Being Human (UK)

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2009 on BBC
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Mitchell decides to invite the neighbours around for some tea and chat to try and make them feel like they are part of the community and to feel human. George gets a visit from a werewolf named Tully who tries to be the friend that George has always wanted until he makes a confession about his real reasons for finding George. Meanwhile Mitchell resists his urges for blood and Herrick discovers where they live.


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  • One Of Them Written by Toby Whithouse Directed by Toby Haynes

    Tully (to George): "How the hell do you get home? You've got no clothes, no transport. God only knows where you keep the change."

    If last week's episode was about Mitchell and George trying to embrace their natures non destructively, then this week presents something of an interesting challenge for both characters.

    Last week we saw that George had a mysterious man stalking him. The first few minutes of this episode, not only is the man identified as Tully but he's a werewolf too and he wants to help George manage his condition. Well they do say never look a gift horse in the mouth.

    Dean Lennox Kelly, formerly of Shameless is a fun choice for the role of Tully. Even though you get the feeling that Tully isn't being completely honest with George, he's pretty charming and convincing and doesn't waste a lot of time in wowing both Mitchell and Annie over, the latter more easily.

    Of course George, being somewhat repressed isn't particularly enthusiastic about accepting Tully's help. Instead because he once wolfed out in the house, he doesn't want his home to be associated with him being a werewolf but Tully's managed to wrangle himself an invite.

    Tully is somewhat of a fast worker though. For all George's protesting about not wanting him there, there is a benefit to having another werewolf around the place. First off all, Tully's little overnight bag of stuff is a practical solution and his method of ensuring that George doesn't hurt someone when in wolf mode is clever.

    However the problem is that good werewolves are probably not likely to co-exist on this show, so there has to be a problem with Tully's presence. Thanks to Tully, George makes a tit out of himself when he tries to ask the pithy out on a date and speaking in the same manner as his new pal is met with ridicule from Annie and Mitchell.

    The big offence that Tully commits though is trying to drive a wedge between George, Mitchell and Annie. Constantly throughout the episode, Tully tries to paint a bad picture of Mitchell's influence by making George believe that Mitchell is stunting him in some way.

    To be fair, the things that Mitchell isn't doing are things George himself has to learn. I mean Mitchell can't make George more confident in his pursuit of women, that's something George has to do himself. Plus I did get a laugh with George's poor defence of Tully when Mitchell tried to evict the other werewolf.

    Tully's nastiest move though was trying it on with Annie. As a ghost he couldn't physically hurt but Tully didn't need to in order to be effective. Playing on Annie's insecurities and the flirty banter they earlier shared was certainly enough to frighten her out of the house.

    Although Annie's role isn't as big in this episode, hats off to Lenora Crichlow during the scenes outside and with Mitchell and Tully. I loved having Mitchell be the one that comforted her and the kiss between the two of them certainly surprised me. George's apology however was also similarly well conveyed after he sided with Tully over her.

    As for the resolution to Tully, it probably wasn't that much of a shock to realise that Tully was the one who bit George. It certainly went a long way to explain his obsessive behaviour with George. Dean Lennox Kelly and Russell Tovey played a blinder during the last few scenes.

    Tully might have been despicable but even I felt a twinge of sympathy when it was revealed that he lost his wife and son. Also I am so not the only person who must have spotted the homoerotic tension between him and George. I thought Arthur and Merlin were obvious but this was just as blatant, despite the heavy angst content.

    Having Tully survive the episode was a smart move. He's a good character and a clear shadow self to George and in a cynical way, he also serves as a good reminder that George is better off with friends like Annie and Mitchell, even if he is baffled by them from time to time. Also if Tully's a bad influence on George, then imagine what kind of an influence Lauren could be on Mitchell if the latter continued to give into her charms? He might have resisted here but I have to give Lauren some credit – she is one bloody determined lady.

    Her little conversation in the house was one thing but sleeping with a guy to kill him was a good reminder to Mitchell that he can't escape his darker nature. I should find Lauren massively irritating because according to Herrick, her reckless behaviour is ill advised but so far apart from the fact that she's nuts, I think she's a bloody hoot.

    Plus it would totally take Lauren to send a DVD copy of the vampire porn directly to Mitchell in order to rub his nose in it. Mitchell certainly had the desire to drink and even purposely held onto the DVD as well. Maybe Lauren might not be that far off from tempting him back into Herrick's fold.

    In other plots, what's the best way to get over a loss? In Mitchell's case, it's to invite all of the neighbours around so they can get to know each other. It's a hilarious scene that gets George's goat but Mitchell does raise a point though. They're better off being seen as two nice neighbours than two strange guys. No-one can see Annie thanks to the events of the previous episode.

    Also in "Episode 2"

    The narration in this episode was about George becoming a werewolf. Some interesting facts about the heart and liver/kidney failure that I didn't know.

    George (to Tully, re being a werewolf): "I don't want to make it easier. I don't want it to be something that I accept and allow into my life."

    Tully had a thing for Origami. Annie also made the faux pas in referring to him as Owen when he tried it on with her.

    George (to Annie, re Mitchell): "We have to put a stop to this. Doesn't he understand? These people are British. You're not allowed to talk to your neighbours until you've nodded at them for fifteen years. Look at them. This must be absolutely terrifying."

    Mitchell (to George): "You get twenty seven out of twenty eight days. That's pretty good from where I'm standing."

    I've noticed in the past two episodes that Mitchell seems to wear either a lot of purple or those gloves with the holes in them.

    Mitchell: "You are not coming in here."

    Lauren: "Yeah, I think I am because you don't want this conversation on your doorstep."

    Lauren: "Mitchell! Jesus! I can't breathe. You're killing me. Oh no, wait, you already did that. I know what this is about. You're still pissed off about me killing your friend."

    Mitchell: "She was twenty years old."

    Lauren: "So was I."

    Mitchell appeared as an extra in Casablanca and managed to knock over a chair.

    Tully (to George, re Maggie): "She can smell the wolf. She's helpless. It's primeval. It's about the confidence. It's about being a predator."

    George: "George is as George does."

    Mitchell: "Did you really just say that? Did you actually use those words?"

    Annie: "Oh my God. You're Tully's Mini-Me."

    Paul Kasey, who doubled as the wolf in this episode, also plays a variety of monsters on Doctor Who.

    Annie: "Nothing fazes you, does it? You just never get scared."

    Mitchell: "I wish that was true."

    George (to Tully): "This isn't a gift. This is God stamping on us with his boots."

    Standout music: Some interesting score music and I liked the final track that played with this episode.

    George: "My name is George and I'm a werewolf."

    Mitchell: "Hello George."

    Chronology: Exactly a month since the first episode and because George was bitten in 2007, these episodes are based in 2009.

    Yeah, it's official. This series isn't a fluke; it's genuinely and utterly engrossing with each new instalment. There was so much to enjoy and with dialogue this brilliant, this series shouldn't be relegated to BBC3 alone.moreless
  • Two Werewolves walk into a barn...

    Episode 1, while introducing our three main leads with ease, effectively defined the vampire faction - they have an endgame, they intend to be on top of the food chain and have an all you can eat human buffet. It mapped out Mitchell's background and the particular burdens that come with being a vampire and going cold-turkey.

    Episode 2, on the other hand, emphasises the wolfier side of things, and remains just as compelling as the first episode, perhaps more so down to some sublime acting from Russell Tovey - he goes through a roller-coaster of emotions in this one, he had me glued from start to finish.

    My spider-sense was tingling quite a bit the second Tully (fantastic casting, by the way!) charmed the pants off Anne and Mitchell. At first I thought he was using some pheromone manipulation, but then common sense kicked in and I realised just how silly that theory was. I then jumped straight to the assumption that Tully was part of some Werewolf faction and that he was recruiting George for the same reasons the vampires were preparing themselves for whatever major, hush-hush event is on the horizon..

    Just like last time, the script is choc-filled with memorable dialogue (''vampires are @rseholes, this is hardly news'') and things aren't looking so good for the trio. While Mitchell valiantly attempts to resist the thirst, there's just too much temptation surrounding him. That conversation Annie has with Mitchell about George changing felt very foreshadowing in regards to Mitchell and his own literal battle with his demon.

    The final result is an episode that has it all: It's got the funnys. It's got the drama - it has LOADS of drama. It has plenty of supernaturaly goodness. Fantastic acting. Dynamite script. So it looks like this series is here to stay, and the pilot wasn't just a one off. Episode 3 looks to shake things up even further, I can't wait!

    - Once again there's some great performances by the guest stars. Special mention has to go to Dean Kelly, he really animated Tully; you could see why George's roommates took a liken to him so quickly.

    - I know being a Ghost sucks, and being a good bad-guy Vampire must be hard, but I'd really hate to be a werewolf. That process is so painfully detailed and horrifically depicted, George really got the short straw, didn't he?

    - It must be a contractual obligation to run around in the nip for a few minutes each episode. I wonder if the trend will continue?

    - I actually watched American Werewolf in London this morning, and forgot to mention in my previous review how many nods their were to the film in the pilot. Once again, we're shown the excruciating transformation, using the same prosthetic technique from AWIL.

    This is easily becoming my favourite show. An odd thing to declare after the second episode...moreless
  • Episode 1 and 2? Brilliant TV!

    I heard about this show and loved the sound of it, but it was on BBC3 which was a real pain. So I got the boxset today for my birthday and just like I predicted, I loved every minute of the first two episodes. It's well written and uses drama and comedy extremely well. All the characters are interesting and I'm already pretty attached to them.

    Each character had different levels, humour and was so engrossing. Annie who narrated the first episode added a lot of quirky comments and I'm leaning towards her being my favourite. But it was actually really sad to watch her miss her fiancé, have to watch him move on...not being able to touch him. Great stuff. Her OCD and bubbly attitude brighten up a series which is surprisingly dark.

    Her conversation with George about how they both came to be the way they are was excellent. Her roll in the 2nd episode wasn't as big but was still great. How Tully tried it on with her and she fled outside, very well done. George is very funny but also quite serious. His anger towards Mitchell in the first episode was intense.

    He played a bigger roll in the 2nd episode and nearly turned on his flatmates/friends. Tully was interesting and I liked the twist about him being the one who gave George the curse. Very well done confrontation scene between them when for a second I actually thought George was going to leave Tully kill himself.

    He was also really funny with the nurse at the hospital. Mitchell was great too. I enjoyed how his blood kept boiling for blood...he wanted it but resisted, he was going cold turkey. Lauren was brilliant, I loved when she tried to get George, she's a good way. Plus the end of the 2nd episode with the vampire 'porn' was funny...but shocking as Mitchell gets it out of the trash.

    Honestly, there is too much to talk about. I'm really happy with this series and something tells me that its gonna get even better.moreless
  • I Choose Them: A Mitchell and the Gang Story

    Mitchell tries to form a tight knit social circle with the neighbors as a way to make George and himself look more normal and human. After another of George's transformations a man named Tully shows up and knows what he is and helps him until George discovers who he really is. Annie pines for Owen a little more and wants to always be there for him. Meanwhile Herrick puts pressure on Mitchell to not turn away from his true nature while his plan is still in motion but Mitchell opts out. The standout story is George's who finally learns a thing or two about himself and what he is.moreless
  • Mitchell chooses them (humans) over vampires and starts inviting the neighbors over for tea. George meets Tully who is also a werewolf and Mitchell invites him to stay. George is learning a lot form Tully and Mitchell gets vampire porn from Lauren.moreless

    A little more unsettling than the first episode. Tully sort of creeps you out from the very beginning. I was sort of surprised that he was the one who infected George. You would have to think they can't be that rare but then again maybe. Remember Lauren knew what George was immediately from the last episode and she was just turned into a vampire so there must be some werewolves around otherwise.

    It was interesting the way Tully sort of lulled George into following him. The exchanges with the nurse were fun and even though he came across as a bit of jerk he may be getting somewhere with her.

    Tully is not too smart. Trying to put the moves on a ghost. Annie had every right to be upset as he is invading her territory. Can you imagine feeling safe only in one place and having someone do that to you there. You would feel pretty violated.

    The vampire porn thing was a little humorous in that Annie and George were sort of revolted in a strange curious way and you are led to think Mitchell actually found it interesting. He removes it from the garbage later.

    I understand the vampire and werewolf situations but I am wondering long term about the ghost and how she is suppose to fit into all this. I guess we find out a little more about that next week.

    So Tully is out and we are back to the three friends in the house. You have to wonder about the vampire threats. I don't know what a vampire could do to a ghost but I am pretty sure they are dangerous to a werewolf when not changed.

    I didn't like this episode quite as much as the first so I deducted a half point from last weeks score. Still very interesting and I'm looking forward to next weeks show. Thanks for reading...moreless
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    • George: George is as George does.
      Mitchell: Did you really just say that? Did you actually use those words?
      Annie: Oh my God. You're Tully's Mini-Me.

    • Lauren: (as she's being strangled): Mitchell! Jesus! I can't breathe. You're killing me. Oh no, wait, you already did that. I know what this is about. You're still pissed off about me killing your friend.
      Mitchell: She was twenty years old.
      Lauren: So was I.

    • Mitchell: (To Annie and George) So Carol from number 12 is gonna lend us Casablanca.
      George: Why?
      Mitchell: I'm only IN IT!
      Annie: Get out!
      Mitchell: I'm just an extra, in the bar and you can't actually see me obviously but I do knock over a chair at one point and you can see that.

    • George: A few weeks ago, Tully was in London and got attacked by some vampires.
      Mitchell: Vampires are arseholes. This is hardly news.

    • Tully: (to George) The wolf's stomach can digest raw meat in a way that the human stomach can't. First few months when I transformed back, I'd throw up all these animals I'd killed. Ugh.

    • Nina: (to George) Here's a thing. Dr. Newell is a cock. This has been proven by scientists.

    • George: We have to put a stop to this. Doesn't he understand, these people are British. You're not allowed to talk to your neighbours until you've nodded at them for fifteen years.

    • Annie: (talking about Mitchell) Maybe he's had a blow to the head. Happened to my Nan. She got hit on the head by a radio controlled plane at a county fair. From that moment, obsessed with pygmy goats.
      George: There wasn't a single bit of that sentence I understood.

    • Mitchell: I've been thinking. This whole thing, getting the house, it was to participate. To join humanity. What have we done? A few trips down to the pub. It's pathetic. This is what being human is about. This is what I chose.
      George: You chose?
      Mitchell: We chose. We all chose. We can't just dip our toe. We need to dive into the churn of humanity.

    • George: I have a life. I have friends. I live with some friends. I do. A ghost and a vampire, actually.
      Tully: Vampire?
      George: Oh yes. They exist too, you know.
      Tully: Yeah, I know they exist. I keep getting beaten up by the bastards.

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    • Annie: Oh my God. You're Tully's Mini-Me.

      Mini-Me is a character from the film series Austin Powers, played by actor Verne Troyer. Mini-Me is an identical clone of Austin Powers' nemesis Dr. Evil, but he is only 1/8th the size.

    • Lauren:Please, who are you saving really? Have you seen Britain's Got Talent?

      Britain's Got Talent is the British version of the American show, America's Got Talent, that allows everyday people to showcase special talents they have. One person is eventually voted in as winner of this reality television talent show.