Season 1 Episode 7

Bang and Blame

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 20, 2014 on NBC
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When Bo's life is in danger, Winter and his crew do what it takes to save her life. Even if that means reaching out to those who seek her capture. More is revealed about Bo's fears of continuing to lose people she cares about. In the end, Tate confirms to her that he is her father and provides Bo with comfort, promising to never leave her, giving Bo the strength to come back.

More is revealed about Channing's past with Orchestra and how she ended up with the team, how Bo changed and saved her life.

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  • dream sequence episode

    Another series that relies on the obligatory dream sequence episode for a filler.
  • Major strengths and major weaknesses

    I actually like the mini stories of helping people, at least the idea of it, just that they are not well developed or clever enough, mainly because of the awkward main story arc (Orchestra and its silly technical dialogue ) time constraint, which I find even more unbelievable than the psychic stuff. Those stories have some fine emotional moments, thanks to Sequoyah. It reminds me of "The Littlest Hobo" with a psychic girl replacing the itinerant, brainy german shepherd. The dumb dad routine is also too repetitive, get with the program Tate! Other than that, Bo and Tate work well together, not something I could say for the rest of the cast.moreless
  • Very touching... the scene where Bo wakes up.

    But aside of that, pretty boring. If this show continues like this it will be cancelled after just one season.
  • Pretty much a snooze-fest !

    Only episode 7 and it's already losing momentum, big time.

    2nd show in a row that very nearly nothing happened other than the "reveal" that Tate is Bo's Dad.

    Even that was anticlimactic as Bo had already guessed it, exactly as I said last week.

    So we have one of the "good guys" (Gal actually) that isn't as "good" as she seemed and a "bad guy", who needed Tate's help to get Bo and only then to save her life.

    Given that Bo wasn't using her psychic powers at the start of this episode, how did the baddies find the group so easily?

    Honestly, this program MUST step up the pace or bring something else to the pot or it simply won't make it to the end of season one.

    I'm giving it one more week, then I'll decide whether or not to stick with it. After this weeks offering, it's looking like "not"!moreless
  • Gotta pick up the pace

    I was kinda disappointed in this episode, it had so much potential and it sorta fell flat. I think there could have been more to it and they could have done more with the relationship between Tate and Bo and the big "reveal". The reveal actually was part of the let down, because we have known basically since the first episode it was more annoying that they were dragging that out as some kinda secret. This show needs to pick up the pace, Bo is cute and all but I need more of a plot than saving one person every episode, it is getting boring fast.moreless

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