Ben 10: Alien Force

Season 1 Episode 1

Ben 10 Returns: Part 1

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 18, 2008 on Cartoon Network

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  • ben 10 alien force ben 10 returns part 1 review

    after 5 years ben 10 goes hero again now 15 ben will team up with gwen and kevin to find max stop the dna aliens and bring pease back to bellwood it's time for ben 10 to rise again with swampfire jetray brainstorm big chill goop humongasor cromastone alien x spidermonkey echo echo he is unstopabule with part 1 of a ture beging ben 10 "(alien force)" it's it's it's hhhhero time ben kevin gwen ben 10 is now full hero with this beging the rest is good but this starts it all with this episode kiss ben 10 good buy. alien force
  • Perfect Beginning

    Finally, the long awaited BEN 10 ALIEN FORCE is here! With 10 totally new and awesome aliens, what else could be better?
    The series goes to Grandpa Max getting captured by the Highbreed (the vilians now), and Ben deciding to put the Omnitrix back on and save the day! Gwen returns, assisting Ben yet again.
    Arch-enemy Kevin Levin joins the team, and they defeat, search for the Highbreed together. Kevin brings along his favourite (green) car, which contains alien technology he had gotten from others.
    A New Romance has started. Kevin and Gwen have fallen for each other. Ben likes Julie.
    What else will we see? No one knows... YET!
  • A very good pilot and a great adventure!

    This episode is a pilot and for a starter episode it has started very well.
    I'am also suprised that they made Ben and Kevin friends again. I must admid there older forms are better when they where ten years old (besides Kevin he was 11 years old).
    I also did like the theme song and also the story line + i liked the scripts too they where exelent. Hope they can make more good story lines and scripts for this serie and i'am glad it returned because this is one of my fav's,the other cartoons now or days are crap.
    Hope you all enjoyed my review.
  • As the new series takes the spot of the beloved Ben 10, we find our heros once again. Only not all of them are reunited. With Grandpa Max missing, Kevin joins Ben and Gwen in a fight against the evil Forever Knights.

    Personally, for the first episode, this was great. It showed what has happened with the characters within the last five years without even saying much. It was an interesting twist when Kevin Levin teamed up with the cousins. The Forever Knights were in the previous series and the kept becoming more mentioned. With the series finale, they were not going to stop and the re-appeared in the new series within the first epeisode. The new character's styles are great, what with the cleaner look and how much brighter everything is now. The old characters will be missed, but I have a feeling that the new ones will do just fine.
  • This was the first episode of the new shoe, Ben 10: Alien Force. Ben discovers that his grandpa is missing. He also finds the Forever Knights trading weapons with the DNAliens. With the help of his cousin Gwen and his old enemy Kevin, he goes to find Max.

    What a great way to start a new show!This was the first episode of the new show, Ben 10: Alien Force. Ben discovers that his grandpa is missing. He also finds the Forever Knights trading weapons with the DNAliens. With the help of his cousin Gwen and his old enemy Kevin, he goes to find Max. This episode was very interesting. Wow! It was serious, and had a great plot to go with it. I just don't like the fact that it didn't take much convincing for Kevin to turn good and help them. All it took was Gwen saying"People will get hurt"! Come on. Do you think Kevin cares about the people? He never did. At least for the episodes we saw him in! Anyways...the episode was fantastic! PartII was great also!
  • not a bad series but gonna need some work and it better then the original series, more maturity and respondible now and no childish storyline,genius as hell and i love it and i'm gonna give you my impressions on this show right here wow wow

    after max is missing, ben dons the omitrix again along with his cousin, gwen and the help of kevin levin his former enemy now his partners as they search for his missing grandpa, they bumped into trouble with a new breed of aliens
    call dnaliens the most dangerous aliens in the world and
    the forever knights are backer and ever badder then ever
    this show is genius and best damn sure then ben 10 and way
    better that that goddamn chowder but class of 300 r.i.p.
    the best musical show ever but this show is genius and is
    less hilarious then usual and the action 100% excellent keep it up and is genius,keep it coming
  • The Ben 10 saga returns with Ben 10: Alien Force!

    After watching the first episode of Ben 10: Alien Force, it is way more than what I had expected. The storyline is more vivid, more rich, and more exciting. However, compared to its predecessor, it has more mature references while maintaining a universe that all Ben 10 fans are familiar with. Five years later, Ben Tennyson learns that Grandpa Max is missing. With the aid of his cousin, Gwen, he asks for her advice... should he return the Omnitrix back on his wrist?

    Along the way, he encounters an old rival, Kevin Levin, whom they find trading illegal alien weaponry. Gwen's pity and kindness towards him gave him the opportunity to join them as a team.

    Together, they track down the whereabouts of Grandpa Max. Eventually, it leads them to a Forever Knights base, as well as a DNAlien ship.

    In the end, they form the trio that many fans have raved about. Kevin's muscle, Gwen's sorcery, and Ben's power to turn alien once again... is quite a combination. I'm looking forward to more what Alien Force holds.
  • Ben finds out that Grandpa Max is missing and is contemplating whether to put the omnitrix back on to find Grandpa Max. Ben puts back on the omnitrix and ends up having with Gwens and an alien plumbers help fight off DNA aliens and forever knights.

    Theme music fits the new animation very well somewhat hero like. I enjoy the new animation very suitable for the new show. The fact that in the first few minutes you see his embarssed in front of a girl can show that Ben is grown up and girls are part of his life. Gwen seems like her old self except for the fact she is older did not fight when Ben and Gwen say each other hoping that they are not always this mature. Wants advice from Gwen whether to put the omnitrix back on or not. In the midst of Gwens advice an alien comes and demands for the omnitrix. Gwen has much better magic powers and is able to create a hold on this alien. The alien turns out to be a plumber and is looking for Grandpa Max also. Ben ends up putting back on the omnitrix and goes with the plumber. When they get to a bay they see Kevin brokering a deal of alien tech to the DNA aliens and the forever knights without knowing it. Ben's first time using the omnitrix fails so Gwen starts fighting using sheilds and fire power. Ben gets the omnitrix working and morphs into Swampfire. The morph sequence is very cool. The voice is nice and suits Swampfire. Ben starts to have fun using Swampfire to kick butt and ends up having to fight Kevin. Kevin can absorb anything and touches metal and turns into a metalman but Ben prevails. Kevin wakes up to the three of them and in energy cuffs. Kevin ends up having a soft side for Gwen and agrees to help find the forever knights and DNA aliens. The four end up traveling together in Kevins car and when Ben yells at Gwen Kevin repremands Ben. I could be sensing a crush on Gwen from Kevin. Gwen busts open where the forever knights and DNA aliens are supposed to be hiding and run into a very big alien dragon. Overall the first episode of the series premire is a good one hopefully the rest will be above and beyond.
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