Ben 10: Alien Force

Season 1 Episode 3

Everybody Talks About the Weather

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Apr 26, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Gwen discovers that Plumber badges have the ability to signal and pick up distress calls with other Plumbers. When Kevin's badge attains a signal from another badge, the team runs off to find where it comes from. Hoping that it would be Grandpa Max, they meet a familiar alien species instead, a Pyronite.moreless

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  • Ben, Kevin and Gwen encounter Alan, a teen-aged human/alien hybrid with Heatblast-like powers hunted by a sheriff who believes he is a superpowered arsonist.

    Overall, a great episode. The action sequences are topnotch, and there is a nice bit of eerieness and suspense in the buildup to revealing who actually made the "crop circles." It's an interesting twist that the DNAliens rely entirely on technology here, utilizing some type of freezing ray against Ben and his friends instead of spitting that adhesive goo used in the first two episodes. Ben comes across as something of a bully, becoming Jetray to take down Alan, a half-alien boy who, though superpowered, is smaller, younger, inexperienced and scared. But the too-brief aerial battle between Alan and Jetray is the best sequence in the episode. Two minor things kept me from giving this episode a 10 rating. First, Alan demonstrates that he can switch between his human and Heatblast forms at will. So it doesn't make sense that, when he is desperate to hide from the sheriff's men, he stays in his Heatblast form. Ben even points out that Heatblast glows in the dark, making it hard to hide, and Alan still keeps blazing away. Second, Alan claims to be the "worst flyer ever," but he takes off like a rocket when he is trying to escape Jetray and makes some pretty good mid-air maneuvers. Then, at the end, he tells Ben that he doesn't think he can fly up to the top of the weather tower to knock out the DNAliens there. Consistency is always nice, particularly in the same episode. (For that matter, I don't understand why Alan didn't just fly up and out of the county to get away from the sheriff.) But enough nitpicking. Alan would make a nice addition to the team. I hope we see more of him.moreless
  • When the team track a signal from another Plumber's badge, they think it's Grandpa. When they arrive to the badge they find out it's a pyronite kid named Alan.

    When I saw the commercial for this episode, seeing another Heatblast(pyronite) scared me. I thought it would ruin the show! I totally don't have that opinion now! The pyronite kid was Alan. He had many problems back where he lived. Everyone hated him, especially the sheriff department. Ben and the team first disliked him greatly and thought he was an evil alien. Later on, they found great interest in him. In this episode, Ben turned into Jetray in order to attack Alan in the air. Jetray was awesome. I never knew he was that fast. He could fire beams from his tail also! Wow! We discovered more about the DNAliens and their plans. In the end Ben asked if Alan could join them. He said no! I liked that. I think the team is fine as it is. I have a feeling that it won't stay like this. I think it's going to be full of heroes, aliens and Plumber kids. Hopefully, that won't ruin the show! This episode was excellent! 10/10moreless
Zeno Robinson

Zeno Robinson

Alan / Heatblast

Guest Star

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Officer Wells

Guest Star

Richard McGonagle

Richard McGonagle

DNAlien / Officer

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (16)

    • According to Kevin, having a Plumbers badge is better than having a passport.

    • Near the beginning of the episode, Kevin says, "I said could, not would" when his actual previous comment did not include the word "could."

    • The DNAliens don't spit slime in this episode. Instead, they use a ray gun to demobilize everyone but Alan.

    • Ben is still new to the aliens, although he seems to be an expert at using them. He even taught Alan some new tricks for him to use, like using a rock for stability during flight.

      Response: Ben, in the first series, was able to turn into a Pyronite, and he learned the trick he was showing Alan then, though he did not use it very often.

    • Credits Tidbit:
      Alan's pyronite form is credited as Heatblast.

    • Pay Attention:
      As the trio arrive at the sheriff's hut, Gwen's tights are missing, reappear as the three get out of the car, disappear again from the rear view and then return again.

    • Pay Attention:
      When the first DNAlien gives the signal to the second one, and tells him to activate the antenna, the antenna rises before the first DNAlien can get out of the way.

    • Look Closely and Pay Attention:
      When Alan escaped from the ice shelter, the Plumber's badge was on his chest before he flew off. Then Ben, Gwen, and Kevin discovered the badge on the table, when they found where the signal came from.

    • Pay Attention:
      The hole Alan made when he escaped had burned metal facing outwards. But seconds later the metal is facing inwards.

    • Series Blooper:
      At the beginning when Alan is flying across the corn field, he touches the corn with his body but does not set it on fire.

    • Alan's badge stayed on his chest even after turning back into his normal self. How was it able to stay on?

    • Alien Force Tidbit:
      At the beginning of the episode Kevin doesn't want to speed up while driving. Why would he care when he already has a lot of speeding tickets? He never pays them anyway.

      Simple. He went the limit to annoy Ben. They were mortal enemies until two episodes ago, after all. And after he got the four hundred dollar speeding ticket, he actually joked about it to Gwen.

    • Alien Force Tidbit:
      When the DNAliens freeze Ben, Gwen, Kevin and the cops, Swampfire is frozen. However, Alan in his pyronite form did not freeze because of his warmth. How come Swampfire froze when he is like a Heatblast/Wildvine?

      Unlike Heatblast, who's constantly powered up, Swampfire's energy needs to be called up. Plus, he's a plant, and plants are notoriously vulnerable to the cold. Ben probably got free by starting to summon the fire when he got hit. It took longer because the energy had to build.

    • Pay Attention:
      Gwen's magic beam couldn't hit the DNAlien because the tool it was using reflected the beam back.

    • Listen Carefully:
      When Jetray is talking he sounds almost exactly like Stinkfly.

    • Pay Attention:
      When Alan, in his Pyronite form, is being chased by Sheriff Mason for the second time, he no longer has his Plumber's badge, since it was taken away from him earlier. However, when he shoots at Sheriff Mason's hand to knock the flashlight away, for brief moment, the Plumber's badge suddenly reappears on his chest and then disappears again.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Gwen: (shouts) Hey guys! (points the hole on the wall) What do you make of this?
      Kevin: Big hole?
      Gwen: Helpful.

    • Sheriff Mason: All right, freeze!
      Kevin: (shivering from cold) Already working on it. (sarcastically)

    • Kevin: Let me dump the jacket first. It must be 90 degrees. (walks over to car)
      Ben: That's what you get trying to look cool all the time.

    • Gwen: (seems surprised) Grandpa Max is here?
      Kevin: The blinking light on the map is here. Guess we'll find out the rest soon enough.

    • Alan: (Sheriff Mason takes his Plumbers badge) Give it back! My father gave it to me!

    • Alan: (talking to officers) Now why don't you guys just leave me alone?

    • Gwen: Also moot! I don't think these are crop circles.

    • (Kevin warms his hands by holding them above Alan's head)
      Alan: Cut it out!
      Kevin: Sorry, man. It's cold out here.

    • Alan: (knocks himself on a scarecrow) I'm the worst flyer ever.

    • Ben: (yelling at Alan) There's an old guy who's been chasing you. Probably wearing a Hawaiian shirt. Where is he?
      Alan: (looks confused) I don't know what you're talking about.

    • Ben: We were wondering if you would join our team. We could use a powerhouse like you! A lot of aliens to fight out there.
      Sheriff Mason: (pats Alan's shoulder) He can't. He's going to be busy rounding up some other aliens who might still be hiding in town.
      Alan: Even so, any time you need me just call.

    • Alan: (seems happy) I guess you're a monster too.
      Ben: Technically, I'm a whole bunch of monsters. That's the cool part.

    • Police Guard: (Alan escapes and goes through the wall) I am so fired.

    • Sheriff Mason:(after Kevin destroys one of his guns) He's one of them, they're all freaks!
      Ben: Slow down. (the men in suits walk up and freeze some of Sheriff Mason's men)
      Sheriff Mason: What did you do to my men!?

    • Alan: (Ben chips off a part of his rocky self) Ouch.
      Ben: That didn't hurt. Let me show what I saw while I was flying over the field. (draws weird circles) It's not the actual thing, but this is what it looked like to me. Those are crop circles.
      Alan: You mean those things aliens use to keep themselves from getting lost?
      Kevin: More like what farmers use to try to fool city folk.

    • Sheriff Mason: What happened?
      Ben: Alan defeated the aliens, destroyed their weather machine, and used his alien powers to free everyone from suspended animation.
      Kevin: We helped!
      Ben: But not much.

    • Gwen: I get my magic powers from talismans and spell books.
      Kevin: Yeah right...magic!

    • Ben: (running through corn stalks) Stop following me! How am I supposed to hide with you around? You glow in the dark.
      Alan: But I don't know where to go!
      Ben: (seems angry) I'll tell you were to go! (they both here a noise) Shhh...(whispers)...somebody's coming.

    • Alan: (Alan is attacked by the aliens) Guess I'm too hot to handle!

    • Alan: (drops flame) Nothing is cool about this!
      Ben: No? The super strength, the flying?
      Alan: I hate flying.
      Ben: You do kinda stink at it.
      Alan: Yeah my powers just showed up a couple of weeks ago.
      Ben: So you're an alien too?
      Alan: Part alien. (Alan transforms back into his normal self)

    • Kevin: Guy looks like Heatblast.
      Ben: I noticed.
      Kevin: Want me to kick his butt for you? It'll be like old times.

    • Ben: Can't this thing go any faster?
      Kevin: Yes.
      Ben: We're still going the same speed.
      Kevin: It's called the speed limit. Fastest we're going tonight.
      Ben: But you said--
      Kevin: I said "could," not "would."
      Ben: My mom's going to kill me if I'm late getting home again.
      Kevin: Huh, if she grounds you, it'll be just me and Gwen. Tough break.
      Gwen: You think I'd go with you if Ben wasn't here?
      Kevin: Yeah. I got roguish charm.
      (beeping noise)
      Gwen: Phone call for Mr. Roguish charm.
      Kevin: Not me, I don't have a cell.
      Gwen: Then it be one of you many girlfriends.
      (Gwen reaches into Kevin's coat pocket and takes out his plumbers badge)

    • DNAlien: We are the DNAliens, and we will destroy you all.
      Swampfire: Whatever. (dodges DNAlien's attack, then throws a punch and knocks the DNAlien out cold)

    • Ben: (the team stands on Gwen's magic plate) Let's go down there and take a closer look.
      Alan: Yeah, down is good.

    • Sheriff Mason: All right Alan. You and your friend get out of the car.
      Kevin: (Opens car window) Is there a problem officer?

    • Gwen: Kevin thinks I have superpowers because of my alien bloodline.

    • Kevin: That wasn't so bad. We led them away from Ben, and only got this...
      Gwen: Kevin, that's a four-hundred dollar speeding ticket!
      Kevin: I know. (Kevin opens car drawer, and tickets pop up) I think it's a personal record.

  • NOTES (15)

    • Bellwood, Ben's home town, is shown to be 26 miles away from Grover's Mill, made famous through Orson Welles' 1938 radio broadcast, "The War of the Worlds".

    • Kevin makes a comment about Gwen's powers coming from her alien ancestry without even knowing the truth.

    • Alien Encounter!
      Swampfire's second appearance in the series.

    • Alien Encounter!
      Jetray's first appearance in the series.

    • The crop circles were schematics to a giant antenna capable of changing the weather, as DNAliens need a cold climate and temperature to survive.

    • Alan - Ally Bio:
      Alan is a young boy whose father is a Plumber. He is half-human, and recently, he finds that he is half-alien. In his case, his mother's bloodline contains pyronites. He was chased by police officials, assuming that he was an arsonist, until Ben and the team find out what really caused the fires.

    • Main Villain(s):

    • Alan was kept in an ice storage shelter, nullifying his ability to become his pyronite self.

    • New Alien Ability - Swampfire:
      Swampfire uses his ability to command the corn stalk to constrict the DNAliens. He was able to make the cornstalks grow an incredible rate to grab them. Swampfire can also use his roots that come out from his feet. He used them while destroying the giant antenna, to help push it over and keep himself rooted to the ground while he pushed.

    • Jetray - Alien Bio:
      Jetray is an alien with an appearance of a giant flying manta ray, with the abilities of a bat. He can fly super-sonic speeds, blast neuro-electric attacks, and can swim! He can shoot laser beams from his eyes and his tail.

    • Alan's first appearance.

    • Alien Form(s) Used:
      1) Jetray
      2) Swampfire.

    • Kevin believes that Gwen's powers come from Plumber alien ancestors. If it is true, could Kevin have gotten his powers from an alien ancestor?

      Yes later in the show we find out that Kevin got his powers from his dad and is a human alien hybrid which would explain how he can absorb different types of energy.

    • In this episode, it is revealed that aliens and humans can marry and produce children with alien abilities.

    • Ben suggests that DNAliens need cold weather to survive, considering their previous experience with them. The ship that Ben destroyed had been very cold inside.


    • Jetray's power to shoot neuroshock blasts from his tail and eyes are very similar to that of Zok,the dragon from the 1967 cartoon, the Herculoids, who also could shoot beams from his eyes and tail.

    • Alan - Hotspot:
      Alan Albright's human form looks similar to Hotspot's human form from Teen Titans. Which makes sense, since Alan and Hotspot are both fire elementals.

    • Allusions from Previous Aliens:
      Jetray's abilities seem to be a combination of Stinkfly's ability to fly, Ripjaws's swimming, Upgrade's energy beams, and XLR8's lightning speed.

    • Everybody Talks About the Weather - Title:
      The title relates to Mark Twain's quote, "Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it."