Ben 10: Alien Force

Cartoon Network (ended 2010)





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  • Three teenagers battle against DNAliens and other aliens while trying to stop a conspirise that threatens to destroy the Earth.

    Incredible fight scenes, funny witty banter and complicated teen romance makes up this popular Cartoon Network show. To be honest, Ben 10 Alien force does have a few plot holes here and there, but the fighting and dialouge makes it up. I'm glad to see that Kevin is back and I'm more than excited to see an episode involving how he got out of the Null Void in the possible season 3. Let me say, when I was beggining to watch the premire, I expected it to be a Ben and Gwen's hilarious naggings in Ben 10 got me laughing, but seeing them hug and smile at each other got my stomach churning (Bwen fans were having major gloats that day I swear T.T). When Gwen put a hand on Kevin's shoulder, that got my attention. The whole Gwevin shipping has made up the major reason I love this show. Sure it's a little cliche with the whole "badguygoodgirl" thing...but you know what? As long as this show has them together, Kevin still has his dry sarcasm and Ben is the same butt-kicking hero we know, I can't say that I don't care about this show. -Brandi :D