion of Hatch even now that the final episode is upon but I can forgive that with all of the turmoil that happened among their ranks this week. This episode masterfully balanced the light relationship parts of the episode before getting to the dark dreary character loss that this show excels in. Tom will no doubt go for Hal but I hope they all come out of the other end of this and that the final episode should perhaps be extended beyond 60 minutes since there's so much ground to cover but who knows they may just pull it off. Just another observation is how Rook will play into this when he finally finds out what Hatch truly is and how he will either work with Hal and the gang or against them. Seeing this show now it's weaknesses are out in the open and we've seen the formula exposed so now is the perfect to end when there is still steam in the engine. Whether it was for ratings or something else it's good to see Being Human, the BBC, and Toby Whithouse know that there should be no season after fighting the Devil (Supernatural could've benefited from this advice thoroughly). Series finale next week, kind of unreal.