Being Human (UK)

Season 3 Episode 7

Though the Heavens Fall

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 06, 2011 on BBC
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With four werewolves in the house, Mitchell is feeling the pressure. However, does one of the nomadic wolves have an ancient score to settle? Meanwhile the police begin to close in.

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  • Shadow of the Vampire

    Amazing stuff this week with Nancy's growing suspicion of Mitchell's involvement in the Box Tunnel 20 and Annie's insistence that it can't be true. Nina feels guilt over having tipped them off to Mitchell in the first place. McNair and Thom show up after having been attacked by vampires supposedly and Thom goes off with George and Nina for the full moon and Herrick still can't give Mitchell the information he wants. What follows is an explosion of events both inevitable and some unexpected as we see first hand what our favorite supernatural flat mates and the outside world can do in order to protect one another. Definitely one of my new favorite episodes here, second only the pedophile one in Series 1 and possibly the Series 2 penultimate episode. Now we're left with a cliffhanger and a promise of it all coming together as well as the realization of the identity of "wolf shaped bullet."moreless
  • This could just as well have been the last episode of the season - a real shocker!

    Spoilers contained within. Read at your peril.

    Well, Annie's outdone herself this time hasn't she? I've always found her annoying with her blisteringly naive morality, but now she's put everyone at risk, humans and 'monsters' alike….with more than a little help from the arrogant and self-righteous Nina.

    Between the pair of them they've managed to assist in no small way in the return of the vampire cop from hell, get a bunch of innocents murdered or at the very least 'turned', and dropped Mitchell right in it.

    Well done ladies!!! You have a very strange idea of love and loyalty. In fact, I think you need to take a reality check and realise that no matter what you'd like to believe you're not human anymore. Another thing that might help cope better is to realise that Humans aren't some noble protected species - that premise in all these shows really gets wearing.

    So there. This is a great, event culminating episode, with the most annoying collection of women I've ever had the displeasure of viewing - and I'm counting that pit bull of a woman cop along with Annie and Nina.

    Of course, where would the story be without contention and contentious characters?moreless
  • Clearly one of the best episodes in the series' run. CAUTION: May contain some spoilers.

    I was totally satisfied with episode 7. As Series 3 draws to a close and with one episode remaining many of the questions we have had all series started finally falling into place. The most poignant (resonant) moments for me included:

    1) The completion of the "resurrection" of Herrick

    2) Nina's confrontation with Herrick at the end of the episode.

    3) The tenacity of "Nancy Drew" in leaving no stone left unturned to discover the identity of the "Boxcar 20" killer (will we see more of her in the future)?

    4) The initial enthusiasm and tragic turn Annie's own search for the truth reveals. My heart felt for her with the discovery and the resulting confrontation with Mitchell. Very well played.

    5) After weeks of seeing Mitchell wallowing in his "emo-angst" we finally get a clearer sense of what he was struggling with. There was plenty of humour, suspense and drama to go around in this episode - I felt like there was not a scene that was wasted; they all had an impact in one way or another.

    I would like to give special recognition to the work of Robson Green (McNair). It was a nice turn to see how his story and role in the narrative arc of series 3 fit into everything.

    Alas, we are fast approaching the "end of the line" where more questions will be answered and who knows - a few more may spring up :)

    Next Sunday cannot come soon enough!moreless
  • Messy!


    Being Human is a tv show i've really enjoyed watching for many reasons but there are a few things i found frustrating in this episode. I have to agree with annpo's review below, the girls were annoying, i don't quite understand the choices they made :

    - Why would Annie think that helping the cop and bringing her home could help solve the case and prove Mitchell innocent ? So many secrets and pretty crazy stuff is going on in the house , a human cop is obviously not welcome, especially not announced...

    - And what the hell is going on with Nina? If she thought that Mitchell was guilty of the subway murders, why didn't she try to speak to him first about the scrap book? Why would she welcome a crime investigation in her home knowing her werewolf/pregnancy condition ? And why would she trust Herrick?

    These decisions were obviously going to draw humans' attention to the house and end to disaster...

    Same about Mitchell: feeding Herrick with blood to get answers on how he can come back to life if he gets killed is one thing... but then, as soon as Herrick remembers is bad-ass life, why would he tell Mitchell how to do it? Didn't Mitchell put everyone at risk while trying to awaken evil Herrick without putting him under tight surveillance? I thought that i understood from the previous episodes that he wanted to make things right and protect people he loves... I don't know, i'm maybe wrong but his character development does not appear to be consistent.

    Of course, i also don't get why they just let Herrick live "happily" in the attic: they don't know how or when he could turn back to being a very bad vampire but they all seem to sleep well at night (well, those who can anyway! lol).

    One more thing: did McNair really think that he could transform in the attic, kill Herrick and be a werewolf all night without trying to escape and eat some chicken-shaped humans outside the house? ;-)

    This episode feels messy: a lot of people involved, they come and go, make irrational choices... In the end, McNair is dead, the old Herrick is back, Nina is badly hurt, Annie kills a vampire to save the cop's life, Mitchell gets arrested, the cop gets eventually either killed or "turned" by Herrick, etc.

    Enjoyable but frustrating: it's nearly the end of the season, i'm pleased there's lots of drama, action, humour... but it's all falling apart too fast and mainly because of the characters' silly moves. They try to "be humans" i suppose... Can't wait to see what happens next though!

    Thanks for reading!moreless
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