Ben 10: Alien Force

Season 1 Episode 9

The Gauntlet

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Jun 14, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

When Ben stands up to Cash and JT, they soon discover a robotic gauntlet from Kevin's vehicle. With it, Cash decides to get back on Ben, although this time, it's more than just a joke.

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  • Ben finally gives Cash what he deserves!

    After getting harassed by Cash (Or should I say "Cashew"?) one time too many, our hero Ben plucks up courage to tell him that's he's had enough. We learn that it was second grade that Cash has been annoying him. Everyone grew up. Cash, on the other hand as Ben puts it is "still the same pathetic loser who has to torment others just to feel good about himself". Way to go, Ben! They should call him either "The Brave Ben" or "Ben the Brave". That speech is the best part of this episode. The one worst part is when Kevin tells Ben to scram. Only Kevin would be rude enough to tell Ben to get lost when Ben asks him for help! No wonder Ben said "No juice for you!".moreless
  • cash and jt steal a gauntlet from kevin's car

    worst episode ever. with that said, i dont know what else to write. this episode shows that kevin is mad weak. cash defeated kevin when only his arm was armored. and ben beat cash without breaking a sweat when cash's whole body was armored. other than that, this episode concludes the fight with cash and ben from the original series, Ben 10. i thought the fight was already over when cash saw that ben could turn in those aliens that he heard of on TV or anywhere else. but the creators werent satisfied with that so they made the worst episode ever.moreless
  • Wort episode so far...but still amazing. It is Ben 10:Alien force after all. Jt and cash were underdeveloped, The gwevin was done differently, and was slightly the whole review...

    this episode was definetly not my favorite of the season, probably the worst one in fact. But still great. It is Ben 10 Alien force after all. JT and Cash's characters were a little weakly developed, but I also don't see how that could've been done differently.ld see where the writers were going with the plot...trying to break away from the "constantly fighting aliens" thing and change it up. I like that in this episode as well as the last, more information about the team's living conditions is revealed, and basically what they do when they're not fighting aliens. From this episode we find out that Kevin does make himself known among the town's school kids, and obviously makes a name for himself. Where was Julie? I would've liked to see her make a cameo, at least...I thought she was officially Ben's girlfriend. But I have no doubt she will come up in future episodes. Kevin was fantastic in this episode, as usual, and I liked the change, in that the gwevin in this episode was more subtle, rather than the usual openness about it. Though that is awesome as well, it's sometimes good to have a change. And what was with the very end? How could they forget Kevin? I wish they'd spared some of the young-audience aimed humor. *sighs* Ben should probably change up which aliens he fights with, and I cannot wait for the next episode!moreless
  • Something different! In a good way!

    This episode was great! At first I thought it wouldn't be good because Cash and JT were going to be in it. I don't like episodes with Cash and JT in them... but this was something different. Wow! Cash gaining control of a robot glove; actually, the robot glove taking control of Cash! He turned into this huge buff 'thing'. He defeated Kevin without even trying hard! I never knew Kevin was so famous. Since when do people know Kevin? I thought before Ben met him, he was in allies and after that he was in the null void. Even after that, he was trading with the Forever Knights and the DNAliens. When did he become cool and famous? I also loved Goop. I was extremely dissapointed when I first saw a description and an image of Goop. But he is something unique! The UFO that controls the goo is awesome! Overall, this episode was something different; in a great way!!!moreless
  • A childhood enemy of Ben's is possessed by alien tech.

    This is the kind of stuff I expected out of this series. Ben, Kevin and Gwen are kids, and it's fun (as well as funny) to see them just being kids. The fight scenes, of course, are exciting. But some of the best moments in this episode are the touches of comedy. Like Ben drowning himself in smoothies, then letting loose a long, loud burp. Or Ben bringing drinks to Gwen and Kevin, only to be told by Kevin to get lost. Ben puts down the drinks, starts to leave, then comes back, snatches up one of the drinks and quips to Kevin, "No juice for you!" And Goop makes his (its?) first appearance. Goop is interesting, even if I can't quite figure out what he is. He also seems to have a distinct vulnerablity in that the controlling intelligence seems to be in the tiny device that floats continuously over his head. If an enemy takes out the device, Goop apparently turns into a puddle. Anyway, I'm enjoying the series more and more with each episode.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (14)

    • The robot that Ben, Kevin, and Gwen fought in the beginning is an alien robot called Techadon.

    • During the beginning scene, Kevin is shot and a hole appears on his shoulder. It heals soon after. It shows that he is all rock, not just covered in a layer of rock; but when he is fighting Cash, he just has a layer of rock instead.

    • Look Closely:
      When Cash and JT rolled Kevin's car down hill, Cash told JT to grab some things from Kevins car, JT grabbed the robotic hand and a metal pole; later when Cash and JT was at their hideout, the metal pole was nowhere to be seen.

    • The UFO on Goop's head is a nanotech personal gravity field projector. It allows Goop to hold shapes under Earth's heavier gravity. Goop's brain is spread internally throughout his body.

    • Pay Attention:
      Kevin's car hit a stump with full force from the rear. It didn't even have a scratch on it, right after it hit the stump though. No broken light, bumper, or wheel. It was damaged from underneath instead.

    • Pay Attention:
      Whenever someone or something breaks or shatters Gwen's energy fields, she gets hurt. This is shown when the Giant Robot shattered Gwen's energy barrier and she felt pain.

    • Pay Attention:
      When Gwen first detached the Giant Robot's arm, it was huge. It remained huge even after Kevin threw it into the car trunk. Then when Cash and JT steal it, it's quite small. Perfect fit for a human hand (although it is possible that the hand could have changed shape, due to its unusual abilities).

    • Pay Attention:
      When Ben says: "Look around Cash, we've all grown up", that means that all the teens in the background that were sitting were probably people Cash used to bully. This is proved when one of them stands up right after Ben says that, and when they all cheer for Ben after he shuts Cash up.

    • Look Closely:
      When the Giant Robot blasts the team through the building, the robot glove comes to and lands next to Kevin's car. A moment later, it's missing and then it reappears.

    • Pay Attention:
      When we first see the Mr. Smoothy lot, there are six people eating or at least sitting down. When we see them again, there are way more than six people.

    • The factory JT and Cash hangs out at is called "MANNY AND KENS," a play to the word, mannequin.

    • This is another instance of Ben burping. The first two incidences being in the preceding series, in "The Visitor" and "Perfect Day."

    • Pay Attention:
      When Cash and JT were moving Kevin's car, they had a hard time moving it because it was far too heavy. However, moments after, they move the car at an incredible pace without trying hard.

    • Parts of Kevin's absorbed layer falls off as he fights.

  • QUOTES (38)

    • JT: Cash are you okay?
      Cash: Oh yeah. This will scare the juice out of Tennyson. Last time he'll ever talk smack to me!
      JT: (takes it as a joke and laughs) Ha, ha. That'll be hilarious. (looks at Cash) You're not joking.

    • JT: Hey, it's Kevin's car.
      Cash: Yeah, so?
      JT: So, if it was me, I'd go trash it. Leave Ben for later. You mess up Kevin's car, and everybody will know you're bad. The baddest in town! They'll be talking about it for years. (Cash gives an evil smile)

    • Cash: (yells at Ben) Now look what you made me do!
      Ben: (puts hand over Omnitrix) You know what, you two aren't even worth it.
      Cash: (surprised) Huh?
      Ben: It's ridiculous. Can you at least try being original for a change? (takes a napkin and wipes his jacket) You've been doing the same bully routine since the second grade, Cash. It's tired. Spilling my drink? Seriously, I can't believe I used to be afraid of you. Look around, Cash, we've all grown up. But you're still the same pathetic loser who has to torment others just to feel good about himself. You're just sad.
      (people cheer for Ben)

    • Kevin: (wiping his car) I swear there's still Tennyson goo on here!
      Gwen: No there isn't!

    • Ben: It's okay, I'm back in business! You know who would be perfect for this?
      Kevin: (sarcastically while fighting glove) The suspense is killing me!

    • Gwen: We're in trouble.
      Ben: You think?
      Gwen: How long before you could change?
      Ben: Still need a few seconds.
      Gwen: I'll see what I can do. (uses powers against Giant Robot)

    • (Ben is seen at Mr. Smoothy, chugging from two cups at once; he belches)
      Gwen: (runs up to meet him) There you are! I've been looking everywhere for... (notices the smoothy cups) How many of those things have you had today?
      Ben: Let me put it this way: enough to know carrot and chocolate aren't two great tastes that taste great toge-- (sees JT and frowns) Oh.
      JT: (awkwardly) Hey.
      Ben: (to Gwen about JT) What's he doing here?

    • Gwen: (in the car) I'm proud of you Ben. You could've totally gone alien on that creep. (referring to Cash)
      Kevin: I would've decked him!

    • Ben: (after defeating Giant Robot) That was pretty cool though. Just like the old days!
      Kevin: Whatever, as long as we took care of this thing for good. (opens car trunk and throws the robot glove in)

    • Ben: Nectarine smoothies for everybody. (Cash smacks the tray) I should've said, on everybody!

    • Goop: (the Giant Robot is replacing its old hand) Oh that's not going to happen(goes into the robot and blows it up)
      Gwen: (Goop got splattered over Gwen and Kevin) Ben get off of us.
      Goop: Sorry.

    • Ben: (after being Goop) That was pretty cool. Like the old days.

    • Goop: Gooooooop!
      Gwen and Kevin: (simultaneously; disgusted) Eww...

    • (Kevin gets blasted by robot and a piece of his stone chips off)
      Ben: You okay?
      Kevin: Been better.

    • Ben: (yells at Kevin) No juice for you!
      Gwen: I'm sorry about your car Kevin but, you don't have to be such a jerk to Ben.
      Kevin: (after drinking juice) Uh, I got some kind of fruit-bone in it. (Gwen grabs his cup) Yeah, okay I'll go get him.

    • JT: (talking to Cash) That thing doesn't control you. You control it!

    • Chromastone: Why are you doing this? Why me?
      Cash: Why not?

    • Cash: (shouts out to crowd) That's right, I kicked Kevin Levin's butt! (talks to Ben)And you're next.

    • Kevin: More like fifteen minutes.
      Ben: (looks at the Omnitrix) Doesn't tell time.

    • Ben: (looks at Kevin) Hold on a minute. Cash did this to you?(laughs)

    • Cash: (referring to Ben) If he doesn't show, I'm coming for him.

    • Kevin: (dares Cash) Take your best shot! (gets blasted) Okay, that was pretty good.

    • Cash: Levin, I don't have any beef with you.

    • Ben: You've been here all night.
      Kevin: And I'm not leaving until my ride is cherry.
      Ben: Want some help?
      Kevin: (reveals himself from underneath the car) Want to help me? Go away.

    • Cash: (opens red eyes) I said, it's mine.

    • Gwen: (about Kevin) I feel like I'm forgetting something.
      (cuts to the mannequins warehouse)
      Kevin: Hello? Anybody? Hello?

    • Chromastone: Hey! What is your problem?!

    • Ben: (about Cash) Okay this is going to end now.

    • Cash: (to Kevin) That didn't even hurt.
      Kevin: (to Cash) Well maybe this will! (blasts Kevin)

    • Gwen: Kevin what happened? Did he hurt you?

    • Gwen: (to Kevin) Kevin, don't do anything stupid. (Kevin runs off) Waste of breath.

    • JT: (car hits tree stump) Dude, that's hardcore.
      Cash: Come on! (both go down to inspect car) Look at all this weird stuff. Think we can sell it?

    • JT: (Cash kicking a can) Man he got you good cash. You should've seen your face when, when he said...
      Cash: (angry) Nobody does that to me JT. Ever! Tennyson is going to pay. (lifts fist) I'll get him back. Then everybody will be laughing at him.

    • Ben: Okay, you got me. (shoves Ben; Cash gets some juice on his shirt)
      Cash: Look what you did!

    • Cash: Give it!
      JT: I found it.
      Cash: So?
      JT: So it's my turn. (Cash puts his hand on JT's face and takes glove)
      Cash: (puts on glove) It ain't finders-keepers JT, it's mine! (blasts something with the glove)

    • Goop: You know, this is pretty cool.

    • Kevin: (yelling at Cash and JT) Hey, what did you do to my car?
      Cash: (tells JT) Grab something!
      Gwen: (puts hand on Kevin's shoulder) Kevin.
      Ben: He won't get far. (turns on Omitrix)
      Gwen: Don't Ben!
      Ben: I can fly after them. I'll find them.
      Gwen: Then what? Give up your secret? Like you said, they're not worth it. Besides, they can't hide forever.

    • Cash: (talking to JT) All that cool stuff, and you grab an arm?

  • NOTES (14)


    • Allusions from the Previous Aliens:
      Goop seems to be a combination of Upgrade's shapeshifting, and Benmummy's stretching and regenerating. He also seems to have the abilities of Gluto from Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix.

    • Ben: No juice for you!

      A reference to the Seinfeld episode "The Soup Nazi," about a temperamental soup stand owner. He had a very strict procedure for ordering, and when someone ordered improperly or took too long, he would ban them from his stand by saying "No soup for you!"