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Ben 10: Alien Force

Season 2 Episode 7


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 23, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

When Ben's parents discover his ability to turn into aliens, they forbid him from using the Omnitrix and later ground him from using it again. Eventually Gwen is grounded too leaving Kevin to stop the DNAliens.

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  • I hate it when Ben gets in trouble! Boy, did I ever feel sorry for him after he got grounded for good.

    The minute Ben arrives home for dinner, he gets confronted by his parents. They take his story about his quest on fighting the DNAliens or about Grandpa Max too well. His father tries to get it off, but it's stuck to Ben's wrist. To Ben's horror, he's not allowed to use it. Things get worse when he goes Echo Echo and his parents catch him red-handed. Not only did Ben's mother take his cell phone away, but he was forced to confess, Gwen gets grounded, too. Having enough of his parents taking things the wrong way, Ben goes Humongousaur and walks out on them. After Ben, Kevin and Ben's parents finish the battle with the Highbreed and the DNAliens, Ben's father understands that Max was trying to protect them. I'm glad things went well for Ben in the end. I give this episode 10 to 10.moreless
  • A very funny and AWESOME ep!

    This episode was just as good and hilarious as Save The Last Dance(my favorite episode) It deserved the number 7 spot on my favorite episodes list.

    I mostly enjoyed the Echo scene the best XD His expression when he got grounded was just plain cute!Also the part where he screamed through the phone to help Gwen and Kevin was awesome too!

    I also loved the Kevin scene after he found out he was swimming in bat guano XD Priceless!

    I'm just lost on how he got grounded since I thought his parents knew about his powers? But I still love it though!

    I expect more stuff like this to come soon :3moreless
  • Fun and funny.

    I've always wondered how Ben could be fully effective at protecting the world from alien marauders. If I miss curfew just once, all hell breaks out when I get home. The Highbreed don't put their operations on hold when Ben goes beddy-bye, and we've seen episodes where Ben's adventures have kept him out well past the time his parents expected him to be in. How many times can he miss curfew before his parents resort to locking him in his room? "Grounded" finally resolves that dilemma for the series. His parents discover Ben's "secret identity." They don't take the news very well at first. Their mundane response, forbidding Ben's using the Omnitrix even when rabid extraterrestrials are working to exterminate the human race, is priceless. And Ben's using cell phones to transmit Echo Echo's sonic blast is another great moment. (I really love the way the team has gotten innovative with its powers this season.) On another note, the Highbreed who appears here seems to be exceptionally strong. You would think Ben must be fairly resistant in his various alien forms, since he emerges from most transformations relatively unhurt. This Highbreed hits Swampfire so hard that Ben comes out of it with a black eye. Impressive. Overall, another great episode.moreless
  • Not that great.....

    Ben and Gwen get grounded, and Kevin is left by himself…………

    Not the best episode. For one thing, people were making pretty bad choices. Kevin is left by himself to go snoop, but he's the weakest member of the group. Obviously, he would get caught and need rescuing! Plus, Ben chooses the wrong aliens when leaving the house. When he was sneaking out, he chooses Echo Echo. Echo Echo would be easy to see against the darkness. Something that would make more sense would be to either walk in the direction to Gwen's house for a little while, and turn into Echo Echo when he was far enough, or turn into Big Chill and fly invisibly to the place he wanted to go. Plus, it was probably unwise to go Humongosaur in his house and break part of a wall when exiting. Common sense, people!

    Plus, there really was no action until the end of the episode. Most of the episode was Ben and his parents.

    Some humor, but it was just Kevin's remarks.

    The episode was just focused on Ben and his parents learning about him fighting aliens. All you need to know is that Ben's parents are okay with this and that the Highbreed now have a large source of power. You don't really need to watch the episode itself to understand this. It's mostly just filler.moreless
  • Bens parents discover the Omnitrix. Ben and Gwen gets grounded and Kevin has to deal with the DNAliens alone.

    A word of warning. I was very disappointed by this episode, that is reflected in my review. Also english is not my native language, so bear with me.

    I couldn´t believe my eyes. Worst episode so far in Alien Force. The whole episode didn´t make any sense at all. The writers completly ignored the fact that Ben already revealed his secret to his parents. Thats no minor mishap, but a serious blow to the credibility of the show. Apart from this Bens parents look completly different as they did in the original show. I first thought that could be explained be the timeskip - but you can see a picture of 10 year old Ben with his parents who look the same as now: another inconsistency.

    But even if you ignored the larger context of this episode, its still no good one. Ben suffers from a horrible case of plot induced stupidity regarding his Alien transformations. He makes one bad choice after the other.

    And the way his parents behave is just implausible. I know that its difficult to solve a complex family drama in less than half an hour but still...the way they argue one could think they just found out their son takes drugs: no listening to Ben, no questions asked(at least not the painfully obviously ones) and just snapping at anything.

    And than the heel-face-turn at the end of the episode... just didn´t feel right.

    The whole episode felt wrong and forced.moreless
Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson

Gwen Tennyson

Yuri Lowenthal

Yuri Lowenthal

Ben Tennyson

Greg Cipes

Greg Cipes

Kevin Levin

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Swampfire / Echo Echo / Humungousaur

Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson

HighBreed / DNAlien

Guest Star

Don McManus

Don McManus

Carl Tennyson

Guest Star

Beth Littleford

Beth Littleford

Sandra Tennyson

Guest Star

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