Being Ian - Season 1

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Episode Guide

  • Planet of the Imps
    Episode 26
    Ian's venture into the babysitting/acting school business turns his home upside down with wannabe child star hellions. It doesn't help that Kyle and Korey try to sabotage his efforts, while upstairs Vicky is being interviewed for a better homemakers magazine.
  • 6/7/05
    Ian's brothers are trying to ruin Ian's day behind the scenes with NHL Vancouver Canucks.
  • Band of Bruthaz
    Episode 24
    Ian and his brothers become local pop sensations and their lip-sync routine is invited to compete at the upcoming Burnaby Idol’ contest. Their main competitors… the Vancouver punk band GOB, are entered into the contest by a begrudging Vicky. When a competitive streak seizes the whole Kelley family the battle of the bands becomes awfully personal.moreless
  • Crime - Corded
    Episode 23
    Ty and Ian set up a video detective agency, but will their first female customer destroy Ty and Ian's business and personal relationship?
  • 5/17/05
    Ian gets stranded on a sandspit during a family trip to the beach. As to be expected, a regular day at the beach turns into Gulliver's Travels meets Castaway while Kyle's beach style is cramped by his doting grannies and Korey is in the surf making waves with his first girlfriend.
  • Snow Fun
    Episode 21
    Ian, Tyrone and Sandi are stuck at school on a snow day after Ian builds a snowman out of grass ruining Mr. McCammon's field; Ken has a cutstomer called Mr.Eric dressed up as the Phantom of the opera wanting to buy an organ. He tells Ken that he has to get the organ to his house by midnight; Kyle, Korey and Ken get caught in a traffic jam on the way to Mr. Eric's. Kyle gets an idea and they all get out of the car and Kyle and Korey pull the trailer to a hill when Ken realises he forgot the address back at home. So he goes back to get it while Kyle and Korey take a break...while the trailer holding the organ rides down the hill. They catchh up to it and jump on and careen down another hill through the city. Vicky is watching the news bulletin where she sees her two boys go zooming through town on a loose trailer. Vicky to the rescue! She hops in her car and drives to where her boys are. they get in the car after hooking up the trailer to the car and drive to Mr. Eric's. Ken is there and knocks on the door. Mr. Eric answers it wearing a cook's apron. He slams the door and runs back inside, changes and comes out with his Phantom of The Opera outfit on. Vicky, Korey and Kyle come through the gate lifting the piano and getting as far as in the yard before they slip on Mr. Eric's walk and the piano falls apart. Mr. Eric then curses them and Ken blows a gaskit and tells everyone to get in the car. As the engine stars, Ken yells back to Mr. Eric not to expect the warranty to cover damges; Ian has gone crazy thinking that Tyrone is a Milkshake and Sandi is a hot dog. Tyrone lures Ian to the cafe on Sandi's orders and waits for her signal. Upon hearing her signal Ty and Ian rush to the other side of the school where Ian eats "the world's biggest dessert cake", tunneling through the doors and getting into the yard. Vicky shows up and gives them all a ride home.moreless
  • The Curse
    Episode 20
    After Odbald storms out of the store mumbling Dutch curses, some very spooky stuff starts happening. Ian and his friends decide to stake out the grounds to try and catch all the eerie events on tape. But when they discover that Odbald never actually placed a curse they have to dig deeper to get to the bottom of all the ghosting. Meanwhile, Vicky decides to clean up the Kelley family's entertainment choices.
  • Sask-Watch
    Episode 19
    On a family ski trip to Whistler, Ian and Korey go in search of the famous Sasquatch! Kyle ends up in a snowboard TV commercial dressed as a Sasquatch.
  • Ian's Louse-ey Day
    Episode 18
    Ian gets invited to a costume party where you have to go dressed as your favourite character when you were a kid. His mother finds out and forces Ian to go after creating Ian's Corn costume. Fortunately, Kory has lice and Ian tries to get the lice on him so he won't have to go. Just when he effected by the lice, he learns that his favourite action show actor "Dirk Octane" is there signing autographs. Ian must chose to either not go or shave his head bald.moreless
  • Show Me the Bunny
    Episode 17
    Ian looks after the rabbit at the retirement home and decides to make a bunny monster movie.
  • Links for Love
    Episode 16
    When Ian's favorite uncle comes through town on a golf tour, Ian tries to help him find a love connection using an online video profile.
  • 4/17/05
    Ian videotapes a traditional Indian wedding but, much to the chagrin of the mother-in-law, turns it into a Bollywood suspense-thriller.
  • 4/12/05
    It's another boring day and Kyle, Kory and Ian decide to do nothing and watch TV. But their parents force them into a Motivation Seminar, how boring. After sneaking out, Ian starts playing floor hockey and trips. Without any injuries he gets sent to the hospital claiming he has a broken leg. Ian tries to escape the hospital but theirs an insane nurse watching Ian.moreless
  • Once a Pawn a Time
    Episode 13
    Ian needs a extracurricular activity to get into film school so he joins chess club. When he figures out that there's only 2 members his main goal is to make chess club popular than ever. So he goes into a tournament and gets sponsored by a cola company. But when he losses a game his fans and his sponsored turn on him now he competed in another tournament with the help of a girl but in the final round he has to defeat his undefeated enemy.moreless
  • 3/29/05
    Ian's alien-invasion film has the family convinced of a real alien invasion. Odbald tries to break a musical world record.
  • 3/22/05
    It's a medieval theme for the civic festival and Ian decides to use it as a backdrop for his latest production.
  • 2/22/05
    Ian tells a classmate he will do his homework and Tyrone and Sandy decide they're going to dump their homework on Ian also; Ian decides to make a Wild-West movie for the classmate's homework;Ian gets caught by Ken and ends up going to the retirement home. He meets a retired film-maker named Mr.Lipsitt who ends up making a mockery of Ian's Idea;Vicky tells Kyle and Korey to take Grandma Menske out. She puts a strawberry air freshner on Kyle's mirror; When they get back Vicky says that now Grandma [i]Kelly[/i] wants a trip to the mall and decorates Kyle's car with doylies. They end up taking both Grandmas out and get made a laughing stock in front of their classmates;Mr. Lipsitt meets Grandmas Menske and Kelly and gives Tyrone and Sandy's lines to the Grandmas; While looking in the kitchen for grandmas, Kyle and Korey find Ken in Kyle's hiding spot; They all end up at the old age home and end up starting a food fight;As Ian is trying to fire Mr. Lipsitt he says he was an Astronaut, Ian doesn't care and runs away.moreless
  • The Kelleys
    Episode 9
    Ian hides spy cams all over the house to capture a reel of Kodak moments, hoping it may compensate for all the home movies he accidentally destroyed in
    a fire. When the plan backfires, the family ends up in therapy, but the therapist puts the embarrassing reality reel on TV! Meanwhile, Ian's grandmas take
    a road trip that would put Thelma and Louise to shame.
  • 3/1/05
    Ian becomes one of the gifted kids' peeps at school as the gifted kids start to change "smartness" into the new type of "coolness". The principle plans to add a whole new wing to the school just for the gifted kids but a food fight broke out in the cafe caused by Kyle wanting revenge. It caused the school to lose funding for the new wing and now they plan to move the gifted kids and Ian to a different school away from all the bad influences and behaviour, but In wants to stay.moreless
  • 2/15/05
    Ken is throwing a family camp out trip but Ian wants to go to Verner Wolfenstein's film camp. While Ian goes to film camp, the rest of the family goes on camping but ends in chaos. The film camp is a big scam, now Ian and his new friends need to find a way out and to report them to the proper authorities.moreless
  • 2/8/05
    Encouraged by a lack of baby photos, Ian investigates how he came into the world.
  • 2/1/05
    Sandi enters a beauty pageant - and stinks! Ian makes a video to boost her ratings, but only makes things worse...until his final cameo!
  • 1/25/05

    Ian makes a TV commercial for his dad's store and everyone in the family wants to direct! Grandma Kelley confesses she has a Home-Shopping problem.

  • Piano Man
    Episode 3
    It's Ian's parent's anniversary and Ian wants to get a good gift. Royal Stilton has come into town but his piano gets smashed, now he can't play. Ian makes a deal that if he can replace the piano before the show, Royal Stiltons manager will pay $10000 for the piano and give front row concert tickets. The piano's a success but Kyle and Kory added a extra surprise to the piano after the piano was completed.moreless
  • Cyrano de Mille
    Episode 2
    Ian agrees to help his clueless brother Kyle make a film about a hot young actress he's trying to impress. When the film paints a rather ugly picture and Kyle is in the doghouse, Ian reminds his brother to always ask for final cut. Meanwhile, younger brother Korey soaks up all the love and attention of being Mom's ‘little’ boy at home.moreless
  • Ian has had it with his brother's constant harassing; they're always hiding his camera! He exacts revenge by sending them on a cleverly devised Pirate Treasure hunt that lands them in a sticky situation. Worried about his brothers, Ian leaves his post at Dad's Super Surprise Midnight Madness Sale only to find a surprise for himself!moreless