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Ben 10: Alien Force is the sequel to the hit Cartoon Network series, Ben 10. The series takes place five years later after the original. Ben no longer wears the Omnitrix, and his cousin, Gwen, has honed her skills in magic. But when an alien invasion of the DNAliens strike Earth and Grandpa Max goes missing, Ben decides that it's hero time once again. He's not alone, as he is joined by Gwen, and even his old archenemy, Kevin Levin. Now it's time once again for Ben to begin his quest to find his grandfather and stop the invasion from the evil DNAliens. Our heroes will cruise around with Kevin and his car. The show will tackle some mature issues, although the target audience will be the same. Ben's allies seem to be a mixture of aliens and humans; so far the first confirmed is a Pyronite (Heatblast's alien species) kid. Alien Character Bios: Big Chill - Big Chill can drop temperature to the level of absolute zero, can fly, and become invisible. At anytime, he has the ability to pass through solid matter, giving him the ability to be almost invincible. Powers/Strengths: Invisibility, manipulation of cold temperature, flight. Weakness: He may have spectral abilities, although that does not mean he cannot be detected. Species: Necrofriggian Planet: Kylmyys Name Origin: "Big" as in 'large', and "Chill" as in 'cold/scary'. Debut Episode: "Kevin's Big Score" ---------------------- Chromastone - Chromastone is an alien made of the hardest known elements in the galaxy. He is nearly indestructible, and has the unique ability to absorb and redirect energy to his enemies. Powers/Strengths: Nearly indestructible, absorbs energy. Weakness: He is indestructible, yet anything he absorbs affects him in different ways. Species: Crystalsapien Planet: MorOtesi Name Origin: "Chroma" as in 'color', and "stone" as in rock/earth. Debut Episode: "All That Glitters" ---------------------- Echo Echo - With the ability to emit steel shattering sonic waves and duplicate, this alien does way more than what his little body can handle. Powers/Strengths: Can emit amplified sound waves, and duplicate himself. Weakness: Small, yet vulnerable. Debut Episode: "Ben 10 Returns Part 2" Species: Sonorosian Planet: Sonorosia Name Origin: "Echo + Echo" as in 'reflection of sound'. ---------------------- Goop - Can stretch his limbs, can regenerate, and shape shift. Powers/Strengths: Indefinite shape-shifting and regeneration. Weakness:Without the UFO following him, Goop is unable to "solidify." Debut Episode: The Gauntlet Name Origin: "Goop" as in slime/goo. ---------------------- Humongousaur - All alien muscle and brawl. As he increases, his strength increases. Powers/Strengths: Super-strength, super- Weakness: Even though he's big, he is still vulnerable. And his means clumsiness and slow-movement. Species: Vaxasaurian Planet: Terradino Name Origin: "Humongous" as in gigantic, and "saur" as in 'dinosaur'. Debut Episode: "Ben 10 Returns Part 2" ---------------------- Jetray - Flies and swims many times faster than sound. Pointy stinger with poison in it. Jetray can also make neuroshock blasts from his tail and eyes. Species: Aerophibian Planet: Aeropela Name Origin: "Jet" as in super-fast, and "ray" as in 'light-beams'. ---------------------- Spidermonkey - Super climbing. Can spin webs. He also has multi limbs and has super human agility. Species: Arachnichimp Planet: Arachnascimmia Name Origin: "Spider" as in 'spider', and "monkey" as in 'monkey'. ---------------------- Swampfire - Shoots fire, controls plants, regenerates. One of Ben's strongest aliens. Powers/Strengths: Fire, controls plants, roots, regenerates. Weaknesses: He may be part fire, but since he's more of a plant he can't stay in cold climates for a very long time. Species: Methanos Planet: Methanosian Debut Episode:Ben 10 Returns: Part One Name Origin: "Swamp" as in 'swamp/plant' and "fire" as in 'fire/flame'. ---------------------- Brainstorm - Super smart, if he concentrates hard, he can make electrical storms, shock enemy brains, and make force fields. Powers/Strengths: Super intelligence, Electrical storms, telekinesis, force fields. Debut Episode: Pier Pressure Name Origin: "Brainstorm" as in 'thinking/intelligent' and also 'stormy/lightning'. --------------------- Heroes: Ben Tennyson - Now 15, he is as adventurous as ever. But with Grandpa Max missing, he must become a responsible leader. The Omnitrix has re calibrated, allowing Ben to access a new set of alien heroes. However his omnitrix has a new weakness, any damage he takes on in alien form is passed down to his human form. Gwen Tennyson - Gwen has grown out of her tomboy phase and is now a confident teen. Her abilities have grown as well. Gwen can manipulate natural energy to create shields, tentacles and powerful blasts from her hands. Kevin Levin - Kevin is a streetwise bad boy and is a former nemesis of Ben. He can turn his body into any solid substance he touches. Secretly Kevin has a crush on Gwen. But he'd never admit to it. Grandpa Max - Max is a semi-retired member of an interplanetary police organization known as the plumbers. He mysteriously vanished after investigating a secret Highbreed plot. Villains: Highbreed - Highbreed believe that their DNA is the purist of all alien species, and seek to cleanse the galaxy of lower life forms. They traveled to Earth to exterminate humankind. Species: Atasian Planet: Augstaka DNAliens - DNAliens are part-human, part-alien drones who serve the Highbreed. Using special identity masks, DNAliens can appear human. That means they could be anywhere or anyone. The Forever Knights - Originally formed in the middle ages, the Forever Knights are a secret organization that trades in illegal alien technology. Unaware of the Highbreed's ultimate goal, they've formed an alliance with them. The series won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Mixing - Live Action and Animation.



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  • Dee Bradley Baker

    Dee Bradley Baker

    Swampfire / Echo Echo / Humongousaur / Jetray / Brainstorm / Big Chill / Chromostone / Spider Monkey / Goop

    Greg Cipes

    Greg Cipes

    Kevin Levin

    Yuri Lowenthal

    Yuri Lowenthal

    Ben Tennyson

    Paul Eiding

    Paul Eiding

    Grandpa Max

    Ashley Johnson

    Ashley Johnson

    Gwen Tennyson

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    Fan Reviews (117)

    • I was a HUGE fan of the original series and expected this to ruin the franchise. The opposite happened.

      BTAF takes the AWESOME concept and characters from the original and ages and matures them only so much as to making it for the whole family, not just kids. Almost all the plot holes have been explained in later seasons and in BTUA so I don't have any problem with that. The storyline was epic, everything was completely awesome. Kevin's car, Gwen's origin, Ben's personality... PERFECTLY DONE! This show took the maturity and played with it for the better. The only thing I miss from the original was Vilgax's no-mouth body but this new Vilgax feels more dangerous with that mouth, seriously. I don't know why. Also, Charmcaster's design. But that's about it. Everything else... absolutely phenomenal. Forever Knights look awesome, DNAliens have an EXTREMELY interesting plotline along with the High breed. And man, even the filler/extra episodes were on point. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

      . My brother and friends make fun of me for watching/liking this but I don't give a crap. This show is EPIC.moreless
    • Ben 10: Lame Force

      If you take all the good and cool things of BEN 10 (The Original Show) out and keep the bad ones and mix it with some lameness you get This- Ben 10: Alien Force
    • Disapointing

      The humor was awful, it was always dark so you couldn't see the action, and it was really repetitive and boring. The only thing that kept me going was hope that the next episode would get better. The good part was the second half of season three. Skip over this series. And, if you want to, Ultimate Alien too.
    • The one that coulda' been good

      Upon watching the first episode, it looked like this show was going somewhere. Like it would actually attempt to tell a story. Like it could ACTUALLY be good. Nope, after about.... like, the first season (which is only 13 episodes) the shows picks up right where the original left off: "Marketing toys for mass purchase from boys, ages 6 to 10". And on that note, this show succeeds because apparently the revenue from these toy sales chalks up to around 2 billion dollars.moreless
    • Great show

      I've read the story which the guy below mentioned. It is a fair and exciting continue.

      But Honestly, I was a little bored of the same childish episodes of the Original Series as I began to grow up. Though Ben 10 was my all-time favourite show. The AF is a good continuation for it.

      Still the show disappoints in the matter of Aliens.

      There were only 10 (9 actually) boring aliens at the beginning. First of all Ben hardly transforms into any alien in an episode. Then the aliens weren't given any importance (except Alien-X).

      Good when Way Big, Cannonbolt, and Upchuck entered the Track list. Most interesting part was where when Chromastone reformed into Diamondhead.

      It was nice to have Aliens entering like Nanomech, Lodestar, and Rath.

      IT'S A GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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