Being Ian

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Being Ian

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Ian Kelly is a 12-year-old kid with a kind of imagination that goes \\"cut\\" in the night. He thinks that his life is a stage and that he is the director! With his Spielberg-like imagination, he often tends to get himself into many strange situations! But somehow he manages to walk away frome each \\"set\\" with a sense of acomplishment, or a detention! Being Ian is created by Ian James Corlett, a voiceover legend, animation writer, and co-creator of YTV\\\'s Yvon of the Yukon. Loosely based on Ian\\\'s real life growing up in a suburb of Vancouver it is designed by internationally acclaimed independent filmmaker Marv Newland, whose work includes Bambi Meets Godzilla. Studio B is an award-winning animation studio that has produced original series such as Yvon of the Yukon, What About Mimi? and D\\\'Myna Leagues, which currently air in over 22 countries around the world. Character Bios Ian - Ian is the star of the show, he has a marvelous imagination and enjoys spending his time being comical and making home movies. Ian can be quite funny at times and slightly bizarre at others. Ken - Ken Kelly is Ian\\\'s dad. He owns his own piano/keyboard store and is very very comical. Ken may seem a little odd at times and most of the time a little thick-headed Vicky - Vicky Kelly is Ian\\\'s Mom. She is the smartest in the house and has a knowledge of the world around her. Vicky is the co-owner of the piano/keyboard store her husband has opened. If Ken makes a mistake, she\\\'s there to help him fix it!-or make it harder for him. Korey - Korey is Ian\\\'s older brothers. He loves to set traps and pull pranks on his younger brother. When they were younger, Korey and Ian made home movies together and pulled pranks together, But now that he\\\'s older, he doesn\\\'t do a lot of that anymore. Kyle - Kyle is the oldest of the three brothers. He is seventeen and he can drive, is allowed to stay out late and has girlfriends. Kyle stays away from Ian because there is a six year difference between them, but Kyle says it\\\'s because he doesn\\\'t want any geek rubbing off on him. Kyle and Korey pull pranks on Ian together and ask their dad for money every chance they get. Grandma Kelley - Grandma Kelley is Ken\\\'s mother. She can be wiry, witty and wrinkly, Grandma Kelley helps Ian when he\\\'s in a jam or needs help Grandma Kelley give him some interesting advice. Grandma Menske - Grandma Menske is Vicky\\\'s Mom. She is very nice, can make pancakes, and can surprisingly, play hockey! Tyrone - Tyrone is Ian\\\'s friend. They have known each other since grade one. Ian and Tyrone like the same tv shows and bands. When Ian\\\'s ideas are strange, he knows Ty will always be by his side. Sandi - If Ian had a girlfriend Sandi would be it. Maybe it\\\'s the fact that she\\\'s so cool? She\\\'s Ian\\\'s rock and enjoys a good joke. Odbald - Odbald is a little odd, hence the name odd bald. Ken lets him sleep in the shop of the piano store. He is a good piano tuner and as Ken says,\\"Works cheap\\" Show Info About a 12-year-old character whose dad owns a piano store, who does volunteer work on the weekends, who\\\'s the third of three boys (and who was meant to be a girl), and who has filmmaking as a hobby. \\"Being Ian\\" follows the quirky trials and tribulations of a kid on that cusp between kid and teenager. Ian Kelley has a very vivid filmlike imagination which the viewer gets to see through Ian\\\'s eyes. Ian also happens to know that his life is a TV series, which explains why he often communicates directly with the viewers. Episode Info Each episode is 22 minuets long (without commercials). Episodes with the name TBA are episodes that the title is not known. This series, which targets the tween market of 9- to 13-year-old children, is planned to have 26 episodes. Please check back later for episodes as they will be updated when the info comes available. Theme Song Lights, camera, action! Being Ian, Being Ian anything is possible, woah-oh just give it your best shot, Being Ian, Beeeing Iiiian, why can\\\'t the world just see things my way?, Being Ian, all the world\\\'s a movie scene, woah-oh, you\\\'ve got the leading role, Being Ian, your life can be a masterpiece, woah-oh so get on with the show, Beeeing Iiiian, a million moving pictures spinning round inside my brain, why can\\\'t (can\\\'t) the (the) world (world) just (just) see things my way!moreless

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AIRED ON 5/12/2006

Season 5 : Episode 10

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