Ben 10: Alien Force

Season 2 Episode 9

Inside Man

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 12, 2008 on Cartoon Network

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  • Great episode.

    Tyler, a 26-year-old man, hijacks a truck and escapes from a facility overrun with Highbreed and DNAliens. The DNAliens come after him in force, because he got away with an oscillator key, something they desperately want to recover. Ben, Gwen and Kevin get wind of the situation and come to Tyler's rescue. Tyler can't quite remember who he is, and we soon learn that he is more than he seems. We also learn that the oscillator key will be used to open a gateway through which the Highbreed fleet will invade earth. The scenes of suspense and action are nicely balanced. I get the feeling this episode was intended to air after "Grounded" (where Ben gets a call about trouble in the desert, which is where this episode takes place) but before "Voided" (where the team learns that Grandpa Max is alive; in this episode, Gwen tells Tyler that her grandfather is dead.) Great episode.
  • This episode was about a 26 year old named Tyler. He is captured by the DNAliensand turned into one. But he forgot his mission. Also he forgot he was a DNAlien. Ben Gwen and Kevin help him along the way.

    This episode was ok. in the last episode they found grandpa. it should have had some association with it. In the beginning they were mad they grandpa max was gone but in this episode he was finally found. even those plumber kids were gone for a while. Max, Pierce, Helen and Manny were ALL gone for at least 1 season, Pierce gone longer. It was a really good episode though. ithink it was the best episode that was dealing with the DNAliens. It was also a good episode dealing with the Highbreed's plan to "cleanse" the world. Overall good episode!!
  • okayyyy.mabey u all think this was a good episode but in my opion it seems like i was lookin at a 26 year old man having flashbacks of las soladad with a confused memory.i have one question for u.why in the world did u like this notfunny episode.

    weird worst episode yet not funny unoriginal terrible flashback no use painfull to watch episode.thats all i can say about this episode but unluckly i have 79 words to go so i guess i will start off by comparing this episode with others for example:darkstar rising.It was a funny romantic action packed episode but this one made no sense at all.This episode was unorginal beacause:Why did humongausar just go into transformation when spikes on his back begin to grow and his muscles get bigger and the next thing we know the teams running for cover with gwen tryin to protect an oscelateor key,a 60 foot humongausaur and a dnalien.yah this was a wierd one alright.