Ben 10: Alien Force

Season 1 Episode 10


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 05, 2008 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Professor Paradox's jacket is 1,200 years old.

    • The Chrono-Logger is a subatomic drill designed to bore a tunnel in the fabric of Space-Time.

    • When Kevin finds the new version of his car, he says that it was 'factory new from 30 years ago' and the note from Paradox said his car would explode if it came into contact with anything from 1976. This might mean that the car was made in 1976. If this is true, the Alien Force series is set around 2006.

    • David McCallum guests stars as the time traveling hero Paradox. McCallum previously played another heroic time traveler, Steel, in the British telefantasy series Sapphire & Steel.

    • When asked about his age, Paradox says "I walk in eternity." This is how the Doctor describes himself in the Doctor Who story "The Pyramids of Mars".

    • When Old Kevin is laying on the ground, Ben and Gwen are leaning over him. But as he gets up, Gwen stands up without really moving.

    • The file found on the computer appears to be written in Latin, probably as a code.

    • In Paradox's note, it reads, "If your car comes in contact with anything else from 1976, it will explode like anti-matter." The allusion is that antimatter explodes on contact with regular matter. This gives the notion that Kevin's car is the antimatter, and that everything else made in 1976 is matter.

    • Look Closely:
      When Old Kevin is arguing with Gwen, the 10 on Ben's jacket vanishes.

    • Ben states that the animal bones are fossilized. Fossilized bones aren't actual bones but natural minerals that fill in the bone and/or hard body, and then compressed by the layers of earth for tremendous amounts of millenia.

    • Look Closely:
      The words in the film-article Gwen was reading were just random letters put together; they weren't real words.

    • David McCallum previously played a time traveller in the sci-fi series, Sapphire and Steel.

    • Ironically, the four alien forms used in this episode (Chromastone, Swampfire, Jetray, and Humongousaur) make up the entire first wave of Ben 10: Alien Force action figures.

    • The 'time machine' is a subatomic drill designed to bore a tunnel in the fabric of space and time.

    • Look Closely:
      When the Trans-Dimensional Monster touched Kevin's car and made it 'ancient', the inside was perfectly modern and was unchanged.

    • Appropriately for an episode called "Paradox," this episode contains two:

      1) Humongousaur rescues Hugo from the portal, but then the creature turns into Hugo.

      2) It would be impossible to travel back in time to stop an event that never occured because the team traveled back in time.

    • Paradox - Definition
      A paradox is a statement of truth in reality but can be considered false.

      Paradox explains that time is like a river, and flows in one direction infinitely. Should something affect the flow in the past and/or present creates different possibilities of a future.

  • Quotes

    • Paradox: Don't talk to me about "old." I walk in eternity.
      Kevin: Well, you better start running in eternity, smart guy!

    • Old Kevin: You should have gone out with me when I was young and handsome.
      Gwen: You were too immature.
      Old Kevin: What about now?
      Gwen: Too old.

    • Paradox: (Hugo appears on his arms) Hugo, of course! If it'd been a snake, it would've bit me.

    • Ben: I need to put on a little weight! (turns into Humongousaur) Humongousaur! (grabs Hugo) Trust me, this beats the alternative.

    • Ben: (referring to the Trans-Dimensional Monster) You just keep that thing occupied!
      Paradox: K-Keep it occupied? I'm a time-traveling hero; I don't keep things occupied!

    • Paradox: (talking to Old Kevin) There is something different about you. Is it your hair?
      Old Kevin: Yeah, I'm partin' it down the middle now and I also got real old!

    • Ben: (Ben damages Kevin's car) Whoops!
      Old Kevin: It's not a bumper car!

    • Ben: (referring to Kevin) Just touching that thing, aged him 60, 80 years. We've got to get him to a hospital.

    • Kevin: (talking to the Trans-Dimensional Monster) Not so fast ugly! (punches it, and becomes an old man)

    • Gwen: The trail, they're not burned marks - they're aged! The creature accelerates time.
      Paradox: Very good.

    • Paradox: Thanks.
      Swampfire: Thanks for what?
      Paradox: Well I had a feeling if we made a loud enough racket, he'd show up! (the Trans-Dimensional Monster shows up)
      Kevin: Finally, something we could hit.
      Paradox: Oh, I really don't think that's a good idea.

    • Paradox: (Kevin holding him) Easy on the jacket. It's 1,200 years old!

    • Swampfire: (referring to Paradox) How does he move so fast?
      Paradox: (sneaks up) You mean, how do I move so quickly? It's called, walking - strolling really.

    • Swampfire: He's obviously connected to that creature. We need to talk to him.
      Kevin: Oh yeah, we'll talk. (charges toward Paradox) I'm going to pound you!

    • Paradox: Gumball?
      Swampfire: No thanks. Who are you? What's your name?
      Paradox: You just read my file. I was rather hoping you could tell me. It slipped my mind several hundred years ago.
      Kevin: Did he just say several hundred years?
      Swampfire: Did you just say... (Paradox vanishes) ...hey!

    • Kevin: Hey it's that dork from the photo; the Paradox guy.
      Gwen: You haven't changed at all - in fifty years!
      Paradox: Oh, considerably more than that.

    • Ben: Swampfire! Gotcha.
      Paradox: Swampfire? That takes me back. Or is it forward? It's so hard to tell Ben. Have we met?
      Swampfire: How do you know my name?
      Paradox: Have we met yet, I suppose the question was.

    • Gwen: (referring to the Trans-Dimensional Monster) Look! That thing has been in here too.
      Ben: Only one trail. It either came in here and vanished... (interrupted by Gwen)
      Gwen: ...Or it was born here!

    • Kevin: (looking at the mess) Looks like my place; after the big party I threw last weekend.

    • Gwen: These films are really corrugated. But it looks like this base was built for some kind of time experiment called: "Project Paradox".
      Kevin: Who wouldn't pick the desert outside of Bellwood to do top-secret research.
      Ben: They built it here because of the huge quartz deposits.
      Kevin: (being sarcastic) Quartz, time; maybe they were trying to build the world's biggest wristwatch. (everyone's silent)

    • Chromastone: Chromastone! Look out... (building tumbles) ...gone.
      Gwen: At least the building it destroyed wasn't the library.
      Kevin: You really love books?
      Ben: She's saying we have to research; find out what that thing is. All we know so far is that it's looking for something here on the base.

    • Kevin: (referring to the Trans-Dimensional Monster) Finally something worth the gas!

    • Ben: The trail goes to the police station and to those - I guess they're apartments.
      Kevin: Just to review, someone stood here a million years ago and then walked into those buildings that were built fifty years ago?
      Ben: You are not helping! These could be signs of serious DNAlien activity, and it's up to us... (interrupted by Gwen)
      Gwen: DNAliens are not doing this. Does that look like a DNAlien to you? (points at the Trans-Dimensional Monster)

    • Gwen:Kevin! I can't believe it, you're okay!
      Kevin:I'll be okay if I can lean on you some more. (Gwen smiles and pushes him away)

    • Old Kevin: You are never driving my car again!
      (Kevin's car falls apart)
      Ben: True.

    • Gwen: Are you okay?
      Old Kevin: My back is killing me, my legs ache, and what's up with these shoes? Is it too much to ask for a little support?
      Gwen: (referring to Old Kevin) He's like a real irritable, short-tempered, crotchety old man.
      Old Kevin: Why are you whispering?!
      Ben: In other words, aside from the male-pattern baldness, he's pretty much the same as always.

    • Gwen: It's like someone turned the slate into sand just by standing on it.
      Kevin: (sarcastically) He was probably on hold.

    • Gwen: Look!
      Ben: This is a bird, and these are lizard bones. They're fossilized.
      Gwen: And they're not the only thing...

    • Gwen: (referring to holes) Did anyone notice some of them are vaguely person-shaped?
      Ben: Weird... Maybe something, I don't know, burned through the walls.
      Kevin: Like what?
      Ben: The same thing that burned these weird trails everywhere.

    • Ben: Grandpa Max said Los Soledad used to be a big military base back in the 50's; some kind of research facility.
      Kevin: Yeah, must've been some serious research. Check out these walls. Fifty years later and there's still no way in. (looks at large holes) No way! These weren't here.

    • Gwen: Isn't that like a big bad boy thing to do? Come out here to the ghost town to drag race.
      Kevin: How should I know? I just know them from autoshop. (Gwen and Ben spot graffiti that reads: "Kevin Rules!")

    • Kevin: You didn't need to come. Gwen and I could've handled this alone. It's nothing really.
      Ben: It doesn't sound like nothing. Weird noises, unearthly lights, rumors of weird creatures out here.
      Kevin: Yeah, the dudes I heard it from aren't totally reliable!

    • Hugo: Doctor I'm frightened.
      Paradox: Have a gumball, it will calm you down.

    • Paradox: (talking with the General) But to answer your first question, there is only one way to find out! (activates the time machine)

    • General: (after Paradox talks) It will also give our 'red buddies' a thing or two to think about.

    • General: (talking to Paradox) Sure this thing is going to work? You time machine has cost the U.S. government a pretty penny doctor.

    • Ben: (Reading from Paradox's note) Kevin, try to keep in mind that if this car comes in contact with anything else from 1976 it will explode into antimatter.
      Kevin: (chuckles nervously) He's kidding right? That's just some time-travel joke right? Isn't it? Guys?

    • Ben: I'll take those.
      Kevin: What do you think you're doing?
      Ben: Driving.
      Kevin: Don't even think about it. You don't have a license.
      Ben: Grandpa Max taught me and it's an emergency. You're nearsighted, arthritic, your reflexes are shot... and you're trying to unlock a cactus.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Dean Koontz - Moonlight Bay trilogy (Seize the Night specifically)

      The plot is suspiciously similar to these books, an old abandoned military base, that did time traveling/dimensional experiments in the past that went wrong, and now is affecting the area. But only the beginning, the rest of the plot is exceptionally different.

    • Allusion from Star Trek
      Much like Doctor McCoy's famous sayings of, "I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer," and similar sayings he made popular in television history, in this episode, Paradox says, "I'm a time traveler, not a body shop."

    • Paradox's Watch - Sliders
      Paradox's pocket watch is capable of opening event horizon wormholes in the air for himself and others to walk through, much like the remote control and effects in the television show Sliders.

    • The time machine, the Chrono-Logger, invented by Paradox, is similar in form and application to the time gate from the Star Trek episode, "The City on the Edge of Forever." However, the event horizon formed inside of it is similar to the effects used in Stargate.

    • Paradox - The Doctor
      Paradox appears to be inspired by the Doctor from Doctor Who based on his ability to travel through time, British accent, somewhat erratic attitude, his meeting of allies in their individual futures and his comment that he has saved the world hundreds of times. He even takes his former lab partner Hugo with him on his journeys, similar to how the Doctor always had a companion. Paradox's use of gum balls also mirrors The Doctors Fourth and Eighth lives use of Jelly Babies as a distraction or snack. Also like The Doctor, Paradox's true name is a mystery.