Ben 10: Alien Force

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 05, 2008 on Cartoon Network

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  • This episode is the best episode yet, by far! Truly amazing. WOW!

    When I saw the sneak peak of this episode I was happy because I always like episode dealing with the Null Void, and the fact that Dr. Animo appears is even better! Who would've guessed GRANDPA MAX would finally come back! I was right!!! My prediction that Max would be sent to the Null Void with the grenade blast was right! I knew it! He goes by the name: "The Wrench". The name is weird enough for none of us to expect he was Max. I think this should've been a one-hour special. They could've made it a little longer. It went by so fast! Good episodes always go by fast. I'm speechless- I would give this a 20 out of 10 if there was such a thing. Hopefully this episode's average of a 9.9 does not drop! AMAZING!!!!!!!
  • This episode is just - amazing!

    Once again, Helen and Manny are back from Plumbers' Helpers! Grandpa Max returns as the leader of an organization that fights against the evil D'Void - or Dr. Animo. This episode is cool! Finally, there is news of Grandpa Max, who so called killed himself. This episode is exactly why I like to watch Ben 10 Alien Force! More facts about the Null Void are revealed - such as the Null Void were created by the Galvans from Grey Matter's planet. This is the first time I officially saw Pierce as a person, and know his powers - growing spikes on his body and throwing them at Ben - Wow - COOL!

    Overall, I think that this episode is an unforgettable one. Rock ON ALIEN FORCE!!
  • Exciting development to the last minute.

    So the episode starts with the trio getting information from Helen about the NV (Null Void) having problems, and then Ben decides to go alone to help Manny and Helen.

    Ben saves a random guy who reveals about a person, codenamed the Wrench, and a group that this same person spearheads, named the Helpers. They are soon attacked by monsters like the one that attacked the random guy, but the Helpers, revealed to be Manny and Helen, have come to assist. Then the random guy alerts the group about D'Void, who turns out to supposedly be unbeatable.

    As it turns out, however, D'Void is none other than Dr. Animo. I thought that things would come to an anti-climax. That didn't happen, though, because Dr. Animo, having newfound raw power, took down the Helpers and shook off Brainstorm's attack. Luckily, the trio managed to escape.

    Infodump about the NV and Null Guardians (the monsters), then the group goes to meet with the Wrench, but they first meet up with...Pierce. Yeah, his appearance surprised me at first, until I realized that Manny and Helen also thought that the NV device was a device for executions instead. Anyway, Ben fights Pierce, loses--apparently on purpose as we would learn soon--then Ben is taken to the Wrench. Whose identity you would not believe, maybe.

    When I was trying to think of possible people who could be the Wrench to bring down D'Void, I was suspecting Ben in a twist that he was a chosen one but he wouldn't suspect until he would already have rallied the resistance against D'Void. But then I realized that the Wrench had already been leading resistance for a while already. However, given that plumbers use wrenches, I was guessing that the Wrench had to have a Plumber connection somewhere, and my next guess was Max Tennyson--of course, ManOfAction said that Max was dead. However, I just couldn't think of another lead, but all the same, I decided if the Wrench was Max, I would laugh--and then I heard Pierce warn Ben about the Wrench's food. We wouldn't know too many odd food makers, and then as Ben talked to the Wrench, the Wrench responded--with the voice of.......wait for it......


    Yep, he actually got sent to the NV instead of blown up, but upon seeing the NV's state of misery thanks to Animo, decide to opt to help fix things there instead of returning home yet.

    The Helpers, led by the young and old Tennysons, decides to manage a sneak attack with all of its troops attacking the drill. Animo is around to try to keep the drill safe, but with a plan hatched by Ben, the drill is destroyed and Animo is defeated. As the Helpers are organized for handling the aftermath, Gwen opens a portal to bring back Ben, who shows Max to be alive. Max opts to stay with the Helpers, though, but he feels hopeful that he can come back one day.

    So yep, the episode was quite well done.
  • Great, great, great...

    Helen sends out an SOS from the Null Void. Gwen picks it up, whips up some kind of dimensional opening with her power and Ben flies into the Null Void on a rescue mission. In addition to Helen and Manny, Ben encounters a super-powered Dr. Animo (known here as D'Void) along with some characters who have been sorely missed. I especially liked the fight between Ben and Pierce. It was great because Ben didn't transform. It looks like the hand-to-hand combat training he's obviously been getting from Gwen has paid off. Action, adventure, comedy. What more could you ask for in an episode from this series?
  • In this episode, those plumber kids from "maxed out" requested help fom Ben and friends. So Ben goes in alone and discovers the great villain D'Void is really Dr. Animo and discovers The Wrench is the long lost GRANDPA MAX!!!

    i think this was one of the greatest episodes yet. In the episode maxed out it had us all worried that he was dead. this was probably one of the greatest episodes for any Ben 10 fan. this is probably one of the gratest episodes for fans of brainstorm for he was used 2x. this was also a good episode 'cause Dr. animo from the original series made a comeback. this is the first time a Big villain returned from series 1. Volcanus (who was in episode four of the series) was not that much of a BIG villain. He was like a villain who didn't appear that often. So this episode was grEAT!
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