Ben 10: Alien Force

Season 1 Episode 4

Kevin's Big Score

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 03, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

When Kevin meets up with an old friend, he shatters Ben and Gwen's trust when he drives away with the Rust Bucket in hopes of trading it in for value. Unfortunately, Kevin's so-called accomplice double crosses his trust. Now he must prove to his team what he was really after.moreless

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  • Kevin back to his old ways? Think again!

    This episode was fantastic. It deserves a full 10 out of 10! When I heard Kevin would steal the Rustbucket I knew they would get it back, but I thought that was the end for Kevin's friendship. I thought he was going to become a villain once again! Fortunately he didn't. He stole it so he could trade it with a hologram of Grandpa Max. It would help Ben find him! He almost killed himself many times doing this task. He also turned into a mutant once again. This time, an uglier one. He was forced to by Vulkanus. I also liked how Vulkanus was actually extremely small in the inside. The suit just made him look huge! This episode was crazy good! Go Ben, Gwen, and most of all Kevin!moreless
  • Loved the plot and writing, and Kevin was fantastic as usual. The shipping was great and I recognized Argit from Teen Titans. This was great character development for Kevin.

    I loved this episode! The writing was pretty good, and Kevin was fantastic as usual. I'm happy about the placement of this episode in the series. Before this, I was confused at Ben's lack of distrusting Kevin. And I liked seeing how dedicated to him, Gwen already is. Argit is officially my favorite guest character of the season, and I recognized his voice from Teen Titans. The shipping in this episode was cute between Kevin and Gwen. I loved when she tracked him with his handkerchief, and their interaction when the team is fighting Argit. Overall, this is a great episode, and really good for the show and Kevin's character development.moreless
  • Ben and Gwen lose trust in Kevin when he runs off with the Rustbucket, hoping to trading it in for holo-viewer, which has another message from Grandpa Max, telling Ben that he will need to recruit a team.moreless

    Ben began to see Kevin as a valuable and trust-worthy team mate and Gwen began to like him as more than a team mate but when Kevin runs off with the Rustbucket, hoping to trade it in for alien technology, they lose their trust in him and Ben chases after him but Kevin manages to escape, leaving Ben in the middle of the road, tied up. Kevin meets up with an old friend who double-crosses him and runs off with the rustbucket, in hopes of trading parts. Kevin meets up with Ben and Gwen, who are both furious at him but then focus on getting it back. They find argit, but when he tries to escape, Ben, Gwen and Kevin capture him. Kevin meets with Vulkanus, hoping to make a deal as the rustbucket was stripped of parts and he had nothng to bargain with but, still bitter from Kevin's betrayal few years back, Vulkanus double-crosses Kevin by forcing him to absorb a rare alien crystal, planning to use him as a living gem mine so that he may sell the gemsto buyers for more money as they are rare on earth. He is rescued by Ben and Gwen and their trust in Kevin is partially restored when it is revealed that the item Kevin was desperate for was a holo-viewer with another message from Grandpa Max, telling Ben that he was to recruit a team.

    Overall, the episode was cleverly written and the spark that dominated season 1 was apparent in this episode. It deserves a 10-out-of-10.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • In this episode, it is shown that Vulkanus is a tiny creature in a robot body. But in the original Ben 10 series, Vulkanus wore a costume that showed several patches of skin, indicating that his body was full-size and real. This means that something must have happened in the interim to make him this way.

    • The first time Kevin gets hit with one of Argit's quills, he cannot move but is conscious. The second time, he becomes unconscious. Everyone else falls unconscious the first time they are hit. How is this possible?

    • Think Back:
      This marks the third time the Rust Bucket is stolen. The first times are in the Ben 10 episode, "Ben 4 Good Buddy" and short, "Hijacked."

    • Think Back:
      This is the third time Kevin turns into a mutant (fourth if you count "Ken 10"). The first was in the episode "Kevin 11" of Ben 10.

    • Pay Attention:
      When Argit fell off the ladder, a few Echo Echo's waited for him below. When he landed, there weren't a few anymore. Instead there were a whole sea of them.

      Response: Echo Echo can multiply,so while Argit was falling they could ahve made more rapidly.

    • Look Closely:
      When Argit is being surrounded by the team in the garage, Ben's eyes turn black and the number 10 on his jacket isn't there anymore.

    • Pay Attention:
      When Argit is walking towards the Rust Bucket to get another piece, his tail is moving up and down. Once he enters the Rust Bucket, his tail is missing.

    • Pay Attention:
      When Argit was inspecting the Rustbucket from the front, he was holding a light source. Seconds later when he put his hand down, the light source vanished and there was no more light.

    • Pay Attention:
      When Kevin was going downhill with the Rust Bucket, he was going straight and never changed his direction. Miraculously, no trees were hit until later on.

    • Look Closely:
      In the summer photo, the Rust Bucket is being towed, Ben is picking his nose, and Gwen seems to be disgusted because of Ben's action.

    • Argit's fate is unknown after he had been tied up.

    • Think Back:
      Vulkanus is revealed to have a smaller, and true body in his robotic one. Compared to the previous series, it is strange that a Detrovite like him would have that.

  • QUOTES (30)

    • Vulkanus: Kevin Levin, I don't know if I should trade with you or tear you to pieces.

    • Kevin: The Rust Bucket's all I have to bargain with!
      Argit: You should've held out on me buddy.

    • Kevin: Think your guy will take it?
      Argit: Oh yeah, if he ever got the chance!

    • Kevin: (driving slowly while Argit is walking) Come on Argit. You buried me on so many deals, so many times, it makes me forget how tight we really are. (stops car)
      Argit: (gives a fist) Kev, buddy, I can't stay mad at you. (whispers to himself) Not when there's money involved.

    • Grandpa Max: (in hologram) Ben, if you found this message, you must be in pretty deep. There's a lot I can't reveal yet. But here's one thing I can. You can't go it alone. By now, you're probably meeting some of the othe Plumber's kids. But you have to find more. You need to put together a team. (fades away)

    • Vulkanus: (fighting Big Chill) I'm the injured party here! When the Plumbers came after me, they blew up my ship!

    • Kevin: (turning into Taedenite mutant) I can't stop absorbing.
      Vulkanus: Because I don't want you to. You are recursively absorbing a piece of Taedenite. The rarest, most precious gem in the galaxy! This is the only piece of Taedenite in this spiral of the milky way. Or it was, till you came along.

    • Ben: (Argit is tied up on the floor) So let's get it straight.
      Argit: I'll give it to you straight. You cannot trust that man.
      Kevin: Me?
      Argit: Do you know what he was gonna do? Steal your motor home and sell it to another criminal. Thank goodness I stopped him!
      Kevin: By stealing it yourself.
      Argit: Yeah, yeah I may be a crook, but this guy's no good! You can't trust him. He'll stab you in the back just for laughs.
      Kevin: (being sarcastic) Thanks buddy!

    • Kevin: (Gwen sneaks up behind Argit) Watch out!
      Gwen: Don't warn him! (Argit shoots quills)
      Kevin: No, you watch out!
      Gwen: Oh. (they both get hit)

    • Argit: Oh now you're listening. Now that I can do something for you. You are so off my contact list man!

    • Ben: Hey what about him? (points at Vulkanus)
      Kevin: What about him? We're even.

    • Kevin: I hear you're looking for me Vulkanus. (walks over to Vulkanus) Well, here I am!

    • Ben: (talks to Kevin) You're always up to something. Self-serving, shifty, always working in some kind of angle. Always a thief. Well, what do you have to say for yourself?
      Kevin: (talks to Ben) You know what Tennyson. I don't have to explain myself to you. (Kevin walks over to Gwen) Or you either! I'm done with the both of you!

    • Echo Echo: (all yell in unison) Wall of sound!

    • Echo Echo: Don't let him get away! No he won't. (hits Argit with sonic beams, but he climbs a ladder on a building) Hi! (attacks Argit from above)

    • Vulkanus: (talks to Big Chill) You wouldn't even be fighting me if you knew what he did to me!
      Ben: He stole. He ran. That's Kevin!

    • Echo Echo: (Argit tries to shoot them with his quills) I super glued them to your head. Everybody awake? (looks around and one Echo Echo is sleeping) Close enough! (all the other Echo Echos jump into the sleeping one and Ben reverts to his human form)
      Ben: (yawns)

    • Vulkanus: (Big Chill and Gwen come) You have friends? Had friends!

    • Vulkanus: (talks to Kevin) You owe me! I'm going to take it off of your hide, then sell you off piece by piece. And I'm going to do it forever!

    • Vulkanus: You want to owe me?
      Kevin: Tell me what I have to do to get it!
      Vulkanus: Kneel. (grabs Kevin's hand and twists it)

    • Ben: (picks up small piece of metal) What's this worth? Five bucks? We're supposed to keep our planet safe from an alien invasion, and we can't even keep a motor home from being stolen!
      Kevin: Drop it! (walks away)
      Ben: Don't walk away from me.
      Kevin: Is this when you turn into an alien and try to kick my butt?
      Ben: (angry) I'm considering it!

    • Kevin: (looks at Rustbucket) Stripped.
      Ben: (being sarcastic) Great, so where's your fortune Kevin?

    • Ben: (yelling at Kevin) Bad, bad? If you don't get the Rust Bucket back, I'll show you bad!
      Kevin: I doubt it.
      Ben: (yells at Kevin again) What happens when this is all over and Grandpa comes home? Where is he going to live then?
      Gwen: Do I have to seperate you two?
      Ben: He stole Grandpa's home. What kind of jerk steals and old man's home?
      Gwen: One with a good reason. Right?
      Kevin: Yeah, it's important!
      Ben: Yeah, important to you!

    • Argit: (talks to paralyzed Kevin) When you can walk again, you can go see Vulkanus. He says he knows you. He says he wants you dead!

    • Argit: (inspects Rust Bucket) It's a bucket of bolts man! (Kevin uses badge to activate parts of the Rust Bucket) Like I said, a bucket of bolts. (shouts with joy) But the aftermarket extra's are worth a fortune!

    • Ben: (Gwen appears) He got away.
      Gwen: Woah! I mean, oh no!
      Ben: How could I let my guard down? He's a liar and a thief.
      Gwen: That was the old Kevin. He's different now. We're different too! (pulls out handkerchief) I can track him from this.
      Ben: You kept his sweaty handkerchief?
      Gwen: (tracking Kevin) Got him!

    • Kevin: (Big Chill is following Kevin) Nice try, but today you're minding your own business. (Kevin shoots web and traps Big Chill)

    • Kevin: Okay, I'm going to try the engine.
      Ben: Go Kevin! (Kevin drives off with the Rustbucket) Come back Kevin!

    • Ben: That whole summer was incredible. Right Gwen? Hero time all the time, and Kevin was still a bad guy.
      Kevin: Let it go Tennyson! I know you're here to keep an eye on me.
      Gwen: (talks to Kevin) It's sweet that you wanted to fix the Rustbucket too.

    • Argit: Kevin, buddy. I've been waiting like an hour.
      Kevin: I said I'd be here and I'm here, Argit. What's your proposition?
      Argit: Oh, why do you have to be such a downer, after all we've been through? Ain't you glad to see your old running buddy? (Kevin drives off but Argit stops him)
      Argit: No wait! I got that tech you're looking for.
      Kevin: What makes you think I'm looking for anything?

  • NOTES (12)

    • Argit says that Octagon Vreedle told him that Kevin wanted to see him. Octagon is one half of the Vreedle brothers, villains who debut in the season three episode "Don't Fear the Repo".

    • Main Villain(s):
      Argit, Vulkanus, and the Pickaxe Aliens.

    • This is the first time in the series Ben turns into the same alien more than once in the same episode.

    • Ben and Gwen see a picture of their summer when they were 10.

    • Grandpa Max appears as a message hologram in the series for the second time.

    • This is the first return of Vulkanus from Ben 10, and was last seen in the episode, "Ken 10."

    • New Alien Ability - Echo Echo:
      Echo Echo has the ability to redirect attacks using his sonic waves, which he calls the "wall of sound". Using it, he was able to deflect the quills from Argit directly back to him.

    • Alien Encounter!
      Big Chill's first appearance in the series.

    • Big Chill - Alien Bio:
      Big Chill is a big, moth-like alien. He has the ability to freeze enemies at will, with the ability to blow large amounts of ice from his mouth. He also has the ability to become invisible, and can freeze enemies by passing through their solid body, much like how Ghostfreak gave people chills down their spines. He seems to be a mix of Ghostfreak and Articguana from the episode, "Ben 10,000."

    • Argit - Villain Bio:
      Apparently he used to be Kevin's friend. In a strange condition, he has the body of a large rat with porcupine quills on his back. He has the ability to paralyze and submit others to sleep using his quills.

    • Alien Form(s) Used:
      1) Big Chill (2x)
      2) Echo Echo.

    • Alien Encounter!
      Echo Echo's second appearance in the series.


    • Argit's power is similar to the Porcupine, a friend of Ben in the original series.

    • Pickaxe Aliens - Moloids:
      Vulkanus's pickaxe aliens are almost an exact match for the Mole Man's Moloids from the "Fantastic Four" comic book.

    • Big Chill - Appearance:
      Big Chill's moth-like appearance is similar to that of the infamous paranormal creature known as the Mothman.

    • Taedenite - Appearance:
      The Taedenite Vulkanus made Kevin absorb was was almost exactly like Diamond Head's crystals.

    • Allusions from Previous Aliens:
      Big Chill is a spectral alien being, and he is able to avoid many physical attacks. He can also pass through solid matter, just like Ghostfreak.

      Apparently, just like Ditto from Ben 10, Echo Echo cannot change back to Ben until all his duplicates are accounted for.

    • Vulkanus - Similarities:
      Vulkanus was actually a small alien in a big suit. This is similar to the episode "Game Over," when Kenko was small, but in a big suit.

      This also happens in the Danny Phantom episode "One of a Kind" with the ghost Skulker.

    • Argit's Attack - Porcupine from Ben 10:
      Argit's attack is very similar to Porcupine's attack from the episode "Ready to Rumble," in Ben 10.