Ben 10: Alien Force

Season 2 Episode 8


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 05, 2008 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • The Plumber Snake is an unbreakable, Pandimensional retrieval system.

    • For the first time, Brainstorm physically attacks someone instead of shooting them with a mind blast.

    • Ben says that Dr. Animo/D'Void has the power to control animals, but in the original series he had equipment he built to control them.

    • The green alien who was a part of the rebellion team is a Wigzellian Org Beast, the same alien as the one seen and mentioned in episode 14 of the original Ben 10 series.

    • We still don't know how Pierce ended up in the Null Void, although this verifies that he is not dead. It is also unknown how Dr. Animo ended up in the Null Void as well.

    • The fate of the Highbreed Commander and the DNAliens that went to the Null Void along with Grandpa Max, in "Max Out" was not revealed.

  • Quotes

    • D'Void: Who dares?!
      Brainstorm: That's not the way to tell a joke, miscreant. First, I say "knock knock", then you say "who dares?"
      D'Void: You dare mock D'Void?
      Brainstorm: D'Void? AKA Doctor Animo? I certainly would mock you! I'm doing it now, albeit subtly.

    • Ben: You still a doctor, Animo?
      D'Void: What?
      Ben: Because it hurts when I do this! (changes into Humongousaur and punches D'Void)
      Humongousaur: See? Told you it hurt.
      D'Void: Give me a moment, and I'll show you real pain.
      Humongousaur: I'll pass.

    • Kevin: (helping pull Ben up) Time to come home Ben.

    • Grandpa Max: I meant to come back home, but once I saw how badly these folks were being oppressed-- (cut-off by Ben)
      Ben: You took it upon yourself to eighty-six Dr. Animo's reign once and for all.
      Grandpa Max: Yeah, or at least throw a monkey wrench into the machinery.
      Ben: Hence 'The Wrench,' and 'The Helpers,' Plumbers' Helpers. (amused) I just got it.

    • Ben: (after meeting Grandpa Max) So, you're going to make me ask?
      Grandpa Max: Well, when I detonated that Null Void grenade, it didn't blast me to kingdom come; it blasted me here.

    • Ben: (arrives) This is where you live?
      Manny: This is where he lives. (turns back) We live... wherever.

    • Ben: Some fight. You're a walking pincushion and I'm empty handed.
      Pierce: (grows a giant spike and throws it to Ben) Be my guest.
      Ben: (catches spike)One spike against three hundred. (being sarcastic)You're a real sport Pierce.

    • D'Void: (holding Manny and Helen by their throats) Now tell me helper. Where can I find your leader?
      Manny: It doesn't matter what you do to us D'Void. We'll never betray The Wrench.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Pierce: "Don't eat anything he offers you."

      This is a direct reference to the original Ben 10 TV-series. Grandpa Max's cooking skills were not very popular with Ben and Gwen due to their unregular ingredients.

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