Ben 10: Alien Force

Season 1 Episode 1

Ben 10 Returns: Part 1

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 18, 2008 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Apparently Ben became legendary after he defeated Vilgax with the Onmitrix.

    • We find out that Level 5 technology is illegal on Earth.

    • Ben called his mother "mom" when he was running up the stairs and she never minded. In the original series, his mother and father perfered to call them by their original names.

    • Cash appears to have lighter-colored skin than in the preceding series.

    • Running Gag:
      In the show, the thick white stripe that comes down from his left shoulder is on his right shoulder in most posters. This has been occurring for a long time.

    • Think Back:
      Magister stated he was Grandpa Max's partner, but Phil made the same claim in the episode, "Truth."

    • This is the first and only time in the series when we see the old look of the Omnitrix from Ben 10 in person (in Ben's hand). We see it again in a Ben 10 picture in the episode "Kevin's Big Score."

    • Ben was wearing his old black and white shirt when he was playing as the goalie.

    • The Plumber's badges have the same symbol as the Omnitrix prototype.

    • Swampfire's ability to pull himself together after being wounded is evocative of Benmummy's ability to pull his form together if separated.

    • Much like Ben's first transformation into Heatblast in the original series, this time he transforms into Swampfire, which is also a fire-based alien.

    • Ben's mother makes a cameo in this episode. but her face isn't seen, and she is doing the dishes when Ben comes home. Her hair was also brown, whereas in the original series it was blonde. In a later episode, "Grounded", her hair was blonde again.

    • Pay Attention:
      Among the items Ben hid the Omnitrix under is a stack of Sumo Slammer cards, and a baseball.

    • Pay Attention:
      Now when Ben transforms into an alien, they show his ribs increasing and expanding in size or shrinking if it's a small alien.

    • Changes from the Previous Series:
      When Ben turns back into himself after being an alien, bright lights no longer occur. Now, circular orbs surround him after transforming back.

    • Look Carefully:
      None of the soccer players were wearing cleats. They all had sneakers on with flat bottoms.

    • Pay Attention:
      When Magister burns the floor to stop the DNAliens from attacking, the fire vanishes a few seconds later.

    • Look Closely:
      Every time the DNAliens shoot their balls of slime, their eyes close.

    • When the soccer player from the other team got surrounded by other players, none of then even tried to take the ball. He just stood there for a couple of seconds, with the ball ready to be taken.

    • When Cash was dribbling the soccer ball with his feet while running with it, he tripped an opposing player, and no foul was called.

    • Look Closely:
      The Forever Knights seem to have the infinite symbol on their chest armor, instead of their old symbol.

    • When Gwen's force field shatters, the broken pieces fly off, then vanish.

    • We see Cash and JT in their 15-year-old appearance, at the beginning of this episode. They are beaten by Ben instead of the other way around, like in the first episode of the original series, where Ben was hung up on a tree branch after trying to help a kid they were bullying.

    • When Magister attacks, he backs down and joins Ben and Gwen when he hears they were the grandchildren of Max. But when he was spying on Ben, Ben repeatedly called out to Max in the trailer calling him "Grandpa Max".

    • Ben takes his shoe off to trick the alien in the trailer, but when he uses the fire extinguisher he's wearing both shoes. This is a repeat of the scene in "Camp Fear" where the same thing happens.

    • When Ben shows Gwen Max's message, you don't see the flash of an alien at the end. It can only be seen the first time.

    • As Ben races through his house, his mom's hair is seen as brown while in the original series she was introduced as a blond. Could she have dyed her hair?

    • When Ben, Gwen and the alien Plumber are spying on Kevin at the railway station Ben mentions Kevin's surname, Levin. How could he know it? Kevin never told it to him.

  • Quotes

    • Kevin: (Ben, Gwen, and Kevin arrive at the Forever Knight castle) This is it.
      Ben: So, nobody picked to look for knights in here.
      Kevin: You didn't!

    • Grandpa Max: (in hologram) I left this recording where I knew only you would find it. I'm in a bit of a situation, but it's nothing I can't handle. Certainly nothing for you to worry about. There's renewed alien activity on Earth. I'm investigating it. (fades away and comes back) Oh, don't worry about the Omnitrix either. I have it and it's completely safe. They'll never get their hands on it. Say hello to your cousin Gwen for me. Love you, Max out. (fades away and DNAlien hologram appears for a second).

    • Highbreed Leader: You may speak now half-breed vermin.
      DNAlien: Gratitude master. For months now, someone has been leaking the details of our secret operations to the authorities. I have new information of interest. We have found the source of the leak. His name is Max Tennyson. We've had trouble with him before.
      Highbreed Leader: Then let this be the last time he troubles us. Destroy him!

    • Ben: You still got some of that stuff on your hair.
      Kevin: (Gwen feels her hair) Other side.
      Gwen: (disgusted) Eww...

    • Gwen: Ben, seriously!
      Ben: This is a really bad time for a reboot! (rotates Omnitrix three times and stops at the hologram of Swampfire) I don't recognize any of these guys. Oh well. Under the circumstances, this one looks pretty good!

    • Ben: (looks at Omnitrix) I got nothing!
      Gwen: Maybe I do!

    • Gwen: Grandpa doesn't have the Omnitrix. You do!
      Ben: Yeah. I think he's sending me some kind of message.

    • Magister: (talking to Kevin from back seat) Still think I should drive.
      Kevin: No one drives the car but me!

    • Ben: What do we do now?
      Magister: Stand off.
      Ben: (looks back) I don't think so. The other guys are behind us!

    • Magister: Give it to me now!
      Ben: Or what?
      Magister: (takes off mask) Or this...
      Ben: Oh, that's creepy!

    • Gwen: (Talks to Ben) You know what... it wasn't the watch that was special, it was you.

    • Ben: So How's my favorite cousin?
      Gwen: (hugs Ben) Ben! Still undefeated.

    • Ben's Mom: Don't run in the house Ben!
      Ben: Sorry!

    • (after Kevin shows off new laser lance)
      Magister: That's level 5 technology! Earth is only level 2!
      Ben: What happened to whispering? (Magister goes running off)

    • Gwen: (after seeing Ben asleep drooling on the mat) Well that's attractive.

    • Gwen: It's amazing all that weird food he ate didn't kill him.
      Ben: He's not dead! Stop making jokes about him!
      (Kevin swerves car to a stop and points at Ben)
      Kevin: Don't, talk to her like that!
      Ben:I can talk to her any way I... you're right. I'm sorry Gwen.

    • Swampfire: (Forever Knights are fire at him) That tickles! (arm falls off) Hey! (arm attaches back) You guys are in so much trouble! (Swampfire defeats two knights, and Kevin appears.)
      Kevin: Hey, Tennyson!
      Swampfire: What do you want?
      Kevin: Let's see, you trapped me in the null void...
      Swampfire: You did that to yourself!
      Kevin: ...And you ruined my deal today. I'm thinking I want revenge. The good news is, since I can absorb anything, (absorbs metal from train track) I've got more than enough power to take it.
      Swampfire: (is shocked by Kevin's ability) That's new!

    • Swampfire: Ew, what's that smell? (sniffs) Is that me?

    • Magister: Hands above your heads, air breathers! By authority of the Plumbers, you are all busted!
      (The DNAliens remove their disguises)
      Gwen: That's so creepy.
      Ben: Isn't it?

    • Gwen: Are you sure?
      (looks at Ben who puts on the Omnitrix)
      Ben: I'm sure.

    • Ben (as Swampfire): Swampfire!

  • Notes

    • This is not the first time actors Greg Cipes (Kevin) and Ashley Johnson (Gwen) worked together. They played Beast Boy and Terra on Teen Titans.

    • In this episode we see that Kevin has just gained the ability to absorb metal and concrete.

    • This is the first Time we see Kevin since Ben trapped him and Vilgax in the Null Void in the Ben 10 episode "Back With A Vengeance".

    • Canada Airdate:
      This episode first premiered as part of Teletoon's Fall Flash Foreward on August 17. It's official premiere is September 6.

    • Gwen's powers appear to have changed from the original season as she no longer uses magic incantations.

    • Kevin drives a vehicle which the team will use throughout the series.

    • Alien Encounter!
      Swampfire's first appearance in the series.

    • Main Villains:
      DNAliens and the Forever Knights.

    • Magister - Ally Bio:
      Magister is an ex-Plumber, and former partner of Grandpa Max. He has great knowledge of the universe, weapons, and many other things. He tried to help the team find Max, but he perishes before he could.

    • DNAliens - Villain Bio:
      The DNAliens are hybrids of humans and alien drones that serve the Highbreed. They disguise themselves as humans by using special identity masks. They come in tremendous quantity. They spit balls of slime that immobilize and contain the enemy. Their slime is strong, strong enough to contain Humongousaur.

    • Highbreed - Villain Bio:
      The Highbreed view themselves as the purest and best species in the galaxy. Their main goal is to cleanse the galaxy of lower life forms. Their next stop is planet Earth. They will try to surpass the Plumbers' attacks with the help of the DNAliens and the Forever Knights. Too bad Ben and the team are here to stop him.

    • The new Omnitrix now show holograms of the aliens instead of silhouettes.

    • Magister is Ben's first ally in the show.

    • Swampfire - Alien Bio:
      Swampfire is half plant, half flame. He may be just an alien made of muck, but don't let his appearance fool you. His body can take almost any blow, making him invincible, with the ability to heal and regenerate his body. With the additional power to throw flames, he seems suitable to be a Wildvine-Heatblast combination.

    • This episode aired at the end of Cartoon Network's "Ben 10 Week" special, a promotional period occurring between April 13 to April 18, 2008.

    • Alien Form(s) Used:
      1) Swampfire.

  • Allusions

    • Gwen's eyes glowing in pink is much like Saturn Girl from the Legion of Super Heroes.

    • Kevin's Absorbing Powers
      Kevin's Absorbing any material he touches is a lot like the unidentified creature in the last Teen Titans episode, "Things Change."

    • Kevin - Name:
      Kevin's last name, Levin, is a word play to his alias in the original series, "Kevin 11."

    • Kevin's Powers - The Absorbing Man:
      Kevin's absorbing powers are almost exactly the same to Marvel's "The Absorbing Man" powers. They can both absorb anything they touch, and gain its properties, such as absorbing metal and getting super strength.

    • Ben's Jersey - Show Allusion:
      Ben's soccer jersey number is 10, which is a reference to the show's title.

    • Gwen's Energy Bolts - DC Universe:
      Gwen's magical abilities are a lot like Starfire's starbolts. The energy surrounds their hands and they can throw them at enemies. Her abilities have also been compared to Raven's, another member of the Teen Titans. Taking later uses of her powers into account, another possible influence is the Green Lanterns (using thought to create energy constructs).

    • Kevin's Car - Appearance:
      Kevin's car may have been based on a Ford Mustang.