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Ben 10: Alien Force

Season 2 Episode 4

Save the Last Dance

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 07, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Kevin asks Gwen to the school dance; Ben starts to lose control over the Omnitrix; he can't stop transforming into Big Chill. Can Kevin and Gwen figure out what's wrong before he hurts himself and anyone else who gets in his way?

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  • This episode just plain made me laugh out loud. It was fantastic.

    This episode was fantastic and hilarious. While it was clear that it was a filler episode, as nothing valuable to the main plot happened, it was still great. I mean, a pregnant Ben? That was so funny!

    The one thing that Alien Force continually displeases me with is Gwen's character. She's so ridiculously skewed. And it wasn't even the fact that she practically forced Kevin to take her to the dance. It was the fact that she ignored Ben almost the entire episode. Kevin I expected it from, but not her.

    But, on to why this episode is so amazing. First of all, the writers were very subtle about what was happening with Big Chill. Ben's pickle-eating thing wasn't a huge hint, considering the kind of smoothies he drinks, nor was his helpfulness to Kevin. One could just as easily assume the writing went a little off and Ben was out-of-character. I'm also sure a lot of people assumed that Big Chill would be going the way of Ghost Freak and doing something evil. What with the attacking people and eating metal. I mean, at first I thought he was building some kind of war machine or something, like Ghost Freak was inclined to doing.

    Then I saw the finished project. It looked like a nest to me, and I made the connection. Big Chill is not just a ghosty thing like Ghost Freak, but he's also a bug. It clicked. He was making a nest for little alien babies! I was so impressed with that. Ben as a mommy...I laughed so hard.

    On a final note, this episode tackled a whole bunch of fan-favorite pairings all at once. Obviously there was a good amount of Kevin/Gwen, and a nice helping of Ben/Julie. Even Kevin/Ben fans got some new material, considering that Ben somehow had babies. I laugh. And laugh. And laugh. This episode was great.moreless
  • Never saw that one coming....

    Kevin must take Gwen to the dance (because he had no choice), and Big Chill is acting very strange (he's eating metal!

    This was as fun filler ep. Big Chill's babies were pretty cute. The Gwevin fans got their Gwevin. Kevin got to make fun of Ben.

    Gwen makes Kevin take her to her school's Spring Formal. That's a little messed up. If she just mentioned it to him, and he agreed to it, it would have been okay. But just telling him that he's taking her to a dance? That is WAY messed up! The poor guy's spazzing over forks! (By the way, what happened to the spoons and knives, Kevin?) She took no consideration about what he would have thought. Bad Gwen!

    Big Chill taking control made me think that the GhostFreak plot would be recycled….but I was wrong. He's not evil. He's not sick. He doesn't mental issues. Nope, he's just pregnant. It was a pretty good twist. You would just think that Ben was out of character, but then you look back and it all made sense. That's why Big Chill was eating metal and acting hostile! The babies were pretty cute, too. Well, for moth like things. Although now we have another issue; so exactly what is Big Chill's gender? Personally, I really don't want to think about it.....

    Overall, fun filler. But I kinda wnat to yell at Gwen for making Kevin worry over forks.moreless
  • this episode is about ben losing control of bigchill and gwen making kevin ask her to a dance.

    This episode was very suprising and funny. When I first saw this one I was in shock. I was suprised by 3 things.Big chill can open his mouth, the little chills, and that bigchill can eat magma. definatley my top favorite. I never got tired of watching this one. The babies were very cute (espeacialy the runt ^-^). I am a gwevin fan so I liked this episode even more. I wish I could give this episode an �infinity/10 XD. Some of my favorite parts were the pickle part, the ending with the baibies, and the ending with Gwen and kevin dancing. Again, one of my favorite episodes. ^-^moreless
  • ROCKS!

    Haha! This was a funny episode. Ben giving birth to some babies!

    But of course, the MAIN plot had nothing to do with the title 'Save the Last Dance'. Save The Last Dance is just a sub-plot, about Kevin and Gwen.

    The important part is Ben going crazy with the Omnitrix, because of Big Chill, needing to 'reproduce'.

    This episode revealed some interesting secrets, like as to what was Big Chill planet, and what was his race named. His babies were very cute - All I can say...

    Well, this was an overall funny, humorous, unpredictable ... (bla, bla, bla) episode.

    Liked this ep. though...moreless
  • yes, it was filler. Badly written, but I LOVED it!

    Mini Summary (spolier!): Gwen makes Kevin ask her to the school dance, which they never get to because Ben loses control of Big Chill, who turns out to be pregnant with baby big chill aliens. Okay, so at the end of a TV season I always make a list of the best episodes, and my favorite episodes. Which are two completely different things in my opinion. This episode is definitely going to be on the favorites list. What I'm basically saying is, if you're looking at it from a professional point of view, when you look at writing, plot development, etc., "Save the Last Dance", was a let down. However, the random, yet totally awesome Gwevin in this episode kept me on the edge of my seat, for the entire 22 minutes. Big Chill is one of my favorites, and the lil' big chill babies were adorable. Yes it seemed kind of filler, but so did the last two.moreless
Greg Cipes

Greg Cipes


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Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Cop #1 / Driver

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Vyvan Pham

Vyvan Pham

Julie / Waitress

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • We find out that Julie is an A student.

    • When Big Chill begins consuming metal at the drive-thru, there is a sign that says "Burger Boy." However, when Julie is taking notes, she says she followed Big Chill to the Burger Shack.

    • Big Chill's transformation is shown instead of just expanding ribs.

    • The goop and tears in Kevin's suit are mysteriously gone after the encounter with Big Chill and his children.

    • Wigzell Avenue, mentioned by Kevin, is a reference to Tramm Wigzell, the executive producer of Ben 10. Register Road is also a reference to executive producer, Sam Register.

    • Alien Power Reveal!
      Big Chill can, like Upchuck, consume vast quantities of metal, even molten steel, without any noticable weight gain or discomfort. NOTE: It is unknown if Big Chill can use this ability while not "pregnant".

    • Alien Force Tidbit:
      The Necrofriggians reproduce several offspring once every 80 Earth years. The offspring then live off solar plasma in the coldness space. This had an effect on Ben's human form causing him to have weird cravings and giving good advice.

    • Fun Trivia:
      Gwen and Kevin both said that they were going to Gwen's school's Spring Formal, but the banner on top of the school's sign said "Summer Dance."

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Julie (reads the notes she made to Ben): 6:30, you transformed into Big Chill.
      Ben: Are you sure? I programmed Jetray.
      Julie: At 6:31, you exclaimed: "Big Chill."

    • Ben: There. Don't you look dapper?

    • Ben: (finds a metal piece in his mouth) Where did this come from?

    • Driver: (after Big Chill saves them) What is that thing?
      Passenger: Who cares, he saved our lives. Thank you. (Big Chill starts biting the car)
      Driver: Hey, what do you think you're... (Big Chill snarls angrily at them)

    • Passenger: (terrified) Slow down.
      Driver: (continuously pressing brakes) I can't! The brakes don't work.
      Passenger: (screams) Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!
      Driver: (yells out) You're making me nervous. Stop screaming!
      Passenger: You're screaming, why can't I scream?
      Driver: Fine. You wanna drive?

    • Kevin:(admiring himself in the mirror) Wanna dance?

    • Kevin: (about his tie) Aren't these things suppose to come with clips?
      Ben: Not if your older then tweleve.

    • Gwen: Oh, look. They're having a formal dance at my school on Friday.
      Kevin: What, you want me to take you to the dance?
      Gwen: Great. Pick me up at 7:00.
      Kevin: What? Wait!

    • Kevin: You sure this thing is gonna work?
      Ben: Trust me. It's one of Grandpa Max's tuxes.
      Kevin: Grandpa Max wasn't the skinniest guy out there.

  • NOTES (9)