Being Human (UK)

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 01, 2009 on BBC

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  • Two Werewolves walk into a barn...

    Episode 1, while introducing our three main leads with ease, effectively defined the vampire faction - they have an endgame, they intend to be on top of the food chain and have an all you can eat human buffet. It mapped out Mitchell's background and the particular burdens that come with being a vampire and going cold-turkey.

    Episode 2, on the other hand, emphasises the wolfier side of things, and remains just as compelling as the first episode, perhaps more so down to some sublime acting from Russell Tovey - he goes through a roller-coaster of emotions in this one, he had me glued from start to finish.

    My spider-sense was tingling quite a bit the second Tully (fantastic casting, by the way!) charmed the pants off Anne and Mitchell. At first I thought he was using some pheromone manipulation, but then common sense kicked in and I realised just how silly that theory was. I then jumped straight to the assumption that Tully was part of some Werewolf faction and that he was recruiting George for the same reasons the vampires were preparing themselves for whatever major, hush-hush event is on the horizon..

    Just like last time, the script is choc-filled with memorable dialogue (''vampires are @rseholes, this is hardly news'') and things aren't looking so good for the trio. While Mitchell valiantly attempts to resist the thirst, there's just too much temptation surrounding him. That conversation Annie has with Mitchell about George changing felt very foreshadowing in regards to Mitchell and his own literal battle with his demon.

    The final result is an episode that has it all: It's got the funnys. It's got the drama - it has LOADS of drama. It has plenty of supernaturaly goodness. Fantastic acting. Dynamite script. So it looks like this series is here to stay, and the pilot wasn't just a one off. Episode 3 looks to shake things up even further, I can't wait!

    - Once again there's some great performances by the guest stars. Special mention has to go to Dean Kelly, he really animated Tully; you could see why George's roommates took a liken to him so quickly.

    - I know being a Ghost sucks, and being a good bad-guy Vampire must be hard, but I'd really hate to be a werewolf. That process is so painfully detailed and horrifically depicted, George really got the short straw, didn't he?

    - It must be a contractual obligation to run around in the nip for a few minutes each episode. I wonder if the trend will continue?

    - I actually watched American Werewolf in London this morning, and forgot to mention in my previous review how many nods their were to the film in the pilot. Once again, we're shown the excruciating transformation, using the same prosthetic technique from AWIL.

    This is easily becoming my favourite show. An odd thing to declare after the second episode...