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  • Five Years Later...

    After five years has pasted for Ben Tennyson, there are new alien activities occurring. Ben must go back to being Ben 10 and find Grandpa Max who went on an investigation. His cousin, Gwen, came along and she still has her magic powers ever since she was Lucky Girl. Kevin Levin, Ben's former rival from his debut, Kevin 11, returns only to assist Ben and Gwen for unknown reasons. While Ben tries to get the Omnitrix working again, it transformed into a whole new watch with ten new aliens. The new Omnitrix projects holograms instead of little black silhouettes of the aliens. Swampfire is the perfect fusion form of Wildvine and Heatblast (also a tribute to Heatblast as the first alien form Ben became). Echo Echo is like the second form of Ditto with one of the powers by Benwolf allow him to emit supersonic soundwaves out of his mouth. Humongousaur shares Fourarm's superstrength and he's almost as big as Waybig. Jetray is like a flying Ripjaws with lightning speed comparing to XLR8. Spidermonkey is like a composite of Wilmutt and Fourarms because he has more than two arms and humanoid reflexes, only not as strong as him. Goop is like the organic version of Upgrade, except he doesn't fused with machines, just a gooey green shape-shifter. Unlike Upgrade, Goop requires a small UFO-like machine that keeps him soldified. Brainstorm has the same super intelligence as Grey Matter, except he talks eloquently. His shell exterior and electrical attacks are clearly based on Cannonbolt and Benvicktor. He also could be based on Cannonbolt because of his outer shell. Chromastone is harder, sturdier and possibly more invulernable than Diamondhead. He also shares the same energy conductivity with Benvicktor. Big Chill is a fusion form of Arcticguana and Ghostfreak because he's a ghostly ice insect. In the first season finale, the identity of Alien X shows that he is black with two green eyes, no nose and mouth, tiny white stars all over his body, and thick white outter outline. Some believe that the powers of Alien X allow him to possess reality-warping powers. For instance, when the dam broke, X rewinds the tragedy back to its peaceful scene. He could be the most original new alien form Ben will become.

    The new aliens are much better than the original Omnitrix heroes because instead of having one specific power at a time, two or three in one is great. Ben has gotten more mature than before. Gwen can still use her magic to defend. Kevin stopped being evil for whatever reason he has; being in love with Gwen or getting back at the DNAliens for breaking a money-making deal. They'll face off against Highbreed and the DNAliens. The Forever Knights will return to seek revenge upon Ben 10. It's unknown whether or not Vilgax will come back. Anyways, I think this show will be better than the original series. What's really weird is that all of Ben's new all forms are voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. The previous ones were portrayed by Steven Blum, Richard McGonagle, Tara Strong, Jim Ward, Fred Tatasciore, Richard Hovitz, and Rob Paulsen. Surely, there should be more new aliens that aren't voiced by the same voice actor who does all of Ben's modern alien forms. From the debut of Alien X, he sounds like Ben Tennyson and a different persons talking at the same time.
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