Being Human (UK)

Season 5 Episode 4

The Greater Good

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 24, 2013 on BBC

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  • Rook to B5

    Rook asks Hal and Tom to look after a werewolf who has been a prisoner in the Archive, the prison cells his Bureau uses for Types 1-3, Bobby. Bobby is a bigger guy who asks a lot of questions. Hal is also told to deal with Crumb who has started killing more people along with his new protg Alan, the former colleague of Rook's who approached Crumb about becoming a vamp. Hal and Alex visit them and convince them to go clean. Crumb and Alan gets restrained in the basement with two glasses of blood should they want it but one contains werewolf blood and the other human. Interestingly werewolf blood will melt the organs of a vamp if drank. Tom takes Bobby under his wing at the hotel and makes him an efficient member of society while Rook goes off to China to secure funding for the Bureau. Bobby may seem stupid at first but I really liked seeing the touching part where he plays his mother's last message to him on an answering machine Tom got him as a present. Bobby and Tom's mateship is pretty solid and one of the stronger parts of the episode. While hallucinating, Crumb sees Alan as his latest victim and stakes him. Crumb asks Alex out on a date because he fancies her and she agrees but only because she wants to prove to Hal that they can have a "normal Of course Crumb talks only about himself and Flaming Orc while Alex sits there obviously bored out of her head. Crumb thinks that there is something between Alex and Hal, which there totally is chemistry wise, but refuses to think of them as anything but friends. It is really sad to see how pathetic Crumb is socially and he is as Alan puts it "A Greek waiter while Hal has the body of a Greek Rook returns from China saying that the Chinese only wanted a return on their investment so no such luck for funding for the Bureau. He is surprised to see that Crumb is rehabilitated and learning to control his bloodlust while Bobby has a job that is functional. Rook is surprised and agrees that his work with them is done. Seeing Alex defend Hal's belief in being able to lead a normal life is a question and theme that this show has always done wonderfully and was nice to see implemented. Captain Hatch approaches him saying that he'd recognize a Bureau man anywhere. Hatch says that he had been at the mercy of vampires some time ago and the Bureau saved him. Hatch says that he knew that Hal is a vamp and only guessed about Tom being a werewolf because he disappears once a month. Rook confirms this and says that it's sad that his Bureau is dissolving which Hatch concurs with. Hatch plants the idea of forcing the hand of the Minister to see what the world would be like without him much Rook already did with Crumb killing his niece and sister. Hatch proposes locking Bobby into the hotel and letting him kill off several guests to get attention on supernaturals which Rook agrees with. On the full moon Rook locks Bobby in the basement after having been ordered there by Hatch to change out a beer barrel. He begins to transform after calling Tom and telling him that he won't make it to the cellar of their house in time. Rook unlocks the door and runs letting someone else to discover Bobby in wolf form. While they wait he and Captain Hatch play a game of cards. I really liked the line, "Are you hustling me Captain?" I also can't help but feel that Rook somehow sold his soul to Hatch in doing this beyond just being manipulated by him. But when Bobby gets out Hal and Alex manage to get guests away and Hal cleverly insists that the wolf is just a stray from outside. They lure Bobby wolf upstairs and just when he's about to sink his teeth into Hal Tom wolf jumps through a window and they both duke it out and Hal locks them into a room. Hal and Alex share a moment sitting outside saying that this is totally normal and shows the raw chemistry between the two of them. Hal does damage control and says that there was a power outage and a gas leak in the west part of the hotel and for no one to go in there. Upon returning home Crumb, being jealous of him and Alex, clocks him with a bottle and locks him in the cellar with him. In the morning Tom and Bobby wake up and see the room totally destroyed and how best friendly they both are to each other. Bobby says that he'll go to night school and do all of the stuff he never could do before. Alex and Tom go to check on Hal after not hearing from him and return home leaving Bobby in charge of the hotel. Bobby is approached by Hatch and told to come closer as he did with the woman in the series premiere. Crumb blames Hal for everything going wrong in his life and his nagging causes evil Hal to come up. Hal saying that it's becoming harder lately to control his darker side could be largely because of Hatch becoming stronger off of him perhaps. But seeing Damian Maloney switch so easily between "I have everything under control Hal" to "I'm happy to wear your spine as a hat Hal" is quite impressive. Crumb decides that it's better if they both tempt Fate by "skipping to the last chapter" by drinking the blood Hal left out for him and Alan. Crumb chooses first and drinks but just as Hal is about to drink Alex enters and flicks the glass away with her power. Crumb got the werewolf blood and dies and Hal says that he isn't sure whether he would've drunk the blood or not. Well this brought the Crumb story to a satisfying conclusion seeing him die as pathetically as he lived. Tom finds Bobby hanging from a ceiling fan and Rook returns to clean up the werewolf mess and Bobby's body, using up many favors in the process. Hatch is obviously getting stronger after Bobby's suicide from the conflict. It was necessary to off Crumb since he had an arc but Bobby was a rather pleasant fellow who could've lasted at least another episode or so. I rather enjoyed his character. But it looks like this will lead Alex to investigate Hatch and find out his identity next episode although I doubt she suspects that he's the anti-Christ. Seeing this episode got the bad taste of last week's all too formulaic episode out of my mouth. Seeing the gang all work together to contain Bobby's wolf in the best scene of the episode and seeing that collaboration is what this show is all about. Good thing Tom's wolf showed up in time and I don't really question him getting there while transforming since George managed to do it running through Bristol to his cage mid-transformation back in series 2. Oh, and the card game of Rook playing the Trinity of the Jack-Queen-King being beaten by triple sixes was totally forced in my opinion and had me rolling my eyes. But this was the best episode of the series by far. Seeing Hal down that blood at the end was worrisome and I suspect we shall be seeing more of dark Hal in episodes to come. I have a thought at the back of my head saying that this will mean that Hal is going to end up with a stake in his chest by Hatch or himself if he can't control himself in the coming episodes. But we have only two left in existence so hopefully they can go out eventfully and with a bang.