Being Human (UK)

Season 5 Episode 3

Pie and Prejudice

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 17, 2013 on BBC

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  • Pie and Prejudice

    A weak installment of Being Human this week with not even an appearance of Captain Hatch after the last two excellent outings. Tom being under former weatherman turned werewolf Larry was tiring and boring. Tom is naive which is fine, but he was used in almost the exact same way last series by Cutler so the fact that he would be so trusting again is a little thin and shows the writers don't have much left so mid-season fare. Hal meets up with an old acquaintance, Lady Mary, who he killed two centuries ago or so and she thinks that she was his last victim. Alex follows them and Mary takes Alex under her wings to teach about being a ghost. Alex learns that Mary is only pretending to be the posh lady with Hal to keep up appearances and keep him from killing. Alex arranges for Hal to tell her that she wasn't his last victim and that she's been staying around to no avail. Mary tutors Alex on reading minds as a ghost (an unseen power as of this series) and to feed off of the energy of sex when they're both in a pub bathroom, rather awkward. Larry crashes in Tom's room and gives him all this nonsense about always wearing a suit which honestly does play very funnily at times with Tom talking about business opportunities. Larry blames the wolf inside for his life going wrong but he is just an unlikable scumbag who extorts Tom and makes him go out into the woods by telling him that the wolf will destroy all that is good in him. Hal insists to Tom that he will be nothing like that and get him back home only to find Lady Mary telekinetically trying to stake Hal. Alex and Tom intervene and say that they're the ones responsible for his sobriety from blood and killing from here on out. A lot of talk about beasts within and Tom's lack and struggle which is nothing new for this show and quite yawn worthy at times. The big fear and more compelling part of the episode was Alex's fear of turning out like Lady Mary after a long period of time since being a ghost has a much longer shelf-life than being a werewolf. Lady Mary leaves and tells Alex that she'll go to visit another part of the world and warns her about the beast in Hal being asleep not gone. Rook deals with the Division being shut down and throws his feelings out at a phone sex hotline of all things rather amusingly. Right before he is about to commit suicide with a pistol using a stop watch Hal calls him. Turns out Larry hadn't left of his own choice but intimidated Hal into "showing him the monster" before Hal strangles him with an electrical cord. He calls Rook to come pick up the mess, giving him purpose enough to not end his life just yet. I at least wish that there could've been an appearance of Captain Hatch this week. At least we got Hal's promotion to Manager and a poster about Patsy's disappearance (cuz she's dead). Hopefully next week we can pick up the pace a bit since a lot of this material feels like we've seen it before on this show which makes me sort of half glad it's ending. There's only so many "ghost mentors ghost" or "vamp" or "werewolf" stories that better the characters before it becomes old hat. Hopefully Captain Hatch will return next week to continue his