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  • Lost all the original charm

    Now, the original Ben 10 series isn't exactly a masterpiece. But it was definitely an interesting watch because of quite a few factors. The childish, yet still enjoyable humour, the funny ways that Ben handled the aliens, the different grandpa and the annoying naggy (in a good way) Gwen, it all made a good cartoon. Not original, but good.

    Now with this sequel series, the production team has attempted to 'mature' the characters and the cartoon itself. Perhaps they have been somewhat successful in that regard but at the same time, everything that was enjoyable about the original series is gone. The cool grandpa's missing, Ben's all sobered up and gentlemanly, Gwen's an innocent angel now, Kevin's a good guy and the humour of the show now mainly depends on him and he isn't funny at all. In fact, all the humour in the show is just... bad. The villains are much less diverse than in the original series. The only kind of bad guys that are given much importance throughout the whole series are the 'highbreeds' and I become quite tired of seeing them episode after episode. The romantic element they tried to introduce between Kevin and Gwen and Ben and whatshername is insanely annoying and dumb. Other than that, the flaws that were present in the original series are still present. Overstretched, boring action sequences, plot holes, lazy animation etc.

    On the positive side, I guess some of the aliens are crafted interestingly, the theme music isn't that bad, the story looks somewhat good on paper and... ummmm... yep, that's pretty much it.

    I'm not sure why this cartoon gets so much praise. In the end, all I can say is that they butchered an already not so amazing cartoon and thus made something really boring and bland.
  • I was a HUGE fan of the original series and expected this to ruin the franchise. The opposite happened.

    BTAF takes the AWESOME concept and characters from the original and ages and matures them only so much as to making it for the whole family, not just kids. Almost all the plot holes have been explained in later seasons and in BTUA so I don't have any problem with that. The storyline was epic, everything was completely awesome. Kevin's car, Gwen's origin, Ben's personality... PERFECTLY DONE! This show took the maturity and played with it for the better. The only thing I miss from the original was Vilgax's no-mouth body but this new Vilgax feels more dangerous with that mouth, seriously. I don't know why. Also, Charmcaster's design. But that's about it. Everything else... absolutely phenomenal. Forever Knights look awesome, DNAliens have an EXTREMELY interesting plotline along with the High breed. And man, even the filler/extra episodes were on point. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    . My brother and friends make fun of me for watching/liking this but I don't give a crap. This show is EPIC.
  • Ben 10: Lame Force

    If you take all the good and cool things of BEN 10 (The Original Show) out and keep the bad ones and mix it with some lameness you get This- Ben 10: Alien Force
  • Disapointing

    The humor was awful, it was always dark so you couldn't see the action, and it was really repetitive and boring. The only thing that kept me going was hope that the next episode would get better. The good part was the second half of season three. Skip over this series. And, if you want to, Ultimate Alien too.
  • The one that coulda' been good

    Upon watching the first episode, it looked like this show was going somewhere. Like it would actually attempt to tell a story. Like it could ACTUALLY be good. Nope, after about.... like, the first season (which is only 13 episodes) the shows picks up right where the original left off: "Marketing toys for mass purchase from boys, ages 6 to 10". And on that note, this show succeeds because apparently the revenue from these toy sales chalks up to around 2 billion dollars.
  • Great show

    I've read the story which the guy below mentioned. It is a fair and exciting continue.

    But Honestly, I was a little bored of the same childish episodes of the Original Series as I began to grow up. Though Ben 10 was my all-time favourite show. The AF is a good continuation for it.

    Still the show disappoints in the matter of Aliens.

    There were only 10 (9 actually) boring aliens at the beginning. First of all Ben hardly transforms into any alien in an episode. Then the aliens weren't given any importance (except Alien-X).

    Good when Way Big, Cannonbolt, and Upchuck entered the Track list. Most interesting part was where when Chromastone reformed into Diamondhead.

    It was nice to have Aliens entering like Nanomech, Lodestar, and Rath.

    IT'S A GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • The best entry into the Ben 10 franchise

    So, Alien Force takes the awesome concept and characters from Ben 10, and grows them up a bit, whilst adding a much darker, mature tone to the story. Thankfully this works! Seasons 1 and 2 of this show are utterly brilliant and will please both child and adult fans. There's a fantastically realised story arc that has a great pay-off when it ends. Season 3, however, has a few rather poor episodes, but most are still great fun, and the series finale is absolutely spectacular. I would've rated the show a 10 if it weren't for the couple of bad episodes in Season 3. But all in all, this show is great entertainment that never insults your intelligence.
  • Pure Crap

    Boring show, terrible animation, lack of good facial expressions and emotions. The transformations were half-assed at best, proven when they tried to re-animate ben's original aliens for the show - 7ALU (original Heatblast) vs. 2Honq6AJIw (Alien Force Heatblast). There's an obviously enormous drop in quality. Additionally, all the new aliens are crap.

    Except Rath. I have to say, he honestly amused me a lot, and being voiced by John Dimaggio (Bender, Futurama) really helped with that. Other than him, though, LAME.

    One other thing, though: I like Omniverse. I've heard a lot of negative feedback (heh heh - Feedback) about it, but it's at least a crapload better than Alien Force. The art style really helps, even with Ben's new pupil-less, soulless eyes. Plus they made Eatle cool.
  • lehahiah

    didn't like it mainly the art, that was the main point another thing was the redesign of the omnitrix to make it look more like a watch than it it did in the original, they added green as a sort of signature to the series now and been wears a green jacket that has the number 10 on it which is rather cheesy i rather liked bens black and white shirt that he wore in the original as it also was seen as a uniform on his aliens so you could recognize it as him

    another annoyance made gwen an alien, in the ben 10000 episode of the original series she has all the stones and is using powers from them and with ben he uses his original aliens plus more but they're more powerful the ultamatrix is actually when they show the episode with bens son kenny but for some reason in this episode grampa max is really skilly still has the robotic arm but kevin mixed alien form was awesome and he had just escaped the null void so thinking on this alien force doesn't match the story of the original at all

    but the original had better transformations also where as now it just shows a skeleton stretching and then skips to the alien

    what really annoying is that they say bens character is more serious really, sure they took out the stupid sumo slammer obsession but now he's got an even dumber obsession with chili dogs and chocalate malts

    personally the only designs i really like were the original and when alien force ben teamed up with generator rex thank god they used the generator rex style otherwise it would not of been worth watching, but they've actually made a worse design now that being omniverse
  • Face it. I watched it because I liked the old Ben 10, and to see Charmcaster.

    Face it, I watched this for one reason, and one alone: Charmcaster. Charmcaster looked ugly here, and I kept picturing her as her Ben 10 self, not her current Ben 10,000 Ultimate Alien self. And Gwen has an alien grandma? Where's the magic explanation, huh? Kevin falls in love with Gwen? Plot hole after plot hole? Was three spin offs necessary for Ben? Would we have suffered this if we had enjoyed the first series while it lasted instead of bashing it like the morons we were? It kills the name, the Franchise Ben 10--what possibly possessed them to make this?
  • This was nothing like the original Ben 10,and sucked


    As you already know,I love Ben 10,and it was on of CN's best action shows. However,the spin-off,nearly ruined all of the greatness of the original,and failed to be like it. Ben 10:Alien Force is about Ben Tenyson,who is now a teenager and still defends the world with hi sister Gwen,and some guy named Kevin,who I don't remember being in the original. So yeah,this is another spin-off with the characters as teenagers and not kids. And this is just as bad as All Grown Up,but it's worse. First off,none of the characters act like their normal selves in this show. Ben used to be a whiny kid who was awesome,now he is serious,not funny and the only thing good about him is his catchphrase "It's Hero Time". Gwen used to be an annoying and a pest,but was funny,now she's just like Ben,and not even funny,but is boring. Kevin is a character who I never seen in the original,but I heard he was a villain. Now he's a good guy,but is boring,just like Ben and Gwen. The aliens that Ben transforms into are now different things,and some of them feel like recycled versions of the original aliens. For example,the green guy with red and yellow hair (Forgot it's name) looks like Heat Blast. The only highlight alien of this show is Humangousour,who also is kind of like Four Arms. I didn't find anything funny in this show at all,because not only this show is a disgrace to Ben 10,this is also boring. And this show also had terrible live action movies,that I haven't seen,but I know they suck. Overall,this was nothing like the original Ben 10,and just sucked. They even made another Ben 10 spin-off,which is Ultimate Alien. And it looks just as bad as Alien Force. Just stick to earlier years of Ben 10,and don't watch this.

  • Continuity go bye-bye

    The Plumbers are an interstellar police force, using the Omnitrix as a badge symbol?

    Kevin is anything other than a total sociopath? What happened to his powers?

    Gwen's magic now works in a totally different way than before?

    Alien Force is filled with little continuity errors, some larger than others. The only way that I can personally reconcile this with Ben 10 is to declare this an alternate universe continuation. I certainly can not call this a direct sequel of the earlier show.

    I do not recommend this show, and the question begs to be asked. What were the people in Man of Action thinking when they created this show?
  • This sequel to "Ben 10" is disappointing.

    I liked the original series for its novel approach to the world of superheroes. A youngster, accidentally given alien technology to shape-shift, imbuing him with various powers, enjoys his role with the guidance of his grandfather and cousin, allowing the audience to learn about the initial alien characters, and slowly gain knowledge and access to a few new characters hidden in the Omnitrix.

    The new series starts a few years later, as, apparently, the eponymous youngster is disconnected from the device, without explanation, and his cousin has gained advanced knowledge of her mystical capabilities. But, the grandfather has gone missing, and Ben is forced to don the Omnitrix, once again, to search for Grandpa Max. But, the device changes on his arm, giving him an entirely new set of creatures from which to save the day. He and Gwen are joined by their one-time foe, Kevin. On the plus side, the Omnitrix seems to give Ben more knowledge and control over the characters, as well as more time to use those characters. The same is true of Gwen's advanced powers.

    On the down side, the three are without adult supervision, which I had found to be something of a relief, if not comfort, compared to kiddie shows which had no parental or adult supervision (e.g., "Kids Next Door", et al.), and even those having such supervision, but of whom were clueless dolts (e.g., "Fairly Oddparents", et al.). Furthermore, instead of allowing Ben to give the new creatures fanciful names, he spouts their name or species after he changes into them, which, in my mind, at least, somehow takes something away from Ben, and, inevitably, us, as well. Also, the foes seem to be an inexhaustible supply from one source who, of course, want to take over the Earth; as with the Daleks from the "Dr Who" series, and the Borg from the "Star Trek" series, this is going to get real old, real fast.

    While it's nice to see the kids develop into more self-assured personalities, the new series is wanting, from missing background details - - which I'm sure will be revealed in excrutiatingly slow detail - - to the lack of both believable characters and novel plots. This is no longer a new series, or even merely an extension of the old one; after just three shows, it has become a sad parody of itself, with, seemingly, nowhere to go, but down.

    Truly a shame, and a loss of an otherwise good series.
  • Ben 10 was a great series... This... This is just a really long extended episode that went too far.

    Well, Ben 10 Returns, as the first episodes say, and it flies in the face of continuity and seems to be so many steps back, it's painful...

    Let's begin with the characters...
    These stink of someone who only glanced at the briefs done by Man Of Action.
    Gwen's new design is the worst foul-up, making her into something that is a cross between Ardent and Raven, without the snazzy costumes of either.
    Next, Kevin's inclusion flies in the face of canon, since he was apparently stuck in the Null Void at the end of the second season of Ben 10.
    And finally, The 10 aliens, totally new ones, don't even seem to have the same presence as Ben's originals. Why he somehow got rid of them is beyond me.

    The entire plot of Alien Force as far as I could bear to watch it was just one long arc story that went on too long.
    We do not need a storyline where Max is gone to last as long as Negative 10. We need to know what's happened to all Ben's enemies... so where the hell are they?

    Give us Ben 10 back, Cartoon Network, and consign this tripe to the bargain bin.
  • Awesome

    This show is AWESOME! Seriously, all the characters are funny. It's not as good as the first, but it's still good. The potholes get annoying at points as do the filler episodes, but they are still good like said before. The storyline is much more serious like Ben's personality. To me, I enjoy the more serious out look. The storyline is interesting and the aliens are all welly thought out. This show's action scenes are pretty damn awesome so I'm going to keep watching every Friday. It has its boring and confusing moments, but it's WAY worth the watch ;D!
  • Wow,it's a good show.

    Do you think I would even say that?I would never say that because you know why?It's a bad show.That's right,I said it.It's not even better than the first Ben 10.They are all grown up and they are not little kids no more.They were better as when they were little kids.They were stupid creatures and the other ones were better than the new ones.I'm glad that it is canceled now because it was a very bad show and the theme is not even better than the other theme song.I grade this show a F because it was not better than the first show it made.
  • Worst than Ben 10

    Personally, I think this series is an offense to everyone who loved the original series. I mean, can there be any more plot holes than this?

    I mean, the whole story is full of plot holes, and sometimes we ask ourselves if it has any connection to the original series. I don't want to say that the series does not have any good stuff in it, but changing the personalities of the characters in such a radical way, is not the best way to do a new series, which is supposed to be a sequel of another series. Changing Ben to someone who thinks before acting, putting Kevin as a good guy and seeing Gwen with alien powers, instead of just plain old magic powers... I give this series two thumbs down.
  • As soon as you turn on cartoon network guess whats on?

    If Ben 10 wasn't enough here comes Ben 10 Alien Force! If you absolutely love this show Cartoon Network is best channel ever if not well lets say I'd stay way from it for a while. While watching Ben 10 itself it was alright it was fairly average for a show but it was alright. And then the spin off came and it was just boring and lame. The characters you know have changed and so has the action and the animation. The animation looks like a cheap Internet show where all that moves are the characters mouths and nothing else. And Ben 10 and his friends seem like they no emotions at all. To top it all off this show is stopping all good shows making its way to television. They might as well change Cartoon Network to Ben 10 Network. I don't know how the Ben 10 repeats are going for you in the US but in oz there seems to be nothing on but Ben 10 repeats and when nobody watches Cartoon Network other shows are on. Its as if they want to watch it to buy all there toys like instead of it being a show its a major advertisement for all the Ben 10 toys out there. So yeah thats how much I hate Ben 10, either get rid of all the Ben 10 repeats or I'm done with Cartoon Network.
  • this is the best show ever!

    ben 10 alien force is a really cool show it has a very good plot continuing after ben 10 i would rate the show an 11 if i could! i really like all the episodes, all of them have a good plot. theres lots of cool stuf packed in every episode. i really like everything in the show, the characters, like ben, gwen, kevin and all the villains,the plot, and everything else in the show. they could have made ben 10 alien force in ben 10, like season 5 6 7 and so on. but overall its still the best show on tv ever!
  • Good cartoon.

    I enjoyed the original series and was, after hearing the summary for this series, a tad skeptical as to whether it would live up to the old Ben 10. However, having seen a few episodes i have to say it's worth watching, and as good as the old series. The surmise of Ben Tennyson having to again use the omnitrix and fight new aliens using new aliens, his omnitrix having changed, and Gwen having mastered her magic well leads to an entertaining show. Good to see it remain consistent as a 'spin off' (although personally i'd consider it like the old and new Dr Who series. Great cartoon.
  • Ben 10: Alien Force is epic! New Alien Heroes, new Villains and new twists..Awesome!

    This sequel series is much better then the original Ben 10. Suprisingly, this series was better then I thought. Ben and Gwen dont fight anymore, the main villain is ACTUALLY CLEAR and actually DANGEROUS. However, one thing I did'nt like was the Forever Knights. From being awesomely evil, they go to fighting a dragon. I mean, wtf? But, the DNAliens and Hybrids are defenately awesome. They're much dangerouser than boring Vilgax :P The DNAliens actually are cool to me.

    Seeing old heroes is always nice. Cooper, Azmuth and all. I can't wait for Season 3. Hopefully Darkstar will look better and attempt to use Azmuth to create a mini-style Omnitrix? Anyways, awesome series.
  • Sweet.

    Thus, the one and only ben 10 has return and I might say, it's a very smart idea. The fact that in just five years, so many things can change. And I personally like the changes that have happened. Kevin, for one actually looks more appealing than he was in ben 10. Ben has turned over a new leaf but I must say I do miss his crazy antics now and then. It's hard to imagine that the boy who was such a mischief when he was 10, is almost mature now.Gwen, on the other hand, i must say, looks nothing like she was when she 10. So does her voice. They should have used the past actress for Gwen because apparently, girls' voices don't change that much!
  • U know the story!! I'm giving it a 9.5 because the no one knows when season 3 of AF will air. Thanks CN! Really ! Um, on about 130 words so! Rock On Man of Action!and whats up ? My Homie D, duff! Dwanye McDuffie!! I recommend this show for all ages!!

    I'll start off with what I think of this show:
    I LUV THIS SHOW!!! BTAF IS AWESOME! Ben, Gwen, and Kevin make an awesome team.Cuteness - Ship! Aliens Awesome!! Romance nice! Action Yes!! Adventure Tottally!! Who wouldn't luv this show!! Yeah, im talken to u anna!! And How I Got ADDICTED 2 IT!
    I didn't start watching this series, until 2 weeks before the Ben 10 Week Aired on Cartoon Network.
    I saw 1-3 epsidoes from the original series when it aired, but only because i had to.(my brothers luved that show) but i didn't find it very interesting,because i was 12 and a show about a 10 year old who turns into an aliens, and fights them. Also with the help of this GRANDPA and Cousin Gwen. Seemed dorky. One day,my brother's and i were flipping through the channels, and they saw ben 10: alien force, so they watched it( it was the What Are Little Girls Made Of epie). I decided to watch it 2 , to see if it was better then ben 10. It WAS!! Sure, I didn't know what an anodite was or who kevin was, but i luved it!! and started watching more and more!! After the War of the Worlds epie, I had to talk 2 someone my own age about it. So i asked any of my friends if they watched it, and my friend ashley did! so know that's all we talk about!, and yes my other friend make fun of us ,because they think it is a stupid show , for little 10 year old boys-blab blab, blab, blab.

    THIS SHOW IS NOT! NOT! JUST FOR BOYS, and yes older people watch it! How do I know because I'm a girl, and i'm 14! that's right 14!and i am in high school( our high school starts in 8th grade) so ha! That is All! Eat Corn!! - zodie10
  • Ben 10 Alien Force is awesome!!! I love it!!!

    Much of the show would remind me of the good old Ben Tennyson with teenage problems that normal people go through and some that is totally different. And Kevin being the good guy with a bad attitude is something worth watching. The way the creators invison the series is colorful and sometimes can surprise me once an episode airs.

    Though there are some different things that isn't as actiony as the original series. Even adding charaters or changing much of the plots that change the way we see the show is a bad idea. Even getting rid of the magic and folk tales to blame it on aliens.

    Still, the show rocks out LOUDLY!!!
  • Ben 10: Alien Force is a good story, but one or two complaints about the Cartoon Network way of airing it, but other then that it's quite good.

    I thought that this Spin-off to Ben 10 was a great idea because Ben 10 was a great series and story. Ben 10: Alien Force is very different in a good way. The Characters were more interesting. Partly because Ben and Gwen aren't constantly arguing with each other anymore and the fact that Kevin and Gwen fancy each other. I think the new Aliens are very interesting because They are not the aliens that were in the previous Ben 10 story, but I think the parts where he shouts out the Alien's name every time he transforms into them is a little silly. I'm really pissed off with Cartoon Network (in England) because they hardly ever air new episodes because after the first 5 or 6 episodes they just replay them over and over again saying that they're new episodes thinking that any stupid kid isn't gonna notice that! But other that's Cartoon Network's fault. Although I hope the episodes get just a little bit more interesting.
  • Thrilling!

    Now this is another Cartoon Network original. Ben is 15 years old and is back! He tries to find his Grandpa when he finds out hes been missing. He gets help along the way, by finding plumber's children. His cousin Gwen and the formerly bad guy Kevin helps him along the way. Together they can take the HighBreed and the DNAliens. The HighBreed are planning on destroying Earth, becuase they think they are pure. The DNAliens are their servants, but really they are humans to turned to DNAliens. Ben has new aliens in his watch. Most of them are combinations of his old aliens he had when he was 10.
  • Three teenagers battle against DNAliens and other aliens while trying to stop a conspirise that threatens to destroy the Earth.

    Incredible fight scenes, funny witty banter and complicated teen romance makes up this popular Cartoon Network show. To be honest, Ben 10 Alien force does have a few plot holes here and there, but the fighting and dialouge makes it up. I'm glad to see that Kevin is back and I'm more than excited to see an episode involving how he got out of the Null Void in the possible season 3. Let me say, when I was beggining to watch the premire, I expected it to be a Ben and Gwen's hilarious naggings in Ben 10 got me laughing, but seeing them hug and smile at each other got my stomach churning (Bwen fans were having major gloats that day I swear T.T). When Gwen put a hand on Kevin's shoulder, that got my attention. The whole Gwevin shipping has made up the major reason I love this show. Sure it's a little cliche with the whole "badguygoodgirl" thing...but you know what? As long as this show has them together, Kevin still has his dry sarcasm and Ben is the same butt-kicking hero we know, I can't say that I don't care about this show. -Brandi :D
  • Ben 10: Alien Force is awesome! One of the best 'currently' animated shows. I say it's better than Ben 10... Perfect 10! For Ben 10: AF.

    I loved Ben 10. It was my favorite show. Then when I heard of Ben 10 Alien Force I went crazy! I couldn't wait any longer. Whe it finally came ot I was like whoa! Ben 10 Alien Force rocks... Ben 10 af rocks ben 10 af rocks
    ben 10 af rocks ben ben ben ben ben ben ben ben ben ben ben 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 Alien alien alien alien alien alien alien alien force force force force force force ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kevin seems cool. Hopefully he doesn't go all "Evil" again. I think he might in season 2 or 3.... dramtic music plays.... Gwen is awesome. Gwen an alien? Wow. Grandpa Max WILL come back. I know it! NOTHING MORE TO SAY! Wait one more thing... Ben 10: Alien Force Rocks!
  • I thought it was a bad spin-off!

    Y'know how in shows, spin-offs are usually bad repetition? Well, their are some that aren't half-butt bad. Like the Simpsons (yes, it is a spin-off) Cory in the House (a verry, unappretiated piece of art) and, finally, Ben 10; Alien Force. Now, when I heard the idea of this, I thought; "More spinoffs? Is TV coming to an end?" but no. When I saw the first episode, I was speechless. THIS SHOW is making Cartoon Network SURVIVE!!

    The characters are reunited with a few more. And it was amazing how the graphics are. They hired new voice actors which, is kinda an imorovement. The storiline is kinda one conituis, and some multiple ones, but nethertheless, its story is flaude. And you know how shows with no lyrics sound awsome? Well, yeah! Overally, this is one of the best CN shows, and I hope you can enjoy a kinda si-fi show in your own time. Trust me, it had COOl writtin all over it.

    Am I 100% sure? Why shouldn't I?!