Ben 10: Alien Force

Season 1 Episode 7

Pier Pressure

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 31, 2008 on Cartoon Network

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  • Ben goes out with Julie > Great episode!

    Fantastic episode! Full of action without having an evil villain. I liked the fact that Ben finallywent out with Julie. I loved all of Ships' forms. I liked the end better because I was relieved to find out that Ship wasn't evil. He wanted to help his owners: other Galvanich Mechamorphs. I was so happy when they let Ship stay on Earth with Ben. That all got ruined when Ship went after the truck in the end and Ben didn't do anything. I hope Ship comes back. He'll make a great addition to the team. They'll need his "Upgrade" abilities! He'll be like the "Pet" of the team. I liked the part when he panted like a dog when Julie asked Ben if he was going to keep him. I'm sure he will!
  • This is a Ben 10 episode called Pier Pressure.

    I like this episode a lot because Julie finds out about Ben and his aliens. This episode is when Ben asks out a girl named Julie to the pier carnival or something like that. Ben tries to hide the fact that he was an alien, but it didn't last long because he had to go alien in order to save Julie. I loved it when Ben thought that she would be scared of him because of his aliens, but she thought the opposite; she thought it was really cool. Then they find another alien that looked exactly like the big one that Ben fought off that he found out wasn't really bad. Then at the end, they walked all the way to Julie's house and the little alien left to follow a truck.
  • What the deuce? for some reason I seem drawn to this episode.

    Ben finally works up some nerve to ask Julie on a date and well, aliens interuppt, don't you hate it when your job interuppts your date? lol. Anyway, The carnival at the pier is attacked by a shapeshifter from the previous series who ruins everything, including the peir. For some reason I rather like this episode, brainstorm and the bigger shapeshifter are funny to me. Brainstorm because he talks smart stuff even to himself and the shapeshifter because of the frustration Ben caused him. But for some other reason I'm drawn to this episode, why? I'm not sure. Is it because there's someone who knows about Ben's alien powers? OR what? I'm not quite sure, nonetheless, I liked this episode. Hope that's short enough for you.
  • Ben's first date with Julie is interupted when a stranded alien calls for help.

    Loved this episode for several reasons. One: there are no DNAliens. Two: we get to see Ben, Gwen and Kevin engaged in ordinary, everyday teen-age activities. Three: Ben introduces us to a new alien warrior, Brainstorm (who has some very interesting powers). Four: we see the characters spending time in the sunlight. This is what has been missing from the series so far. The kids have fun here (in between the action scenes) and so do we. Ben's nervousness about his first date with Julie is both touching and funny. (Who hasn't fretted over going out with someone you really like while sporting a zit the size of a state?) The scenes where Gwen literally throws Ben at Julie in an effort to get them together and where Kevin breaks into Ben's house are also funny. And there is plenty of action. This has all the things that are best about the Ben 10 series.
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