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    I'm am very pleased with Being Human.

    I believe that the US have lost sight of what's really important in film/TV, particularly depth of character. All I see in American film and TV these days are a bunch of clichd characters who speak in one-liners and catch-phrases.

    Not the case with British film and TV - apart from Guy Ritchie films, tic.

    Like "Dog Soldiers", Being Human relies on old technology to make their Werewolf work. So what, the wolf looks fake. You can look beyond it as the rest of the show is excellent.

    Being Human has stayed true to the crux of Horror, which is the Supernatural element. Nowadays too often we see "genetically mutated" monsters, which takes the fear factor out of it all. If it bleeds, we can kill it (and easier than we thought).

    Being Human is beautifully written, superbly cast and has its own feel; one you can immerse yourself in. It's simple viewing without being too predictable or too tame.

    I'm pretty sure I would be happy to watch further installments of this show for the next 5 years and not be bored with it, provided the writing remains as refreshing as it is at the moment.

    For me, Being Human is about the relationships between the characters and the anticipation of something "big" happening in each episode.
  • Season 4 Unwatchable

    I absolutely loved the first 3 seasons and couldn't wait for season 4. What happened? New writers? It lost the dark edgy appeal and became sickly sweet drivel. I just couldn't watch it. No wonder the show failed.

    So, I hope BBC takes notice. It's really too bad they changed it so radically in season 4, cause I think it could've been very successful if they'd have kept on track with previous seasons. I'm so disappointed.

    I love the series and the new cast made it even better! I have a question says its returning on July 16th 2013, but I thought season 5 episode 6 was the series which is it?
  • Game needs to be stepped up

    My rating went from 9 to 5 from S3 to S4 and here's why.

    I'm sorry, but for me, BHS4 was more so on the boring side. There were a few episodes, like the one with the succubus that was entertaining and whenever they did a flashback of Hal in his golden years, that was entertaining, but I could have slept through most of Season four. The first episode wasn't a shocker for me. Kind of saw it coming and by the way George was acting, I was glad to see him go. I think my biggest issue is angst. I can't stand self-loathing and angst and this season had a healthy dose of it that drove me near to tears. Hal was only interesting when he was sure of himself, which wasn't often. The new ghost that now completes the trio is cool, like to see what S5 has in store for her if the show is ever coming back on. But this season really lacked in the action/comedy/horror/romance factors and that's what really made the show fun and exciting to watch the first 3 seasons.

    Where are all the cool vampires and werewolves at?
  • Ratings for S1-2

    S1: 1/10

    S2: 1/10
  • HELP! Addicted to Being Human U.K. but living in the States :(

    I have just spent the last 3 days watching every episode from the first 3 series but I cannot find anywhere to watch series 4 without going to sketchy sites or buying a membership to another site. Anybody have any suggestions as to where a sad American girl can get her series 4 fix?
  • Season 4 characters need to step up to the plate in season 5 if the show is to continue

    I too loved the first three seasons. With the replacement of the two male leads in season 4, I continued to see the show, but if I missed a week I did not fret it. My rating is heavy on the first three seasons which I would have given a 10. Season 4 rating would be more like a 6-7. I will continue to watch the show in season 5 in hopes that the existing characters (or perhaps a new character) can step-up and be more fully engaging.
  • New Series, New Characters, New Show?

    Spoilers, do not read if you have not seen series 4 finale

    I love being human and was apprehensive about the fourth series missing two lead characters, but I stuck with it and I'm glad I did. Although not as good as the first three series it still had me hooked and the characters grew on me. But with Annie leaving I really don't think I can continue watching with none of the original cast and with new lead characters Hal, Tom and Alex.

    The original cast is why I feel in love with the show to begin with and I just don't like the characters as much. Hal is great, although fairly empty at time, I like Tom, although he seems lost, and Alex I don't really like at all, the character that is, she's kinda boring.

    I don't know if I should give this new show a chance?
  • sleepy werewolk

    Ill be straight i thought it was shite. i was hooked to the first 3 series the characters and humor were great i thought mitchell was brill when he was killed off i wondered if the others would be strong enough to carry it on.wnen i watched episdode 1 i soon realised they couldnt the new werewolf looks like hes fallin asleep all the time i think it should have been lelf after series 3 i watched it all but only on sky plus i just watched it whenever. i coulnt have done that before i had to watch it when it was on.i ended up not caring who dies . im gutted really was best tv prog ever
  • Applause! Thats how you carry a series!

    Great writing..The humor is not as great as the first seasons..bring some back. I like Tom, and Hal (i liked how they brought him in)..the new girl is okay..(her character needs a rude waking to the lifestyle.) They need to pick it up a little in the 5 series or it will be there last. What is it about that old little one that got away? Will they find her? The world was saved from the vampires but will they save it from werewolf's the next season? The show can go somewhere but for how long 2 more seasons or 3 then change the cast? They need to think about this. Sometimes change is good but you got to hear what your viewers are saying or no show. Annie oh I will miss her so! I hope she does more acting along with the original crew in other shows/movies.
  • Death brings goods shit!

    I know a lot of people have been hating the new season but I really enjoy it! Yes, they got rid of all the characters I have loved for 3 years but I am really enjoying the funky weird humour that is coming out of the new characters and it's just fun. The scenes with Tom and Hal are brilliant! Besides it is quite common for British shows to get rid of their whole cast and start a new and it usually works out.
  • Boldingly going where I don't want to follow

    Having watched a few British programs over the years, I know that they can take bold and radical shifts and departures from both story and characters, often to great affect. But, this new season for me is too much of a departure from characters I grew to love despite their flaws and failings along the way. I've stopped following other shows that wiped the slate clean nearly, and this season may have me waiting on the sidelines for the conclusion to read whether the story pays off. Maybe we could get back what was lost, or maybe this is the new status quo, but I miss my vampire, my werewolf (and his love), and will miss my ghost.
  • season 4 shake up

    wow what have they done to Being Human UK.... George and Nina are gone in the 1st episode, George is the best i wish they hadn't changed things so much...but i did like the jump forward to the future was a good twist, but no more George lets hope the shows not ruined because of only having 1 main actor from the original

  • What's happening

    The writing on this season of Being Human UK is abysmal! I've tried to get through the episodes so far, but I end up with an awful headache each time. I'm afraid this is my stop and I have to get off.
  • Lost its way...

    I'm not one to dismiss a show because of cast changes. I gave S4 a fair chance and I was really willing it to work. Sadly though, I'm bailing. I'd just stick with that amazing finale to S3 and pretend this was a bad dream Annie had one night.

    I really hated the idea of a second Trilogy - it just seemed to completely negate the whole premise of the show - that Annie, Mitchell and George coming together was something special and unique. I hated Pearl and was glad to see the back of her and Jules fairly speedily. Tom is...okay. That's it. And as for Hal... he has zero presence, no sense of menace to him, he's just...bland.

    When Mitchell told someone he was going to kill them, you believed absolutely he just might. When Hall does, you think...meh. For pity's sake, a woman got away from him this week by flailing at him with her handbag!

    Worst of all, the show is a tame shadow of its former self. That wonderful dark air of menace has gone. The plots and dilemmas of the characters range from dull to absurd.

    It's a crying shame to see a great show driven to the depths of mediocrity this way.
  • Too much like The Fades?

    Has anyone else noticed that Being Human has started to look and sound like The Fades? Did the writers get spooked by that show do you think? I'm suspicious and a bit disappointed if that's the case.
  • Wednesday

    I've been watching Being Human from the very beginning and was really keen for the start of the fourth series. However, the series lost Mitchell at the end of series 3 and by the end of the first episode, Nina and George have now gone. I'll still be watching this series but I'm not sure if the new cast members will work as well as the original cast.
  • Gracielou4

    This series is the best! Its so much fun. I love the characters. Annie, George, and Mitchell! Their the best.
  • Game Changer?

    Game changes are usually implemented as a last ditch effort. In the case of Being Human UK and Being Human US I don't think this applies. The identical plots albeit on different sides of the pond does not indicate much change.

    Originally drawn into the UK show I anticipated the third season and then VOILA what happens all I can find is the US version and a repeat of the UK plot. This is the first time that I recall a show moving in this direction. Often I wondered WTH is going on?

    Recently I found that I could view both versions. I am glued to the plot because I can watch either show. Does anyone feel like this is redundant?

    I like the show and rate both versions a 8. The direction is somewhat open-ended but enough to capture new viewers and keep loyal ones coming back for more.

    Show biz...go figure.
  • Very interesting premise.

    I have some mixed feelings about this show - loved season 1 and 3 but didn't like season 2 very much.

    The characters are great and well fleshed out, the story is interesting and the special effects can be very impressive.

    On the down side, sometimes the story feels a little aimless and particularly the vampire storyline feels unfinished: a lot of hype but very little follow-through. It's almost as if there should be this bigger storyline with the character stories as the backdrop but instead it's been done the other way round.

    Despite this small flaw on the storyline side, what the show does exceptionally well is create the relationship between the three main characters. It feels genuine and is charming. It can also be delightfully funny.

    I did enjoy watching the series though I think it didn't live up to half of it's potential.
  • Good show with a good mix of action, drama, comedy

    I travel and can watch foreign as well as domestic shows. I like this show. There is so much that is unique and unpredictable. You never know where the show is going next. And it doesn't burden the viewer with too much of one thing, drama, action, comedy. It's a good mix. And the small issues do not get too overshadowed by the big ones. There are bigger issues, the vampire community, wolf packs, the greater afterlife. But then there are small issues too, new friends, trouble getting along in one house, the neighbors. It's a rich show with lots of variety and surprises. You never know where it is going, but it's good to go along. The only downside is that the story can drag at times.
  • When I first saw this programme advertised I thought "Oh No - not another vampire show"! Well how wrong was I? This was 60 minutes of sheer joy!

    I think I was hooked the moment it started - not just because there was Russell Tovey ripping his clothes off but it was the way that the audience was being brought into his life - the terror of his life - not being in control - having something so powerful take over your body and the fear in knowing it is about to happen. I loved Tovey in the History Boys and he did not disappoint. He had some classic scenes - and the innocence of him looking around and then cleaning his new flat was priceless - a real little housewife! Guy Flanagan was also incredible - so effortless in his acting - you immediately warmed to his character - not your usual vampire! Even when he bit his girlfriend you felt empathy for him because again you knew how hard he was trying to fight against it. Annie's character was so sweet - you felt so sorry for her - even though it was never mentioned how she actually died, I think deep down you knew she had had a tragic ending, possibly by her own hand.

    I think this plot has a lot of potential and I hope a new series starts shortly. Definitely something to look forward to!
  • Life is among the living is tough enough, but imagine a household comprised of a 120-year-old vampire, a highly intelligent werewolf, and an agoraphobic ghost who died under mysterious circumstances. This life is seen though the supernatural view.

    This was a very cool show when it come to science fiction. I love the story line of the show. Even though I saw it on YouTube instead of the television, it seem like it had promise if they decide to continue to air the show on television. For anyone who into werewolves, vampires, ghosts and other things like that then see if you going to like this show. Anyway, I hope they continue to do something with this show but if not, then I was glad to see the show when and however I could. Good luck and hope to see more of this show.
  • "Jumped the Shark" already !!!!!!!

    Total shame that they messed with the format, characters etc.
    I think by changing it they totally missed the point in what people liked about it in the first place.
    The first one was kind of quirky and all the better for it. Apparently they wanted to make it less gothic. It seems all they did was take the fun out of it. The girl playing the new ghost is no doubt a good enough actress but she isnt the Annie that we knew in the pilot. Where was the dry wit in some of the comments she made.
    The new vamp is not the same and too down to earth.
    George was good but suffers from the script.

    If you have ever heard of a programme "jumping the shark" then this has to be record for doing it in its second episode.

    I will only tune in next week if there is nothing else on, as am guessing that this is good as it gets.

    More of the same is what people wanted whenthey begged for it be made into a series.

    Shame Shame Shame !!!
  • I love love love love love this show.

    I completly adore this show i stubbled on to it completly by accident but since then it has become one of my absolute favourites, it's an original take on what could be considered a well traveled path the way vampires, ghosts, werewolves and death are tackled is all excellent and really original the same goes for how they deal with the characters themselves and the plot lines. This is one of my top 10 shows on tv today and im counting down the days untill the next season.
  • Highly underrated brilliant show. Three roomates live together, but there is a twist, one is a vampire, the other a werewolf, and the third a ghost. This makes for great supernatural fun, and is a brilliant new idea. None of that typical vampire...

    None of that typical vampire stuff. Here the vampire Mitchell (Aidan Turner) does not feed on humans (generally), the werewolf George (Russell Tovey) is a complete whimp, and the ghost Annie (Lenora Crichlow)...well she just doesn't want to move on, and defies the "other side". These three try to live peacefully with other humans in a community, but unfortunately someone is allways out there to ruin their paradise. This show has action, the supernatural, little romance, amazing English humour and furthermore, a fresh idea. It is nice to see something new, and this show is just that, a relief, new and none of that Hollywood blowing up, shinning vampire Sh**.
  • Not your typical supernatural show

    Being Human certainly gets a lot of points for creativity. The basic premise of the series is about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost trying to live as normal human beings and the trials and tribulations they face as a result. The best part about this show is also, IMO, it's biggest flaw. That is, by trying to "be human", these 3 creatures of the night are essentially fighting against their very nature. Nature usually doesn't like to be meddled with and it can & will find a way to right itself.It might take seconds, days, month, years or even centuries but it will inevitably happen. Thus, controlling and conquering his bloodlust is only really the beginning of John Mitchell, the vampire's problems. In addition to him, George Sands, the werewolf also faces his own set of problems as a result of his curse,especially in season 2 when he gives the curse to his girlfriend. Annie the ghost faces the problem of having to face eternity as a ghost or to find a way to face her death(which,in this universe, is described as something horrible and unpleasant). The reason I consider this the biggest flaw of the series would be because, while I like "so dark it's pitch black" sort of movies, it sometimes feels a little too dark for my tastes. Frankly, life isn't as depressing as it's made out to be and for these 3, things only seem to go from bad to worse. Frankly, I would like to see one iota of happiness in their lives, one silver lining in this huge dark cloud.Other than that, Russell Tovey seems a little too childishly melodramatic sometimes as George. Despite these two admittedly opinionated defects, the show was pretty good and worth watching once especially if you want something different from the typical angsty romance vampire shows that have popped up in the wake of Twilight.
  • Being Human = Being Brilliant. A Vampire, a Werewolf & a Ghost walk into a Bar... And those are the "Good-Guys". And You thought Your Life was Complicated...

    I don't know how you might feel about American Network TV shows...

    Personally, IMHO, many - and on some nights, most - Suck.

    Enter the BBC or, to be more accurate, BBCA (BBC America).

    In a word: "Brilliant".

    Brilliantly original shows, Brilliantly cast, Brilliant acting, Brilliantly clever, smart and funny writing with Brilliant twists and unexpected turns.

    Take, for example, the show called "Being Human".

    Premise: "George (Russell Tovey) and Mitchell (Aidan Turner) work in anonymous drudgery as hospital porters in Bristol, England. They lead lives of quiet desperation under the burden of a terrible secret - Mitchell's a vampire and George a werewolf... Not known, historically, to pal around with each other. But, Mitchell and George have become friends and confide in each other. Deciding to start life afresh and leave behind the dark side (the two young men take special measures to try to avoid killing people), they move into a house, only to find that Annie (Lenora Crichlow), the ghost of a woman killed in mysterious circumstances, haunts it. As the monster threesome deal with the challenges of their new life together, they're united in their strong desire to be "normal", to blend in with their human neighbors... to try Being Human."

    Regardless of how corny the description may sound... It's a Fantastic show!

    I wanted to include three videos that introduce each of the characters... A 'Prequel', so to speak, for each character. Just to give you an... umm, taste.
    But, alas, wouldn't let me.

    But if you'd like to check them out...
    Here are the links:

    Mitchell's Prequel:

    Annie's Prequel:

    George's Prequel:



  • Amazing.. Brillant, Cool, Riveting

    The British have got it nailed down with this one. So amazingly great, that there is a US version, which hardly measures to the original.

    In my list of gripping shows, Being Human, Mad Men, Burn Notice and Torchwood are at the top.

    The writing, the actors, it's all great. A real addictive show. Now, mind you, I was in love with this show, from the get go with the pilot episode which, except for George, had different actors for Mitchell and Annie. This is quality TV. Love the fact that there is no censoring. I just wished they had more episodes. Instead of this diet of 6 to 8 episodes per series, bump it up to maybe 22 :)

    Oh well.

    As I said, an amazing show to escape.
  • I'm just glad to see imaginative TV programming...

    ...and the UK is, has been, and evermore shall be, the place to go for just that!

    I could not wait to see if Being Human would come to Canadian TV so I took matters into my own hands and got the season 1 DVD. No sooner had I placed my order, and Space Network in Canada announced an August Marathon of season one. Figures. However now I'm ahead of the game and await the verdict on a season 2 here.

    To summarize: great concept, to combine all your worst supernatural jump-into-bed-from-your-bedroom-doorway nightmares into, well: a Supernatural Motley Crew! (Excuse the play on a Trade Mark!)

    At times, as I have watched the really great individual tales unfold into an other-worldly inter-dependence, I have been overwhelmed by the depressive nature of trying to be Human. Does it really suck that much to be us??!!

    From this side of the veil, no. From the other side? Who knows, but its a great ride imagining the unimaginable. Kudos to the creators, the writers and the performers. And long may imagination reign. On TV, and anywhere else its needed!
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