Being Human (UK)

Season 5 Episode 1

The Trinity

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 03, 2013 on BBC

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  • Greatness coming to an end :(

    Oh jeez I love Hal he has been my favourite character since he showed up. How I have missed this show. It is just awesome. The script is great and hilarious, all the characters are awesome. I wish it didn't end, I don't know how I stopped myself from watching this last season for so long. I was heartbroken when I heard they had ended it so I didn't want to finish it so soon, I kept it safe and now I'm finally watching it and remembering why I loved it so much. I wish they could have kept going.
  • Epicness!

    i thought this final series started with a bang! it was absolutely amazing and i cant wait for the rest of the series. shame its ending though :(
  • He Will Rise

    With the entire original cast now killed and moved on we're left with Hal, Tom, and new ghost Alex. After having tied Hal to a chair in their flat last season finale we return with him with a lot of scruff demanding to be let go so that he can clean the flat and that it's torture to look at which was an extremely hilarious turn of events to watch. Anyway with a shortened series of 6 episodes rather than 8 this year hopefully will result in less meandering much like what plagued the middle part of last series while we waited seven whole episodes waiting for the Old Ones to get there. At the beginning of the episode we're treated to a typical flashback in time which I groaned at at first with Hal in Northern France during WW1 and being attacked in his bed by the werewolf leader because they're currently fighting a war that supposedly "resulted in the current human Hal suggests the Devil is feeding off of their conflict and he takes her to a ghost of a necromancer to summon the devil into a vessel and then kill him to parley and achieve a peace. The typical flashbacks which typically gave us a look into vampiric atrocities performed by Mitchell and during last series Hal and the "we get it he did some bad crap during his time" got rater old as a formula of the show having vampires being the worst of the Types 1-3 but seeing this flashback cut through and unfolding while the main story with the new crew happens. When Hal swears on Eve's bib that he is off blood and Tom releases him. Hal creates a rotary change of housework and says that he and Tom will be picking up shifts at the caf but Tom reveals that they were sacked because of the missing work so much while Hal was detoxing. They apply at the Barry Grand Hotel where a completely unsubtle boss takes a shine to Hal and gives him the job without an interview along with Tom who actually has to have one. Among the hotel is the crotchety old Captain Hatch who is wildly racist and misogynistic and will factor in later. While at the hotel Hal is approached by the man who took away Alex's body last season from Cutler's basement in the club. The man, name not given but I will refer to him as Agent, was given information on Hal from the last Old One alive other than him who is a little girl who receives a flight home to Bolivia. Agent offers Hal to take the reins of the vampire society and together they can get a peace between humanity and supernaturals. He offers to give him voluntarily given blood which he takes but resists and refuses the offer. Agent gives Hal coordinates where he can be found. When walking home Hal bumps into Cram, who was shown earlier to have been unpopular in his workplace and has to reapply for his current job since the boss hired his idiot nephew who clearly isn't that bright. When Hal bumps into him he chases after him looking for a fight but when Hal shows him his eyes and fangs Cram runs away and gets hit by a car and Hal makes him into a vampire. He ties him up in the basement and explains how he has to remain there for a few weeks to contain the Hunger. Alex and Tom visit the coordinates Hal was given by Agent to find her body and find her record that her body was returned to her family and the cover-up was that she drowned. Tom waning to treat her like a lady was a good character quirk that gives him more fleshing out beyond the "I stake vampires ugh" caveman quality he can have and his true hearted romanticism wasn't really revealed until "Puppy Love" last series. Alex's breakdown after learning that her unresolved purpose wasn't getting her body returned to her family and having to live on without feeling anything and her list of things she wants to experience was one of the highlights that this show often does so very well. Alex and Tom discover Cram in the basement and Alex decides to let him go out of pity and Cram goes back to work where he is sacked for showing up with blood all over his shirt and he then locks the door and goes into a frenzy on the boss's nephew. Hal returns home and gets tied up yet again by Tom who says that he swore on Eve but Hal only wanting to not have another life lost because of him. They go after Cram since newborn vamps can never control themselves and how they knew where he worked was beyond me even though Hal had looked through Cram's wallet earlier to learn his name. Agent has a meeting with an under minister of the Prime Minister and learns that his Bureau is being shut down in 3 months' time and hearing that it has been around since Cromwell in the eighteenth century was a cool little nod to history. I guess no one can keep the supes in check after they're gone. Hal's determination to almost stake himself along with Cram (mistakenly called Crumb by his boss and adopts it now that he's a powerful) was never going to happen but was topped nicely by the flashback to the blood ritual with the devil possessing the insane guy in the circle. Hal's necromancer friend saying the spell had only weakened the Devil by putting him into the body of a human and that he must kill him but the blood used that the necromancer drank turns against and kills the werewolf leader (who had nobly using her own blood) and one of Hal's underlings. The Devil undoes his shackles and escapes from Hal's troops. Alex no longer doesn't care about blowing the big supernatural secret to the world after this incident and Agent shows up and covers up Crumb's mishap and he even kills the boss who says that he'll go to the press and shows that Agent is dangerous killing him with a pen through the eye. Crumb's insanity and one-eighty was a nice and creepy topping on his arc since he's probably going to be a mirror of Hal's guilt over Alex and his past victims for later this series. Captain Hatch, who just seemed like boring dressing as a difficult patron at the hotel while Hal and Tom get into uniform and get work but has a dark side as well as he whispers a secret to a female employee who he chews out. She goes upstairs and breaks a picture and uses the glass to cut wrists and write the words "He Will Rise" on the wall before bleeding out. In the final part of the episode we see the insane man the Devil is inside of it is the face of none other than Captain Hatch, this series baddie apparently which makes Hal, Alex, and Tom a lot out of their league like never before. Not a bad start and with a good baddie already established and Alex having something deeper to her passing over things could get really interesting. In closing, much like E4's Misfits after all of the original cast is dead there is much of a lackluster that can seep into a show's structure simply recycling out characters for newer less interesting ones, much like Skins as well. I would want Being Human to end when it can stop producing great human drama from characters who live together who are anything but human. This second generation approach rarely reaches the heights of previous series often retrying old storylines like the compulsory episodes of Being Human now apparent. For example, ghost helps other ghost pass over and learns something valuable, werewolf helps werewolf, vampire helps vampire, etc. which became tiring episodically after even 3 series but the show got better at giving us the obligatory "helper" episode but this Type 4's (zombies) or a succubus like last series. Hopefully there will be more expanding of the Being Human mythos because the big three get a bit boring dealing within their own groups oftentimes and with the news that familiar faces should show up so Adam resurfacing or some other old acquaintance (if there is any left since no original cast member is left standing) but this could still prove to be a great second generation that breaks the mold of the second life that often plagues and drags down a series' tone and quality. Pretty solid start nonetheless.