Ben 10: Alien Force

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 12, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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The Forever Knights secure a weapon in hopes of aiding them slay a dragon they have held captive. What they don't know is that the dragon is not a mythical creature, but an alien.

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  • Medieval Times(Dragons) + Aliens = Fantastic episode!

    At first when I heard there was going to be a dragon in this episode I was shocked~in a not so good way. I thought it would mess the series up... it didn't. Man of Action found a way to turn it around an make a very special episode! The dragon was an alien! I loved the action in this episode and I also liked the new characters: Conner, the Squire, and King Patrick; they were amazing. The plot was even more amazing! The dragon went home safely and happily, and the Knights were even happier! Now they know that there's a planet full of dragons and they plan revenge on not only the dragons but also Ben and the team. The Squire was really sad in the end. I know we will see him again!moreless
  • it is revealed the forever knights ultimate goal

    the forever knight's ultimate goal and the only reason why the forever knights were created was to slay a dragon they have held captive for 1000 years. ben and the rest of the people (which is kevin and gwen of course) meet the king of the forever knights and the strongest of the forever knights. they also meet the dragon and give it a translator and when they ta;lk to him he really doesnt mean any harm. he just wants to go back to his planet to see his friends and family again. also, he is a map maker so thats why he was on earthmoreless
  • Cool Episode.....

    Ben, Gwen and Kevin are helping the forever knights to help capture a dragon.

    The episode is very cool! Spidermonkey is kind of cool swing around on the walls etc.

    I think the transmitter is from Grey Matter's planet.

    The planet's name sounds similar to it. Grey Matter's planet is good at technology, so most likely they created it

    The dragon is a map-maker!!! This is so suprising! This is the first time i ever heard that a dragon is a map maker! Most of time, dragons are evil (this makes the episode interesting).

    One weird thing - Chromastone can only shoot rainbow beams when he absorbs energy.

    But when the CHromastone shoots a second rainbow beam, previously, it did not absorb any of the 'lasers' shot by the dragon!! Later, he continuously shot rainbow beams at the dragon, although it dodge the attacks.

    Overall, this episode is not really much violence. More of negotiation. This episode is not bad, and I'd say it can do better.moreless
  • Ben, Gwen and Kevin help the Forever Knights battle a dragon.

    I LOVED this episode! I know I say that about every episode, but this time I really mean it. A living dragon (not to be confused with the robotic one seen in the series premiere) has been held captive in the castle of the Forever Knights for a thousand years. Generations of Knights have tried to kill the creature, which has proven invulnerable to every weapon they have used against it. They have now secured an alien device that they think will do the job. The only problem is that the dragon escapes before they can use it. The Knights reach out to Ben's team for help. There are some very funny moments here, such as the bit where Ben tries to sharpen his non-alien fighting skills and Gwen casually knocks him down with a punching bag. Also funny is the scene where Kevin (in his human form) punches out a Knight who attacks Gwen, then calls "Time out!" as other Knights close in on him. What I liked most is that the dragon turns out to be more than he seems, and that the conflict between the dragon and the Knights is settled with common sense and human decency (at least, ironically, on the dragon's part) rather than brute force. Some of the greatest wisdom comes out of a Saturday morning cartoon show. Maybe more adults should be paying attention.moreless
Yuri Lowenthal

Yuri Lowenthal

Ben Tennyson

Greg Cipes

Greg Cipes

Kevin Levin

Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson

Gwen Tennyson

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Humongousaur / Chromostone / Spider Monkey

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • It seems the Galvan's main desire seems to be to allow all beings to communicate with each other to try to bring peace to the universe. The Omnitrix was built as an upgraded version of the Galvan Universal Translator, to allow beings to actually look like each other and walk in each other's shoes, before Vilgax stole it as a weapon.

    • Look Closely:
      When Conner first saw the Dragon, he saw the broken chain's pieces. When the Dragon lifted its head along with the rest of the chain, the pieces were gone.

    • Ben calls Humungousaur "Humungo," for short.

    • Ben 10 Tidbit:
      The King of the Forever Knights is currently King Patrick, which means the Driscoll, isn't the Forever King anymore. King Patrick is his successor.

    • The Galvan Universal Transmitter translates any language into any other in real time.

    • Look Closely:
      When the Dragon is falling from the sky, the Galvan Universal Translator is mysteriously missing.

  • QUOTES (39)

    • Forever Knights: (referring to Conner) Let him go!
      Gwen: You first.
      Kevin: Don't do it Gwen. (Gwen lets go of Conner, and the Knights toss Kevin)

    • Gwen: How did you do it?
      Ben: Do what?
      Gwen: You know, get the Dragon to go.
      Ben: I just...Oh, I used my head.
      Kevin: Headbutt huh? An old one, but it always works. You're really coming along, kid.
      Ben: Thanks, Kevin. Glad you understand.
      (Ben winks at Gwen)

    • Ben: Can't convince you huh?
      Dragon: I've been waiting, a thousand years for this. So no, you can't convince me!

    • Conner: (talking to Gwen and Kevin) I took an oath. Passed down through fifty generations. referring to Knights) We all did!
      Gwen: But...
      Conner: (interrupts Gwen) We live to destroy that dragon, and we will do it right here, before this day is over!

    • Ben: You don't have to do this.
      Dragon: I know, but I want to. You would too.
      Ben: You're probably right, but I'm just a dumb kid.
      Dragon: Yes, you are. So do yourself a favor... (activates weapon) Stay out of my way.

    • Ben: What do you want?
      Dragon: I want my ship back. My tracking signal says it's near.
      Ben: Ship? That must be the relic the Knights have been talking about.

    • Spidermonkey: Well I thought you were a huh...
      Dragon: A what?
      Spidermonkey: A monster?
      Dragon: Yeah, well I thought you were a monkey. Sorry, all mammals look alike to me.
      Kevin: It's not just you. Ben does sort of favor a monkey; smells like one too.
      Ben: Okay, enough with that.

    • Dragon: (after replacing old Galvan Universal Transmitter) Leave me alone, leave me alone!
      Gwen: You can talk!
      Dragon: Of course I can talk. Why wouldn't I be able to talk?

    • Spidermonkey: Easy does it. I'm trying to help. (Dragon blasts)

    • Ben: (holding Galvan Universal Transmitter) The Dragon had something like this near its throat. But it looked busted.
      Gwen: Then all we have to do is replace the broken one with this one.
      Kevin: (being sarcastic) That's all, huh?

    • Gwen: See what happens when you listen Ben, and think.
      Kevin: Okay. Even if it was talking, what would it be saying? "I'm going to chew you like bubble gum?"

    • Ben: I'm telling you, when it roared there was a pattern. And something else, that wasn't fire coming out of its mouth. It was more like a laser.
      Kevin: So you're saying the Dragon was trying to talk to you? No way!
      Ben: Hey, you talk. Sort of...
      Kevin: 'Eyyy!
      Ben: See?

    • Squire: (talking to Ben) The Knight's found a huge relic the same time they caught the Dragon. They didn't know what it was or what it did. So they hid it for safe-keeping. They sent the relic to our lab to see if it had any technology they could use against the Dragon. When it flew across the Atlantic, we figured it was connected to the relic somehow. And that's all I know. I swear!
      Ben: (going into car) That's fine really.
      Squire: Wait, I almost forgot! They think the relic's alien, but they haven't figured it out what it does yet. (the team drives off)
      Conner: (referring to Squire's actions) Pathetic.

    • Humongousaur: You know where the dragon is headed don't you? If you're trying to scare us, it's going to take a lot more than a kid with a fancy wristwatch.
      Squire: Absolutely! We've taken a sacred oath. (Humongousaur grows in size and Squire is terrified) Sixty-two hundred Prospect Boulevard, where the 12 and 408 freeways meet.
      Humongousaur: What?
      Squire: It's where the Dragon's going!

    • Squire: Ben's too close to the dragon.
      Conner: Is he? (fires weapon) Knights exist for one purpose and for one purpose alone. And you know exactly what it is. So are you, or are you not one of us.

    • Chromastone: (talking to the Dragon) Weird, for a second there, I thought you were trying to tell me something.

    • Squire: Remember, all you need to do is stop it. Conner will take care of the rest.
      Ben: Got it!
      Gwen: What's it going to be this time? Humongousaur?
      Ben: Nah, Humongo's too close to what I'll be fighting. Got to figure that thing has had a lot more experience being a dragon than I have.
      Gwen: (surprised by Ben's response) Thinking it through, huh?

    • Ben: (talking to Conner) You sure you don't want my help? (after seeing dragon footage)

    • Pilot: Target at three o'clock. Going to have visual contact in a second or two. (Dragon appears) Did you see? It's some kind of monster. Target locked. Missiles away! (Missiles fired but have no effect on the Dragon)

    • Conner: (talking to Ben) You insolent. The Dragon will fall by my hands.
      Squire: But sir!
      Conner: You take the purity of our order by bringing in this, this...(interrupted)
      Ben: (puts his hand over the Omnitrix) ...This what?
      Squire: Lord, it's the only way. (alarm runs)

    • Conner: There most assuredly is a dragon. You have my word.
      Squire: Ben, Gwen, Kevin, this is Conner; the greatest of all the Forever Knights.
      Ben: At your service, or whatever you guys say.
      Conner: What I say is, Forever Knights do not have doubts, so if you or your friends have them, you do not belong with us.

    • Ben: (talking to Squire) Do I get some of that cool armor?
      Gwen: What is it with you?
      Ben: What do you mean?
      Gwen: You see a bunch of old swords and axes, and you're ready to jump in and be a Knight in shining armor? There's still a lot we don't know.
      Ben: Like?
      Kevin: Like if there even is a dragon. I mean all they've got for proof are these things... (tears decor on wall) Sorry!

    • Squire: The Dragon escaped. (the team is shocked) Ben, we need you to help us!
      Ben: You're saying you want me to be part of all this? To be a Knight?

    • Squire: A thousand years ago, a handful of knights battled the giant, fire-breathing beast. They were the king's greatest warriors. But even they couldn't finish it off. All they could do is trap it and then build a stone fortress around it. As years went by, dozens of far-fetched dragon legends went up. But all the while, the Knights were passing the custody of the real beast down from father to son to grandson.

    • Ben: That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
      Squire: No, it's all true. Everyone thinks the dragons are creatures of myth, fiction. They're real Ben, at least one was, and is!
      Ben: Did you say is?

    • Kevin: (referring to the Forever Knights) Hold it, hold it. They're in trouble. They need help.
      Gwen: So they're not exactly friends of ours.
      Kevin: Right! And that means they wouldn't be reaching out, unless they had a really good reason. Aren't you curious to find out what?

    • Ben: Good idea, headbutt.
      Gwen: (stops Ben) Not that way, the other way.(taps him on his forehead)
      Ben: What other way?
      Gwen: Tell me you're kidding.

    • Ben: And this is karate. (kicks the punching bag)
      Gwen: I know Ben, I taught it to you.

    • Ben: (talking to Gwen) I mean, it's great to have the Omnitrix and all, but there might come a time when it's not enough.

    • Conner: (talking to the Dragon after it flies away) I'll destroy you. Whatever the sacrifice, whatever the cost... I will destroy you!

    • King Patrick: You're the bravest of us all Conner. You've earned the right to wield this. Aim for the heart, and hold the being steady.
      Conner: I'll hold it steady. But how can I expect the same of a beast.
      King Patrick: It's chained. Don't worry.

    • King Patrick: Throughout out history, we fought, borrowed, or stolen the most powerful weapons available. On Earth and beyond. And as far, none has worked. This one, we believe, is different.

    • King Patrick: The Forever Knights have existed for a thousand years. We've got a single goal. Knights, we stand on the brink of triumph. (Knights cheer) The goal must fall on you. Are you ready, Conner?
      Conner: (in a deep voice) I am.

    • Kevin: Galvan Universal Translator. Translates any language into any other, in real time. Pretty common alien tech.

    • Conner: The dragon is gone, we failed and now there is no reason for us to exist- You, me, the Forever Knights, all pointless know.
      King Patrick: Pointless? (laughs) Hardly! Now we know somewhere in the stars there is not one dragon but an entire planet of them! How soon before more of the beasts arrive here wanting revenge? They could be making their plans even as we speak! No Connor, the world needs the Forever Knights now more than ever. We must always stand ready to fight the dragons, and the despicable people who help them.

    • Gwen: Wait a minute, they paid you to come here and bring Ben to them, didn't they?
      Kevin: That hurts! Don't you think I ever do anything out of the goodness of my heart?
      Gwen: How much?
      Kevin: I cut 'em a deal, traded them for some alien tech.

    • Ben: We need to have a little talk. You used me!
      Conner: It wasn't personal. But if you or your friends get in my way again, it will become so.

    • Ben: Don't laugh. I could turn into Humongousaur again if I wanted to. Or maybe Chromastone, or Spidermonkey -- But I'm not going to.
      Dragon: Well, that just makes it easier for me.
      Ben: You're not a monster, you're a map maker.

    • Kevin: Okay, fun's over. I just set up a meeting for Ben.
      Ben: With who?
      Kevin: (grabs Ben) It's important; come on.
      Gwen: With who, Kevin?
      Kevin: Um, the Forever Knights.

  • NOTES (13)


    • The Dragon's ship design and color resembles the Drone Weapon created by the Ancients on the Stargate franchise.

    • Forever Knights' Car - Appearance:
      The Forever Knights' Car resembles a Jeep Wrangler.

    • The Purpose of the Knights:
      The goal of the Forever Knights is similar to the Huntsclan in American Dragon: Jake Long. Slaying dragons by any means necessary.

    • King Patrick's planet is clearly modeled after King Arthur. Similarly, the Forever Knights are similar to the Knights of the Round Table.

    • The Galvan Universal Translator:
      The Translator seems to be based on the Babel fish from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series by Douglas Adam, only it's a disk stuck on the body of the speaker instead of a yellow leech-like fish that goes in the ear of the listener.