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  • Applause! Thats how you carry a series!

    Great writing..The humor is not as great as the first seasons..bring some back. I like Tom, and Hal (i liked how they brought him in)..the new girl is okay..(her character needs a rude waking to the lifestyle.) They need to pick it up a little in the 5 series or it will be there last. What is it about that old little one that got away? Will they find her? The world was saved from the vampires but will they save it from werewolf's the next season? The show can go somewhere but for how long 2 more seasons or 3 then change the cast? They need to think about this. Sometimes change is good but you got to hear what your viewers are saying or no show. Annie oh I will miss her so! I hope she does more acting along with the original crew in other shows/movies.