Ben 10: Alien Force

Season 2 Episode 1

Darkstar Rising

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 10, 2008 on Cartoon Network

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  • Darkstar Rising is a fine example of what Alien Force should be.

    After waiting for a decent episode of Ben 10 Alien Force, we finally got one from this one. Telling the story on why Kevin joined the group in the first place, other than being with Gwen of course. We also get to see how more developed he is from a pyschotic bad guy to a tough guy anti-hero with a soft heart. Changing Mike into this misshaped being was also a great idea since I never liked the guy when he first appeared. We also get to see more of the Kevin and Gwen love was also a very sweet twist the writers came up with.
  • One of my favorites.

    One of the better ones. Alien X one was kinda week, but this one is 110% better! Mike returning as dark Star awesome! At first I thought that guy was Kevin's father, cause before that Kevin was talking about him. But when they told us, I was Suprised! Sweet Gwen and Kevin moments, and Amazing action. This is a awesome one. Definitely, a must watch episode. Can not wait for season 3, we will know more about Kevin's past ! I'm hopeing for September. I LUV AF! One of the best shows on tv! If u havent watched AF u should!
  • 0.0 Oh. My. God.

    Oh. My. God. Yes! Kevin character development!

    That was so cool. I mean, it was totally amazing. It made up for X=Ben+2. This one out shined all the rest. And all through the episode I was saying "Kevin really has changed." I'm glad we got to hear about his dad. Now I'm not so bugged by Kevin changing so quickly in the premier. I like him even more now!

    Plus...Gwen and Kevin almost kissed!!!!!!!

    Why did Highbreed have to ruin the moment?! It was perfect. Kevin was holding her hand, they leaned forward, and then Bang! Moment gone. Why?! Why do they torture me?! Ahem...sorry. I knew it was Mike Morningstar!

    As soon as Darkstar showed up, I was like "Hi Mike." I mean, who else would go around stealing power?! Dracula? He brought back some memories. "That's Micheal Morningstar? The guy who tried to steal Gw- I mean energy from the girls at his prep school?" that made me Lololololol. And then he blushed! Blushed!!! Kevin "I'm so tough even though I'm in love with Gwen" Levin blushed!!! Back to all the sweet parts!!

    I have to say, I loved how he got his badge back, and Gwen got one too. This was by far the best one yet. Kevin had the best line. And the best expression.

    "I'm gonna go tell my mom!"
  • wow what can i say the greatest episode yet,i mean they made x=ben+2 look bad.

    mike morningstar made in awesome roll.Once I saw the dude in the mask their was no telling who that could have been.the reason i think their was character development.Is because kevin and gwen almost kissed,ben knows the master lock on his omnitrix and we finally know about kevins dad and how he faked a plumber.The other reason why I loved this episode is because goop and chromastone are my favorite aliens i mean who does not like them they are awesome.Blah blah blah blah blah i know thats alot but this episode was the bomb when i saw chromastones new transformation it was the best one of them all.
  • Fantastic season opener.

    Now this is the way to start a season. A high-level Plumber appears, accusing Ben, Gwen and Kevin of impersonating Plumbers, a felony under galactic law. The kids naturally take exception to this, leading to the episode's first action piece. The Plumber's power is impressive; he bats Kevin aside like a rag doll. Goop's counter attack is equally impressive. The four of them reach a kind of stalemate, with the Plumber warning the kids to stop their vigilante activities or be sent to the null void. We soon learn that this has all been a setup engineered by Mike Morningstar, who now calls himself Darkstar. He's far more powerful than he was at his last appearance in the series, and he needs vast amounts of energy to sustain himself. The Plumber, Ben, Gwen, Kevin and even a Highbreed lord are on Darkstar's menu. The battle that ensues is eye-popping, arguably the best of the series. Ben has become much more formidable, switching alien forms so fast he essentially combines the powers of Echo Echo, Spidermonkey, Jetray and Humongosaur. Lots of funny quips, and we even get some character development involving Kevin. This is B10AF at its best.
  • GREAT!

    This episode was simply one of the best so far. It had a great story a new character and a very interesting plot. You learn more about Kevin and get to see Ben turn into 5 aliens in 1 episode. Usually he only turns into a couple but It was a lot better this time. Also Mike Morning Star returns as Darkstar which is pretty cool. If you didn't see it and you wanted to know Ben turns into (in order) Cromostone, Goop, Humungasour, Echo Echo, Spidermonkey, and Humungasour again. I wasn't that crazy about the Alien X episode because I expected more from it, but this episode definately redeemed itself. If you stoppped watching the show because of Alien X start watching it again cuz it's back and better than ever!
  • Feels like star wars. But cooler.

    Fisrt off, way to many parallels to Star Wars. Ex. Kevin's Whining about his father.
    Another: Cusion is only hope.
    Then: Darkstar's desgin. Lastly: PWned by green guy. Next, the plot is very well writne, and more entertianing than normal. This so far agrees with claim that season has no fillers. However, ben went all crazy with the alien forms. *cough* master control *cough* Goop makes second apperance. regarding Kevin, doesn't he live on the streets? and yet he goes to see his mother. PLOT HOLE1! Overall, this was awsome and I hope more are like this. (Between this Wall-e at the 2nd run theater and pizza, very good weekend.)
  • Morningstar to Darkstar - COOL!

    Wow! Alien Force Season 2 starts with a episode that is my favourite! I finally see Ben geting real angry and turnning from Echo Echo, to Spidermonkey, to Jetray and to Humongosaur. Nice Ep man!

    More secrets revealed: Kevin's real dad is a PLUMBER!! Kevin also has a mom, and he knows her! MOrningsttar turning into Darkstar is interesting... Anyone could have predicted that after the way he absorbed the powers of Ben etc. The absorption ahs turned from white to black. And he is worst than ever. Well, I also like Ben needing Mr. Smoothy after fiddling with the Master Control. I laughed tll my tummy hurt... Kevin was also mad in this ep since the plumber confiscated his badge.
  • Probably best episode of the series, and it definetly makes up for the failure that was the premiere of Alien X.

    This episode was so awesome. The Kevin Gwen action was so strong in the garage scene, then is screwed up by that Highbreed. The revealing that Darkstar was Morningstar wasn't that suprising. The fact that Ben has removed the limiter is nice, but its sad that they didn't reveal how. Alien X is my guess. I disagree that with the Triva in about this episode dealing with that Ben is weakened from the rapid changes. Its really from Darkstar sucking some of Ben's energy from him. As for character development, I say the three biggest turning points for this episode is that 1) Kevin and Gwen almost kiss, 2) Ben actually thinks and uses strategy, 3) When Ben attacks the Magister as Goop and causes him a great deal of pain and acts all badass. Overall best episode of the series, followed shortly, by the 2 parts season 1 piolt episode and episode 9, Paradox. Truly an outstanding episode.
  • The gang gettting a warning about "pretending" they are plumbers and get a warning if they continue to do this, then they will be put into the null void. More about Kevin is revealed, such as about his mother and father. This review may not be in order.

    I highly reccommend this episode to Kevin fans and Gwevin fans, getting information from this episode about both Kevin and moments of Gwevin happening. Examples of information we get about Kevin would be that his mother is still alive and his father was, or is, a plumber and that he has never met his father, though he wants to be like his father and become a plumber. This is mostly the reason why he agreed to helping Ben and Gwen in addition to why he knows so much about the plumbers, alien technology, and other such sort. Kevin got extremely angry when his badge was taken away and later, when Ben said "We don't need no stinken badges" Kevin slams him against the car. In addition, there was also some Kevin and Gwen moments in here, which is honestly, one of my favorite parts about "Ben 10: Alien Force", feelings being shown by both Gwen and Kevin (though there are more with Kevin). One instance from Gwen would be after the rampage from Kevin, Gwen was concerned and got him a soda in addition to a present, a sack of different types of marbles so he can absorb them in battle, though it is shown that he needs a huge amount of something in order for his whole body to be turned into the substance of which he is absorbing. One from both Kevin and Gwen would be when they were about to kiss, until Vilgax all of the sudden came in. One instance out of the many from Kevin would be, when Gwen was about to be struck, Kevin shielded her, using the back of his body (his body at the time was the material of his car). More instances are shown with Gwen and Kevin moments.
  • Gwevin? Is that you?

    This episode is by far my favorite of the series. Though we waited so long, too long in fact, for the rest of the official season 1 to air, it was worth the wait. The episode had everything I wanted and more, especially more Gwevin =D And Micheal Darkstar was so frigin ugly it wasn't funny - it was hilarious! Worth the wait, worth the watch, and of course, I will more than likely watch this episode about 50 times during the course of the upcoming week; but hey, it's that good! One thing I disliked though was the fact that Ben changed one too many times during the fight with Highbreed; it didn't really bother me, I dont really care, but they could of done without it. Then again, it is a good illustration of how much Ben has grown up and learned to master the Omnitrix, though he still has alot to learn. Kevin finally absorbed wood, for those of you who have discussed this possibility, which I thought was pretty cool. And now we know that carrying around little solid tokens isn't sufficiant enough to completely absorb and untilize to its full potential. But it was a cool demo to wet our appetite. And how convenient of Gwen to be the barrier of these little gifts, which brings me back to Gwevin-

    Again, I never thought this would be the episode that would contain so much action-packed Gweviness! Like when Kevin told Gwen that his father was the only reason he wanted to be a plumber - mostly. Or when he told Gwen in the autoshop he didnt want to talk about his father, then SOMEHOW Gwen just ended up holding Kevin's hand, and then, KABLAM! They almost kissed. And then there was the time when Kevin took a "bullet" for her and Gwen gently put him by her side (then they were back in action though I thought they were declared injured) Ah yes, this IS the reason I watch this series. =D
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