Ben 10: Alien Force

Season 1 Episode 12

Plumbers' Helpers

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jul 19, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Freelance young Plumbers vow to exterminate any alien they find. But soon, when they encounter Ben and the team, they mistake them as hostile aliens.

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    Plumber's Helpers was the best episode out of all the Alien Force episodes so far.

    Helen the Kineceleran(XD So fun to say)was my fav between her and Manny.

    I feel bad for her though.:( Losing her brother to whatever killed sad!And she also kinda reminds me of my Ben 10 OC Jadell the Kineceleran as well.

    Big-Chill was awesome in this episode as well.(and so hot too :3) loved the scene where he rescues Gwen.I just can't get enough of those type of scenes!I love watching them over and over! :D

    It was funny when he was out of breathe afterwords though XDmoreless
  • Plumbers send other Plumbers into the Null Void = Big Mistake... Great Plot!!!!

    The theme was great! It sounded so interesting and the episode sure was! Two Plumbers think Ben and the team are aliens so they want to catch them. The action was really good~ I also liked their personalities. Pierce wasn't a live character in this episode but he sure had a great effect on the two Plumbers. I also liked the part when Swampfire was sent into tghe Null Void machine (projector) and he came back out; that was cool. Go Swampfire! Eventually the Plumbers found out what they were doing was wrong. We also saw some of Ben's aliens. One of the innocent Plumbers caught was a DNAlien. That confused me a little. I thought all DNAliens were bad! That proves that wrong. Great episode!moreless
  • ben meets 2 of his old aliens

    wow ben met ANOTHER of his old aliens. first he met tetrax which was a diamondhead, then i think he met azmuth, one of the grey matter species. then in ben 10 elien force he meets allen a heatblast and then an upgrade and now a fourarms and an XLR8. i dont know if the ghost freak guy counts since he was the original one but oh well lets count him. and also i think ben met a wilmutt. well not met but saw and battled with it. ok im almost done. good bye every body. i forgot to review the show.moreless
  • Freelance young plumbers mistake Ben Gwen and Kevin as enemies.

    This episode is actually.... normal. Because the plot is about fighting, and cool alien-technology that Manny and Helen have. The episode starts off with the old enemies, the DNAliens afraid of something, the is unusual, because, arn't they the normal baddies?? They are the attackers, not the victims. The two plumbers, Manny and Helen, capture the DNAlien, using the eradi-cannon. It is actually a Null Void Projector. Manny and Helen have capturedmany aliens, that are innocent. They then go to the Null Void and retrieve them. My question is: How are they going to get back???

    The last part of the episode is also funny, after being rescued, Kevin does not want to leave, but wants to go and swipe some of the alien stuff Manny and Helen have. That is is so uncool! (agreeing with Ben). This episode is not one of my favourite, but still acceptable though.moreless
  • a couple of new characters appear, these guys look like some of bens former omnitrix aliens, they think ben and the gang are dn-aliens, they kidnap kevin and ben and gwen go to his rescue, these guys end up going into the null voidmoreless

    this episode really was just a filler, nothing really happened, they meet a couple of guys who are trapping plumber kids in the null void, nothing interesting is revealed the only new things that happened were gwen gets a little more in touch with her powers and is able to track kevin by just focussing on him, and ben is able to actually walk out of the null void, over all this episode just filled in until an episode that will move the story forward actually occurs . . . . . seems like the writers are running out of ideas for the story the previous episode was the samemoreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • Ben says that he used to be able to become one of them (XLR8), but he never mentions about turning into Four Arms.

    • Look Closely/Pay Attention:
      When Big Chill made the ice slide, it was positioned in a different way, than it was when we saw it the second time.

    • Kevin says, "How come I always get the easy jobs?" It's his fault; he gave himself the assignment.

    • It was never stated or clarified how Pierce disappeared. His fate is revealed in the upcoming episode: "Voided".

    • Look Closely:
      When Ben is looking through the electronic journal, you can see a Galvanic Mechomorph (Upgrade) with a green belly on the screen. But when Ben hands it back to Helen, the Mechomorph has a white belly.

    • When Swampfire emerged from the Null Void Projector, Kevin stated, "I taught him that." He was most likely referring to how he got out of the Null Void himself.

    • Look Closely:
      The number 10 on Ben's jacket vanishes when he is arguing with Kevin, Manny, Helen, and Gwen.

    • Pay Attention:
      Throughout the episode, Manny's weapons behind his back vanish and then reappear.

    • Pay Attention:
      For each alien, the electronic journal showed its full body and a specific part from that alien.
      They were:
      * For the Ectonurite it showed its long-clawed hand.
      * For the Piscciss Volanns it showed its webbed claws.
      * For the Pyronite it showed the flames on its head.
      * For the Vulpimancer it showed its front foot.
      * For the Lepidopterran it showed its tail.
      * For the DNAlien it showed its thin arm.
      * And for the Galvanic Mechomorph it showed its large hand.

    • Look Closely:
      When Ben is about to enter the Null Void, the number 10 on his jacket vanishes.

    • Look Closely:
      When Kevin absorbs his change the color pattern on his arm changes repeatedly.

    • It was never stated if the DNAlien in the beginning was a Plumbers' kid, or if he was just another Highbreed follower.

    • Ben stated that only 'some' of the aliens that were captured by Helen and Manny were Plumbers' kids; not all.

    • When Ben and Gwen take the bus to rescue Kevin, Ben says he doesn't know how to drive. Though in the episode "Paradox", he said Grandpa Max taught him how to drive. He probably meant, 'can't drive' because Kevin's car got thrown into him.

  • QUOTES (35)

    • Kevin:(talking to Manny about the Null void projector) Probably a mark one, it's a museum piece, and you are a pin head.
      (Manny shoots at him with his laser guns, knocking Kevin out)

    • Gwen: I'm just worried, that's all.
      Ben: About Kevin?
      Gwen: Well yeah, what else? We need to find him before... you know, before something bad happens. Not that I care or anything. I mean come on; how can anyone care about a person who's that rude, and undependable and, and... annoying? It's ridiculous. How could you even say something like that?
      Ben: Actually, I didn't say anything. (Gwen looks away in embarrassment)

    • Manny: Argh!(pulling at Kevin's face)
      Helen: Manny stop! It's not a mask!
      Kevin: That's my face you jerk!
      Manny: It doesn't matter. He's an alien, and I say we feed him to the eradi-cannon.
      Kevin: The eradi-what?

    • Helen: Quiet! You sound like a couple of six-year olds fighting on the playground.
      Kevin and Manny: (at the same time) I'm not anything like him!

    • Gwen: (shivering because of ice slide) Where's K-K-K-Kevin?
      Ben: Gone. (Manny and Helen drive off with Kevin)

    • Helen: (referring to the team) Did you see that? They saved that guy!
      Manny: (holding Kevin from his collar) Who cares? One of them is hurt. Now's is your chance to take them.
      Helen: No, not until we talk!

    • Kevin: (carries truck driver) How come I always get the easy jobs?

    • Manny: (talking to Helen) Tomorrow we'll track their signal. We'll take it slow; we'll be careful. Just the way Pierce did. (looks at the screen showing the team) But once we find them, then we will handle things my way!

    • Pierce: (in video) August 10th. We zapped another DNAlien; the third one this month. Only something weird happened. We had the creep cornered. I got my energy lash, wrapped around one arm. But just before Manny hooked him, he flushed a Plumber's badge. Figured it had to be fake but, now I don't know. What if it was real? What if we were wrong about... (Manny and Helen appear in the background)
      Manny: (yelling) Helen, what is it with you? Every night you're up here!
      Helen: Sometimes I like to look at the stars. You know, think about what's out there.
      Manny: Out there? Out there is why we're all contaminated freaks. It's why we're kicking alien butt, so nobody has to go through what happened with us.
      Pierce: (angry) Would you two stop it. Everyday it's the same fight. I can't babysit you forever you know. (gadget turns off)

    • Kevin: (referring to Helen and Manny) That is so not going to go well.
      Ben: I don't know. On paper we don't look like such a great team either.
      Kevin: There is that. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go swipe some of their equipment.
      Gwen: Kevin!
      Ben: So not cool man.

    • Helen: Thanks and sorry about... you know.
      Kevin: Apology accepted.
      Gwen: Be careful.
      Ben: And good luck! (Helen and Manny go off into the Null Void)

    • Ben: (hands the electronic journal back to Helen) Some of these might be other Plumbers' kids. Like us. Like you.

    • Manny: Think you're funny?
      Kevin: Hey you're the comedian. At least you got the face for it!
      Manny: Boy are you asking for it.
      Kevin: I'm begging for it! Who's going to give it to me?
      Manny: (being sarcastic) Me, with three hands tied behind my back.

    • Helen: Tell your boyfriend to back off.
      Gwen: No, you tell yours to... Whoa, he is not my boyfriend
      Helen: Well you sure act like it.
      Gwen: Don't tell me who my boyfriend isn't... is.

    • Kevin: Well look at it this way: your human version is probably even uglier.
      Manny: (yelling) You want to go another round?
      Kevin: Any time pal!

    • Helen: So we're all aliens?
      Ben: Kinda. One of your parents must've been human. The other, not so much.
      Manny: Yeah, then how come you can switch back but we can't?
      Ben: Luck of the draw?

    • Swampfire: Now put down your weapons and just listen for five minutes, okay?
      Helen: (disarms her weapons) I'm all ears.

    • Helen: It's not a disintegrator.
      Manny: Lousy-stinkin... (fires at Swampfire)

    • Gwen: (after Ben is sent into the Null Void) Ben!
      Kevin: He's gone. Trapped in the Null Void.
      Manny: Well it may be a museum piece, but it did the job on your friend. And you two are next!

    • Ben: (rubbing head) I've got to start wearing a helmet!

    • Gwen: (firing at Helen) Stand still, will ya? (Helen moving at extreme speed)

    • Kevin: (being sarcastic) Nothing like a little iron in your diet to perk you right up!

    • Kevin: (escapes from energy globe) Ha! Four Armed freak is not the only tough guy around.

    • Manny: Hey freak, catch!(Manny throws Kevin's car)
      Kevin: Not my ride!
      Gwen: Kevin!

    • Kevin: (after watching Helen and Manny enter the Null Void) Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go swipe some of the equipment.

    • Manny: Hah, did you see the look on that DNAlien's face when we roped him. That was one freaked out... What?
      Helen: I get it Manny.
      Manny: Helen, come on talk to me. (poking Helen)
      Helen: Quit it!
      Manny: (continues poking her) Come on.
      Helen: Stop, I said no! (Helen smacks his hand away)

    • Manny: (after DNAlien is sent to the Null Void) Another one bites the dust.

    • Ben: (to Gwen, Kevin, Manny, Helen) Hey! Stop it all of you. What am I, your babysitter?
      Helen: You sound just like my brother.
      Gwen: Really?
      Helen: Pierce was always the one who always kept his ground.

    • (after Ben escapes the Null Void)
      Kevin: I taught him that.
      Gwen: No, you didn't.

    • Manny: (yelling at Helen) What were you thinking? We had them on the ropes. We could've nailed three monsters at once.
      Kevin: (inside energy globe) Monsters? That's a laugh coming from a Halloween reject like you.
      Manny: (aggrivated) Sounds like the alien dirtbag is asking for another whooping.
      Kevin: Let me out of this bubble and we'll see what you got!

    • Manny: (talking to Helen) How close are they?
      Ben: Very!
      Gwen: (about Kevin) Now give us back our friend!
      Ben: "Friend?"
      Gwen: Teammate, co-worker, whatever! Can we talk about this later?

    • Manny: Helen, I'm just trying to do what we all agreed to do; fry every DNAlien we find.
      Helen: (looks at beeping gadget) Three of them and they're close. (referring to the team)
      Manny: Where?
      Helen: Back at the sewer plant.

    • Gwen: What kind of heroes take the bus?
      Ben: Neither one of us can drive, what do you want me to do? (making believe he's on a cell) "Hi mom, we have to go fight some aliens. Can you give us a ride?"
      Gwen: Okay, whatever.

    • Kevin: Sounds like my rescuers need rescuing.(absorbs pocket change) Guess it'll have to do.

    • Manny: He's an alien. They're all dirty alien freaks!

  • NOTES (12)


    • Manny: "With three hands tied behind my back!"

      This quote is a reference to Four Arms saying the same thing in the original series episode, "Tourist Trap."

    • Manny - Name
      Manny's name is, really, a play on words. The Latin root word for "hand" is "manus," i.e. manuscript, manual, manicure, etc. Also, he belongs to a race called the Tetramand, which Fourarms was. His name may have also been taken from this.

    • "Another One Bites the Dust"
      After the DNAlien is sent into the Null Void, Manny says: "Another one bites the dust". It's a reference to Queen's song, Another One Bites the Dust.

    • Khary Payton- Manny/Cyborg:
      Another Teen Titans alumnus visits Ben 10: Alien Force. Khary Payton (Manny the Tetramand) played Cyborg in that show.