Ben 10: Alien Force

Season 2 Episode 12

War of the Worlds: Part 1

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 27, 2009 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Paradox and Azmuth arrive on Earth to warn Ben, Gwen, and Kevin that the Highbreed are conquering planets and their fleet is heading towards Earth. Now Ben, Gwen, and Kevin must gather whatever allies they can get to counter the threat.

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  • Best ep u could have EVER WATCHED

    Okay. I shall make a duplicate of this and put one in Part 1 and one in Part 2 (since I am reviewing them as one whole).

    This episode is the yet the best episode you could have ever watched. Seeing Azmuth unlock the master code and seeing the Omnitrix full abilities of mixing alien DNA, this is my personal favourite.

    A War. That is what thrills me the most. This finale is better than X = Ben + 2

    Realizing that even the Galvans could lose to the Highbreed, how would Earth defend? Well of course, with the alert of Azmuth and Paradox about the incoming attack, Ben summons all his allies to help against the Highbreed.

    Now they travel to their home planet to stop the invasion.

    This episode rocks!moreless
  • The Best Birthday Gift: part 1

    I would like to start things off by saying this really was the best 'gift' Cartoon Network 'gave' me on my 16th birthday. I was laughing up a storm when I found out what Kevin's full name is. Ben's right about him officially losing "all remaining pretense of cool". I was also glad to see Cannonbolt, Upchuck, and Waybig again, since I really did enjoy the original series. Heck, I would have been even happier if Ben used Stinkfly, my favorite alien from the original series. Plus, it turns out Ben has 1,000,903 aliens in his Omnitrix, which is more than the 10,000 I thought he has.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • When DNAliens surround Paradox, Azmuth is next to him. But after he stops time, Azmuth is gone. Then, Azmuth is shown running.

    • When the team left for La Soledad, Dr. Paradox and Darkstar walked. However, when they get there, Dr. Paradox comes out of Ship and Darkstar out of Kevin's car.

    • The Plumber Base at Mount Rushmore from the original series returns in this episode.

    • Paradox, Azmuth, Alan Albright, Cooper, Darkstar, Julie and Ship return to join the battle against the Highbreed.

    • The aliens that are in the Omnitrix are ordered in sets of 10.

    • When Ben uses Upchuck, his appearance is different from his original form.

    • Azmuth unlocks the Master Control of the Omnitrix.

    • Azmuth tells Ben that the Omnitrix is his version of Noah's Ark and Ben is Noah, and that he alone has the power to restore the life of all the aliens including humans that the Highbreed have destroyed. If Ben is killed in the final battle, any hope that the universe had to be brought back will be lost forever.

    • It is revealed that the Omnitrix contains the DNA of every sentient species in the Milky Way Galaxy. There are 1,000,903 genetic samples. This includes 1,000,900 species programmed by Azmuth, and the 3 sampled by Ben, namely Benmummy, Benwolf, and Benvicktor.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Kevin: Money is my favorite toy.
      Ben: Money is not a toy. It is a food.
      Gwen: Ugh.

    • Azmuth: I would speak with the wielder of my Omnitrix... in private.
      Kevin: Right, like I'm gonna miss this. See ya when you get back, Gwen
      Gwen: (Grabs Kevin) Kevin Ethan Levin, you're coming with us!
      Kevin: Hey!
      Ben: "Ethan"? Your name is "Kevin E. Levin"? You just lost all remaining pretense of cool.
      Kevin: (to Gwen) You promised you'd never tell!

    • Kevin: So what's so important that I had to miss the auto show?
      Azmuth: The imminent destruction of your primitive world and all who live here.
      Gwen: But if you'd rather go look at a new convertible, by all means.

  • NOTES (7)

    • This is the first time in the Ben 10 series that we saw one of Ben's aliens home planet. In this episode we saw Galvan Prime, the home to Azmuth and Grey Matter.

    • In this episode it is learned that Azmuth can unlock the Master Control of the Omnitrix just by saying to the Omnitrix, "Master Control On," without putting in the secret code that Ben had once activated in "Back With a Vengeance."

    • It's possible Gwen forced Kevin into going because in "Unearthed," she was the only one doing the work. Now, she's unwilling to have it happen again.

    • Kevin's full name was revealed to be: Kevin Ethan Levin. (Kevin E. Levin)

    • Three of the aliens from the original series, Cannon Bolt, Upchuck and Way Big are used in this episode. Fred Tatasciore and Dave Wittenberg do not reprise their roles of Cannon Bolt, Way Big, and Upchuck. Instead, they are all voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

    • Alien Form(s) Used:
      1) Cannonbolt
      2) Jetray
      3) Swampfire
      4) Upchuck
      5) Way Big.

    • It is revealed that in addition to allowing the wearer to take on the form of whatever alien DNA is accessible, the Omnitrix can resurrect any alien species who's DNA it possess in case that race is destroyed.