Being Human (UK)

Season 3 Episode 8

The Wolf-Shaped Bullet

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 13, 2011 on BBC
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Nina fights to stay alive, Annie goes back to Purgatory to meet with Lia, and Mitchell allies himself with Herrick to prevent the prophecy from coming true.

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  • The Last Temptation of John Mitchell (Spoiler Alert)

    Mitchell and Annie sit in a cell contemplating their relationship and how the world will react to the existence of vampires, werewolves, and ghosts. Herrick shows up to break Mitchell out, having sadistically killed all the officers there, and swiped away the evidence of Mitchell's "camera shyness." Mitchell goes with him to find out the trick to survive forever, but gets knocked unconscious and awakens in the werewolf cage in the warehouse. Annie is called the purgatory by a newly dead corpse having followed Nina to the hospital after her stabbing and learns some startling revelations about Lia and her intentions. Thom buries McNair and George is put in the cage for Mitchell to kill as a testament to his allegiance to Herrick and Mitchell finally learns of the "expediency" of his motivations towards humanity and vampires. George now newly enraged by him thinking Nina dead tries to fight Mitchell but Mitchell escapes with Herrick. In the end, another person was framed for the Box Tunnel 20 massacre, Mitchell staked Herrick and gave in to his self fulfilling prophecy wanting George to stake him. These next few minutes of Mitchell taunting George into doing it and the lead up to it was some of the Series most heartfelt and real moments ever, combined in Aidan Turner's superb performance and admitting that "It won" and how he doesn't want to kill anymore truly sold it only to be interrupted by one of the Old Ones. But the game changer was when George stakes Mitchell out of nowhere and says, "I'm doing this because I love you." One of the most important things I get from this show is the relationship between George and Mitchell and the brotherhood that comes out from it and how Mitchell didn't want to compromise George's soul, "I let you choose me" and in the end he had to do the unthinkable to save his brother, his friend. All this was a fitting end albeit a stunning one with promises of a truly, "who knows where they're going with this" Series 4, can't wait but I'll have to anyway. And writers, don't bring Mitchell back he may have been my favorite character but let him stay dead.moreless
  • RIP John Mitchell(spoilers below)

    This is definitely the first episode of Being Human that I really felt like reviewing. This is probably because of the significant event that occurred in it. The essence of the episode is: Mitchell is rescued from his cell by Herrick and forced to confront George in the wolf cage. There is seemingly irreparable damage done to his relationship with George and Annie and later, after catching Herrick by surprise and killing him, Mitchell goes to the Honolulu Heights and asked George to stake him. Now this isn't an entirely flawless episode. Of course, Aidan Turner's acting is practically a display of virtuosity, which doesn't really bode well to costars Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow, and Sinead Keenan. More often than not, I found it annoying that they couldn't keep up. Maybe I'm a bit unfair but it's Turner's episode. In addition to that, I wasn't over the moon about Herrick getting resurrected just to get killed again. Then. at the very end of the episode, when they were getting all emotional about losing a friend, big,scary Old One Wyndham comes and ruins their moment by announcing his grand plans for world domination(again). After all that build up, they could've that particular plot point for the next series and gone with the flow of the moment. Mitchell was an irreplaceable part of the group no matter what he did and in this case, the creators should've focused on the tragedy of the moment instead of introducing another, stronger Herrick. While George does go through with the staking, the effect is cheapened. That aside, nobody can ever fill up the void left by Mitchell in my opinion so I'm not particularly looking forward to the next series. But I can say with certainty that this was a good send off to a main character all the fans are going to miss(it could've been a great one though) and was definitely the best episode of the series so far.moreless
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