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  • Game needs to be stepped up

    My rating went from 9 to 5 from S3 to S4 and here's why.

    I'm sorry, but for me, BHS4 was more so on the boring side. There were a few episodes, like the one with the succubus that was entertaining and whenever they did a flashback of Hal in his golden years, that was entertaining, but I could have slept through most of Season four. The first episode wasn't a shocker for me. Kind of saw it coming and by the way George was acting, I was glad to see him go. I think my biggest issue is angst. I can't stand self-loathing and angst and this season had a healthy dose of it that drove me near to tears. Hal was only interesting when he was sure of himself, which wasn't often. The new ghost that now completes the trio is cool, like to see what S5 has in store for her if the show is ever coming back on. But this season really lacked in the action/comedy/horror/romance factors and that's what really made the show fun and exciting to watch the first 3 seasons.

    Where are all the cool vampires and werewolves at?
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