Ben 10: Alien Force

Cartoon Network (ended 2010)





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  • As soon as you turn on cartoon network guess whats on?

    If Ben 10 wasn't enough here comes Ben 10 Alien Force! If you absolutely love this show Cartoon Network is best channel ever if not well lets say I'd stay way from it for a while. While watching Ben 10 itself it was alright it was fairly average for a show but it was alright. And then the spin off came and it was just boring and lame. The characters you know have changed and so has the action and the animation. The animation looks like a cheap Internet show where all that moves are the characters mouths and nothing else. And Ben 10 and his friends seem like they no emotions at all. To top it all off this show is stopping all good shows making its way to television. They might as well change Cartoon Network to Ben 10 Network. I don't know how the Ben 10 repeats are going for you in the US but in oz there seems to be nothing on but Ben 10 repeats and when nobody watches Cartoon Network other shows are on. Its as if they want to watch it to buy all there toys like instead of it being a show its a major advertisement for all the Ben 10 toys out there. So yeah thats how much I hate Ben 10, either get rid of all the Ben 10 repeats or I'm done with Cartoon Network.