Being Human (UK)

Season 5 Episode 2

Sticks and Rope

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 2013 on BBC

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  • Employee of the Month

    Patsy, Hal and Tom's boss at the hotel, decides to hold an Employee of the Month competition at the request of Captain Hatch so that he can feed off of the vampire/werewolf contest between Hal and Tom. Alex discovers a young boy named Oliver hiding in Honolulu Heights who had been there for almost centuries although I'm not sure I buy that he's been there and Annie and the others that used to be there had missed him for all of two series. He had been jealous of his little brother who had rickets and his younger brother drowned while they played hide and seek and since everyone blamed Oliver he ate rat poison. His plight and thinking that Alex wouldn't like him for having done so was really sympathetic as was Alex's flashback to walking her little brother through the fair happening three months earlier on the night she died. It was a great parallel and what that Being Human does exceptionally well at especially the bit about the "Men With Sticks and Rope" that appeared from Hell and once Oliver passed over with his little brother they disappear seemingly powerless with Alex closing her eyes one moment and then they're gone. These guys were typically creepy with their gaunt grey faces and their physical presence and even though Being Human feels minimalist even with the Satan is Captain Hatch thing Toby Whithouse and crew really know how to raise stakes. This is because of their budget but they make the environment count when needed to boost thrills to the maximum. Tom's naive pursuit for employee of the month and not even knowing what a CV is was hard to see him fail in contrast to Hal's smugness and lack of caring. Of real hilarity, Alex coaching Hal on how to be bad at his job by putting his feet up and demeaning guests and Patsy only makes Patsy praise him more. Captain Hatch really knows how to drive a wedge and seed dissent between the two. Ultimately Patsy fires Tom for his poor performance even though he does the jobs nobody else does. Hal stands up for him and says that he doesn't to work in a place where someone with the work ethic like Tom has are overlooked. Captain Hatch manipulates Patsy (who creepily bleeds from all orifices of her face) into leaving a message on the gang's voice-mail saying that she was wrong and that she expects them both back bright and early. Patsy's bit at the beginning about the work atmosphere being "suicdey" was a monumentally awkward moment because of her phrasing. But whether Patsy is dead now because of Hatch using her will look suspicious to the gang no doubt with two coworkers dying mysteriously in a period of few days. Meanwhile, Rook uses Crumb to kill Crumb's own sister and niece and shows it to the under-minister. He uses the footage as an example of how his Division shouldn't be shut down and how much work he's put into it. The minister says that if he doesn't shut it down then it's his own job that will be lost. I'm curious why Rook didn't just use Crumb to kill the minister in the first place I mean surely that's the most direct way to go about stopping the policy from going through. Also, Alex willing to take Oliver's place in Hell was really touching and exemplified how good of a big sister she really must've been. Also seeing her family getting on with their lives was equally heartbreaking especially when her younger brother blew a kiss to a picture of her saying "miss ya She's now resolute and on her way to having the door appear much like Annie was in Series 1 and familiar with the pain of being a ghost and staying frozen in time. Also I'm not quite sold on Captain Hatch's being able to gain power through werewolf/vampire conflict as a plot device it just doesn't work for me I guess. Although hopefully the gang will know his true identity before the last episode of the series. This episode also seemed a lot like Series 4's "Graveyard Shift" just substituting the cafe with the hotel now and having Hal and Tom be at odds while at work. The touch of the hell guys saying "He Will Rise" to Alex was really cool though. This series being shortened is a good sign because they can make each episode like this count and with the recent ending of the series after this series it will be hard to say goodbye. But when the fifth series involves a face-off with the Devil it probably can't get much bigger than that and should end (I'm looking at you Supernatural!!!).