Being Human (UK) - Season 1



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  • Bad Moon Rising
    Episode 6

    Herrick missed his aim and Mitchell is still alive, so his only option is to face Herrick one on one to stop the suffering and end the imminent rising of the vampires. Meanwhile Annie has a difficult decision to make.

  • 2/22/09

    Mitchell has rejoined the ranks of the vampires and is on board to recruit humans to increase their numbers.
    Annie wants to make Owen pay or confess and she tries to scare him but Owen does not react like any normal person would. As for George, he's trying to help her out in any way he can.

  • Another Fine Mess
    Episode 4

    Mitchell makes the acquaintance of a 12-year old and his mother. Bernie reminds him of his own childhood. However, things take a turn for the worse when the kid accidentally stumbles upon something he shouldn't see. As for George, he decides to tell Nina of his status as a werewolf. Annie tries to deal with what she learned about Owen.

  • Ghost Town
    Episode 3

    Annie is taken to a bar by Mitchell and George to try and cheer her up on what would have been her wedding day. They introduce her to another ghost named Gilbert who died in 1985; together they try to figure out why she's trapped in limbo. Meanwhile Lauren won't leave Mitchell alone and George finds out that a nurse at work named Nina has taken a shine to him.

  • Tully
    Episode 2

    Mitchell decides to invite the neighbours around for some tea and chat to try and make them feel like they are part of the community and to feel human. George gets a visit from a werewolf named Tully who tries to be the friend that George has always wanted until he makes a confession about his real reasons for finding George. Meanwhile Mitchell resists his urges for blood and Herrick discovers where they live.

  • Flotsam and Jetsam
    Episode 1

    The 3 housemates are discovering the difficulties of living in the human world, with vampire Mitchell struggling to repress his desire for blood, ghost Annie being confronted by another ghost from her past, and werewolf George looking for a place he can undergo his transformation in safety.

  • Pilot

    This pilot episode introduces us to Mitchell and George who seem like two ordinary young men who like to go drinking and pick up young ladies. However, all is not as it seems as we find out that Mitchell is in fact a vampire and George is a werewolf.

    Mitchell and George decide to move into a flat together, where they find Annie - who is a ghost and the three strike up a relationship.