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  • This was nothing like the original Ben 10,and sucked


    As you already know,I love Ben 10,and it was on of CN's best action shows. However,the spin-off,nearly ruined all of the greatness of the original,and failed to be like it. Ben 10:Alien Force is about Ben Tenyson,who is now a teenager and still defends the world with hi sister Gwen,and some guy named Kevin,who I don't remember being in the original. So yeah,this is another spin-off with the characters as teenagers and not kids. And this is just as bad as All Grown Up,but it's worse. First off,none of the characters act like their normal selves in this show. Ben used to be a whiny kid who was awesome,now he is serious,not funny and the only thing good about him is his catchphrase "It's Hero Time". Gwen used to be an annoying and a pest,but was funny,now she's just like Ben,and not even funny,but is boring. Kevin is a character who I never seen in the original,but I heard he was a villain. Now he's a good guy,but is boring,just like Ben and Gwen. The aliens that Ben transforms into are now different things,and some of them feel like recycled versions of the original aliens. For example,the green guy with red and yellow hair (Forgot it's name) looks like Heat Blast. The only highlight alien of this show is Humangousour,who also is kind of like Four Arms. I didn't find anything funny in this show at all,because not only this show is a disgrace to Ben 10,this is also boring. And this show also had terrible live action movies,that I haven't seen,but I know they suck. Overall,this was nothing like the original Ben 10,and just sucked. They even made another Ben 10 spin-off,which is Ultimate Alien. And it looks just as bad as Alien Force. Just stick to earlier years of Ben 10,and don't watch this.

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