Ben 10: Alien Force

Season 2 Episode 5


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 14, 2008 on Cartoon Network
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Cooper is kidnapped by the DNAliens, who want him to build a mystery arch.

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  • A good eppy!

    This was a good episode, they brought Cooper back, and he does look more like a boy than a girl . I also realized that Cooper has the same hair syle as Kevin.Ben,Gwen, and Kevin seek out Cooper( a child genius) because Kevin fried the teleporter pad. They go to find Cooper, but find out that he has been kidnapped by the DNaliens. They find him in la solidad, where there is a hive of DNaliens. They esacpe and Cooper destorys the cloaking sheild. The episode had good humor, and action . One thing that botherd me is that Kevin said that there was nothing to touch, but there was a building behind him.Over all it was a good eppt!moreless
  • The Highbreed are up to something big.

    Ben, Gwen and Kevin go to the rescue of Cooper, an old acquaintance of theirs who's been kidnapped by the DNAliens and forced to develop technology that cloaks the Highbreed operations. The episode is funny and there is action. The team shows some real innovation here. I particularly liked the way Ben, Gwen and Kevin combine their powers against the DNAliens. But the episode also brought out the nitpicker in me. At one point, Kevin asks Gwen if she knows any spells that would get them past the DNAliens. Gwen angily replies that her abilities are not spells. But previous episodes, both in Alien Force and in the original series, make it clear that Gwen has studied magic. Why wouldn't she know a spell that would help them in this situation? Ben points out a couple of times that they are vastly outnumbered by the DNAliens who are holding Cooper. Yet, this isn't reflected in the graphics; we don't see any more DNAliens here than we did in any of the previous episodes. I also had a problem with the scene where the team's portable cloaking device fails and the DNAliens attack them. I can understand Cooper freezing in that situation, inexperienced as he clearly is, but why do Gwen, Kevin and Ben just stand there and let the aliens close in on them? Kevin yells out there there is nothing for him to absorb. There are buildings behind him. What's stopping him from running over to one of the buildings and absorbing stone? Another thing I don't understand is why Cooper, who has some type of telekinetic ability, never uses it against his captors. He lifts the massive cloaking machine he designed and pulls it apart. Seems to me he could have found some way to fight back with this ability. But these points didn't stop me from enjoying this episode. And we get an intriguing glimpse here as to how the Highbreed plan to go about their stated goal of ridding the universe of inferior species.moreless
Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

DNAlien #1

Guest Star

Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson

DNAlien #2 / Guard #1 / Beefy Trucker

Guest Star

Richard McGonagle

Richard McGonagle

Guard #2 / HighBreed / Sheriff

Guest Star

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