Ben 10: Alien Force

Season 3 Episode 1

Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 11, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • Wow Ben is nasty

    There is one factor that keeps me from truly liking this show and it is spelled out really well in this episode. Ben is a rude little jerk in this episode. He's suppose to be a hero and yet he lays around in his house and goes out to help his friends when they're in trouble so begrudgingly. That's not a hero at all. People come from far away to thank him and praise him and he belches in their face. and at the end of it all, he doesn't learn anything. He doesn't gain any humility. He's still just as cocky as ever.

    In the original show he could get away with this kind of stuff to an extent because he was just a kid acting tough back then and I just figured he'd mature as he got older, but then we see him acting like this.

    I know there are some episodes where he can really display some maturity but then there are other episodes where I just can't help but get frustrated with him, especially considering that this is a show meant for kids who probably want to be like him.
  • We see Vilgax again and Ben's old over-confident self again...ugh. But other than a mean Ben and anything else that was bad, the rest was pretty good!

    The beginning of the episode was kinda...I don't know. Cliche maybe? "I'm the most powerful, evil person in the world and nothing can stop me, MUHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Vilgax's performance was short and sort of pitfil...if Vilgax comes back sometime in the season that'll be fine ^^. Another thing...apperently Kevin has a job as a mechanic? Cool! Saw the outfit and began to think that might be the reason why Kevin's car is back again... Gwen's outfit was pretty cute...a little tomboyish and girliness...not too bad on her at all. Speaking of Kevin and Gwen...will their relationship take a turn for the worse since Kevin's this "monster" again? I'd hope not! There was a few Gwevin shots in there...

    1. Gwen holding Kevin's hand so he can try to absorb her skin
    2. Kevin saving her when she fell down the web (which reminds me...did you notice how he wasn't wearing any clothes when he was in his monster form and just had that black part which looked like underwear? When Gwen hugged Kevin I was like "Woah woah woah what are you doing Gwen?!?!?")
    3. Gwen and Kevin hugging when Chromastone was broken into pieces

    Can't wait for the next episode "Inferno" and see what's going to happen! Hopefully Ben lightens up a bit...