Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2014 on NBC
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A dragnet closes in as Tate helps Bo locate the person who penned a long-lost love letter. Elsewhere, Winter plans an escape from Manhattan.

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  • Getting more like 'Touch'

    This show started off great, but now I fear it's getting to be just another 'Touch'. with Bo roaming off to help people with minor life problems.
  • Little brat Bo

    She rules her own world . She don't like something - she aint gonna go for it. I love the flying taxi. lol If only I had her power. lol The psychic event monitor was a bit hard ot swallow but then again, so is a flying taxi. lol

  • Great Story BS Technical accuracy

    I really like this show so far and I have no trouble suspending my disbelief for the 'Psychic Gene' notion but this episode presented a horrible plot shark that sticks in my craw something fierce... Psychic GPS. I could maybe believe a PKE meter such as the one from Ghostbuster, a hand held and highly specialized device with a super short range but retasking existing satellites to detect 'telekenesis' is total horsepucky. Those satellites don't have any cutting edge equipment on-board that they didn't launch with, so the only detecting they do now is the same detecting they did when they were launched unless a shuttle mission was sent up to add a new module. So if we are to believe this nation wide scan area, we need to accept hat phychic energy is something they always could detect and darn if we never thought to search for it before. Hah.

    Furthermore, in almost all cases, if we can detect it, we can reproduce it. So we could start building Psychic emitting projectors that would provide totally electrically powered thrust for planes, spaceships, etc. heh hehe. This kind of reminds me of another show about a decade ago, Mutant X, where they cured a world wide plage with a "Microwave Satellite Broadcast' to get the cure out to everyone at once. LOL

    I certainly hope they find a way to undo the annoying plot contrivance of the Psychic GPS soon Frankly there ought to be some spoon benders giving them false positives across the world stage....


  • Needs a good clip round the earhole !

    For me, the best of the four episodes so far.

    At least, this week, Tate didn't get kicked all over the place. Just Bo giving him the run around, yet again.

    Sorry but she really is a stubborn little brat and totally deserves a good clip round the earhole for putting both of them in harms way.

    The back story this week was pretty hard to swallow but OK, it was sweet. The girl's present fiancee was a rat and she totally re-bonded with her first love. Aaaaaaw !

    If I really had an issue with this episode, it was with the arrogant bitch running the pursuit team.

    Any squad leader, when she burst in and started claiming authority over everything, should and would have kicked her sorry ass out of the squad room.

    However, it was very pleasant to see Bo turn the tables (and an entire cab) over on her at the end.

    I still have my doubts about this series but this episode will keep me watching a while longer.moreless
  • Well that guy sure had a lousy day.

    SPOILER. LOL The show is supposed to be about Bo helping people. In this episode she totally helps two old lovers find happiness. Then totally destroys the life of a taxi driver. I wish him luck explaining that hopefully the witnesses help. I like the show but I don't know if it will be able to survive.
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Suzy Jane Hunt

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