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  • lehahiah

    didn't like it mainly the art, that was the main point another thing was the redesign of the omnitrix to make it look more like a watch than it it did in the original, they added green as a sort of signature to the series now and been wears a green jacket that has the number 10 on it which is rather cheesy i rather liked bens black and white shirt that he wore in the original as it also was seen as a uniform on his aliens so you could recognize it as him

    another annoyance made gwen an alien, in the ben 10000 episode of the original series she has all the stones and is using powers from them and with ben he uses his original aliens plus more but they're more powerful the ultamatrix is actually when they show the episode with bens son kenny but for some reason in this episode grampa max is really skilly still has the robotic arm but kevin mixed alien form was awesome and he had just escaped the null void so thinking on this alien force doesn't match the story of the original at all

    but the original had better transformations also where as now it just shows a skeleton stretching and then skips to the alien

    what really annoying is that they say bens character is more serious really, sure they took out the stupid sumo slammer obsession but now he's got an even dumber obsession with chili dogs and chocalate malts

    personally the only designs i really like were the original and when alien force ben teamed up with generator rex thank god they used the generator rex style otherwise it would not of been worth watching, but they've actually made a worse design now that being omniverse
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