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Last week, the episode ended with Janice Channing in the custody of Skouras and a new young talent being tracked down by Orchestra.

Prodigy begins with a brutal car crash, a head on collision no one could survive. Bo snaps out of her trance.

Tate is more sympathetic to the range of her powers and although he wants her to shake it off, he realizes how strong the images can be of others in trouble. But he implores her to block it out for their sake and for Channing’s sake, as Bo’s powers are the only thing that can save them all.

Skouras arrives at the location of the savant Zepeda found last episode. She pops out of hiding to read his mind…

…to his great delight.

Bo cannot concentrate. She is obsessed with the people involved in the car wreck and cannot continue to practice without at least looking into the Bomission©. She hears music and finds it calling to her.

As insistent as Bo can be and while once again blackmailing a grown ex-con, Bo tries to make her case.

Meanwhile Winter calls to let them know that outside support is gone; they are breaking down the Loft.

Bo is, as always, inpatient.

And when he doesn’t jump to the Bomission™?

Bo slides out the door.

Understanding that the F.B.I. director is in Skouras’ pocket, it is no surprise that Ferrel and company bow to his form of interrogation. Skouras wants one of his own to read her mind, and he gets what he wants.

Bo crosses the street to where she hears the music. Tate chases her into a small shop.

He finds a young daughter laughing and playing with a friend.

And at the moment he is just a proud Dad.

Skouras makes his run at Channing with one of his “students”

Channing is unimpressed. In fact – all Jacob gets is “Row Your Boat” sung over and over – training supplied by Winter to fight interrogation.

At the same time, Danni arrives on the Orchestra Campus.

Zoe gives her the full sales pitch and shows her the room given to her – the first room she could ever call her own. Needless to say, she is overwhelmed with finding a home after years in foster care. She was given up on by her parents after she mentally collapsed a bookcase on her brother, separating Bro’s head from his body.

Danni has some issues.

Tate slashes Margaret’s Dad’s car tires, trying to prevent driving. But that is not going to cut it. Dad invites them all in for a bite to eat and neither Bo or Tate are refusing that.

Winter appears to have found a new Safehouse.

He instructs Team Winter to get moved in.

Meanwhile, Skouras is observing his new student.

Zoe wants to use restraint as she has issues from her brother’s death.

Skouras is, well, Skouras.

Bo and Margaret, both having no real friends, decide to make each other just that.

But light conversation turns serious when Bo realizes that nothing has changed in their fates.

After holding Margaret’s violin…

…she flashes to the car wreck once again.

Bo realizes the accident will still happen, with dire consequences.

She decides to lay it all on the table, freaking them out with a “You all are going to die!”

Tate and Bo arrive at the DMV in an attempt to get the information about the person Bo saw hitting Margaret’s family head on. While Tate tries to use his extremely limited charm, Bo gets to work. Apparently, computers have no chance against her brain.

Tate is flummoxed they actually went into a building with all sorts of cameras and does what a dad would do:

But he does promise to look into the man they have located to try to stop him from driving.

Sealed with a pinky swear.

Back at the Factory of Evil™, Skouras decides to immediately exploit Danni’s talents of mind reading

Channing cannot withstand her mind probe and Skouras seems very pleased with the information.

He tells Ferrel exactly where she can find Team Winter.

Ferrel and the F.B.I. arrive at the scene, ready to take Winter down.

As they rush the safehouse, it appears Winter was one step ahead of them.

Not only is the F.B.I. chased off, but Skouras is apprehended.

Winter set the bomb out so it would be immediately spotted and no one would be hurt.

The problem is, they just lost Skouras.

Tate arrives at the target’s house. It ends up he is late for his own wedding.

Tate tries to prevent him from leaving but he cannot. He calls Bo to give her the bad news, but then tells her the ball is now in her court.

Stop the wreck!

And she does what she intended to do all along and inserts herself into the family’s trip to the recital.

Winter has a bargaining chip.

Not only does Winter want to trade Roman for Channing, he also reminds him of the project outside of Orchestra that is also outside the purview of the US Military.

Winter’s demand is that he shut down Orchestra, or he will make sure Roman is the one on the run from the Feds.

The ill-fated car ride.

It all happens as Bo had seen, but this time she takes the wheel and avoids the collision.

Our groom is most grateful. And as he finds out Margaret was on her way to a recital, he offers her his card.

He is a Conductor. And may have work for her, when she is ready.

The principle players arrive to make the trade. Although the exchange is made, things do not exactly go according to plan.

Skouras grabs the agent’s gun and fires toward Winter…

…but Channing steps in the path of the bullet.

Ferrel is confused as Winter scoops Channing up and escapes in a van. She appears to be mortally wounded.

As they escape, Winter’s phone rings…

It is Zoe.

She warns him of the new threat Roman has in Danni. But as she turns – there Danni stands.

Danni wonders whether Zoe even wants her there. And reminds her that she picked up a lot more information from Channing that she let on. As she does a form of a Force choke hold on Zoe, she informs her she knows Zoe is the traitor.

First off, nice parallel stories of two little girls being pushed to extremes by the desires of adults. The Bomission™ did indeed save lives, but it also told the story of two little girls who weren't being allowed to be just that in the frantic desire to have them be child prodigies (hence the episode name).

Secondly, I have to admit Believe shocked me not once or twice, but three times. I did not see Roman’s abduction coming in the least and was seriously slack jawed when the Tasers came out and Skouras was bagged. Also, Skouras grabbing a gun and shooting Channing came totally out of nowhere and was stunning. One question - how does the F.B.I. facilitate a hostage exchange with known "terrorists"? Not only that, but they allow Skouras to steal an agent's weapon and shoot someone with ZERO repercussions? I know the Director is under Skouras thumb, but that was a lot to accept. Lastly, Danni confronting Zoe at the end completely took me by surprise as well. I thought Danni might be a hesitant participant in Orchestra, but I had no idea she would so quickly embrace the Dark Side (Force choke and all!) and come to the defense of the project, threatening the woman who brought her in and made her feel like she had a home. And what a threat to hold over her when we know Skouras will have no mercy of the mole inside Orchestra.

I am quite sure we are coming to a final confrontation between Danni and Bo – with the showrunners being acutely aware the show will probably not be renewed. As we work toward May Sweeps, I can see this show written to a very nice climax as Skouras now knows Winter could expose the whole program and that it is all out war between Team Skouras and Team Winter. But there is the 3rd team that is Team Willaim Tate and Bo Adams (henceforth referred to as "Team BillBo"©. As I saw the joy in his eyes when he witnessed Bo laughing with a new friend, doing goofy little girl stuff, I knew that in the end, he will fight, not to defeat Orchestra, but to give Bo a normal life. So, IMHO, shortly we will soon see the conclusion of the fight between these three sides. The question being, whose way of life will prevail?

- Edshrinker

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