Being Human (UK)

Season 4 Episode 8

The War Child

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 25, 2012 on BBC

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  • Interesting finale.

    Some notes

    - it turns out that Cutler wasn't a failure - but actually was a kind of hero. Who'd a thunk?

    = Tom is a lot smarter than I thought. I really think he sort of thought this thru.

    - What will happen to Hal when his ties to the old ones are severed?

    Looking forwards to the next season!
  • And on that note...i believe I'm done.

    Now I've been really harsh on Season 4 of Being Human, because I thought the writers were beginning to write a little too big for their britches...especially with this War Child plot. This episode was probably the best this season had to offer. For example, why was The War Child destined to be the savior? Basically humans waited too long for her to save them, they never developed a strategy to fight the vampires. So, in order for humans to not be enslaved by vampires...Eve must die. Okay...I'll go with it. So Tom, being the ever so gullible wolf that he is, brings baby Eve to the vampires behind Annie's back, so she'll be safe there..which is exactly what they want. Hal cannot fight the calling of the blood nor the Old One's influence, he tries to blow up the joint, but loses the fight of his free will. ( These are two very, very weak characters) the only one I found my self rooting for at the end was Annie and the new ghost (forgot her name).

    I did love Annie's line, "GIVE ME BACK MY FUKKING BABY!"

    Annie blows up the place, killing all the vampires, along with Eve. She goes through her door and moves on to meet with Mitchell, George, & Nina in the after life... presumably never to return. And we're left with new ghost girl and Tom, with a tied up Hal who is talking like he has split-personality disorder. Hal asks why he wants to help, to which Tom replies, "Because you're my best mate..."

    and credits. This wasn't a terrible ending to a story I stuck around to see end. Now with the news that Season 5 is coming..I don't know if I'll be around to watch Being Human 2.0. All the original characters are gone. Just not sure...