Ben 10: Alien Force

Season 2 Episode 13

War of the Worlds: Part 2

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 27, 2009 on Cartoon Network

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  • ben 10 war of the worlds part 1 & 2 review

    well i love cazrtoon network ben 10 and ben 10 alien force are tow shows i love the most this episode blows my mind today i have heard that it rock i was a great season finel to season 2 with this episode who knows what season 3 will have in store for us ne aliens ben 10 alien swarm darkstar on the losse kevins new car gwen masting her powers maz's team it will be cool if you like ben 10 or alien force this episode will blow your mind ben 10 is one of the best show if i was to plase this episode i wood be number 1.
  • My new favorite episode!! =D

    I personally loved this whole 1 and 2.
    I loved it because... It had a huge battle, Paradox came back, Ben realized he had hundreds of new aliens to test out, Darkstar came back, the scene when Gwen released her anodite form and Kevin wanted her to "come back to him" was extremely touching, Ship was REALLY cool in this episode, I loved how Kevin's car transformed into a major weapon, I also loved how Gwen called Kevin by his middle name and he was all embarassed, (LOL...Ethan) I thought it was funny when Gwen was in the spaceship an she was like "Oooh, that's cool" when they were going at lightspeed, It was cool how the team was able to turn the DNAliens back into their human-selves, and I thought it was even more cool when Grandpa Max just showed up with his team at the very end and surprised everyone... including Ben, Gwen, and Kevin.
  • This is how A cartoon should be!!!!!!

    I enjoy watching this show..... Esp. this one war of the worlds part 2.... Ben ten is one show you can't go wrong with.. It has Action, drama and a good story line.. Which will keep you watching watching the show. Like me.... The part I relly like Was when ben became way big ! ! ! ! !... it wasso cool... But right now I have to tell you the...... Real reason why I watch this show.... Because I really don't have I life T.V is my life.... And also when I'm bored I have nothing else to do..... Okkk enough about my self..... ben ten Is a really good show.....
    Datsss all......
  • The Best Birthday Gift: part 2

    To me, it looked like Kevin and Gwen bonded in this episode. When Gwen transformed into her Anodite formed, Kevin convinced her to change back. She was even willing to come with Kevin to an auto shop by the end of the episode. It also looked like Ben and Julie bonded as well. They were about to kiss, but they probably didn't want to do it in public. Also, I was glad Rhiney returned near the end of the episode, since he became Ben's friend in 'Alone Together'. In conclusion, this two-part episode really was one heck of a season finale!
  • okay... this episode was the best one out of the entire series!!!

    Sooo close!! Gwen and Kevin were sooo close of kissing! I'm waiting for it to happen i swear. But this episode was really amazing. Too bad the 3rd season hasn't came out yet :( also, it looked almost like Ben and Julie were bout to kiss too... if only. My used to be favourite episode was "What are little girls made of?" but not anymore :) lol I;m kinda done writing my review soo... la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
    peace people...
  • The most awesome episode ever XD

    I have no idea what words to use for this episode. The closet is (but the ep is much more better than) the most awesomely amazing episode EVER! I'd give a million out of 10! The ending was actually a suprise. This episode just makes me want more and more X3!!! This episode was definatley worth watching :D. I really really really really can't wait until season 3. This my new all time favoreite episode ever (before that it was "Save the last dance). I was really hoping for gwen and kevin to kiss though :/. Oh well. Best episode EVER!!!!
  • This is the best episode you could have ever watched

    Okay. I shall make a duplicate of this and put one in Part 1 and one in Part 2 (since I am reviewing them as one whole).

    This episode is the yet the best episode you could have ever watched. Seeing Azmuth unlock the master code and seeing the Omnitrix full abilities of mixing alien DNA, this is my personal favourite.

    A War. That is what thrills me the most. This finale is better than X = Ben + 2

    Realizing that even the Galvans could lose to the Highbreed, how would Earth defend? Well of course, with the alert of Azmuth and Paradox about the incoming attack, Ben summons all his allies to help against the Highbreed.

    Now they travel to their home planet to stop the invasion.

    This episode rocks!
  • I thought this episode was one of the best so far. However, it seemed more like a SERIES finale than a season finale to me. Here's why:

    The Hybrids and the DNAliens are basically the main villians in this show. You remember that Vilgax was the main villian of the first series and when he finally died, that series was over. Well, in this "season" finale, the Hybrids were planning on destroying the earth, but were convinced that they could live their life without doing that (or something like that). So basically, they're no longer a threat. As for the DNAliens, they have all been changed back to humans and are also no longer a threat.

    At the beginning of this series, Ben puts the omnitrix back on and didn't recognize any of the aliens he was able to turn into. So they were basically new at that time. At the end of this episode, the same thing happens (except he was already wearing the omnitrix). So now Swampfire, Jetray, and all those other aliens are no longer available. Now it's a brand new group of aliens. So if they continue this series, the storyline would be completely different and if they try to keep the same storyline, they would probably have a hard time thinking of what would happen next. What would make sense is if they continues with a new series for Ben 10.

    I really did like this episode. It had a lot of action and was more interesting then the others in my opinion. But I think it would've been better as a series finale instead of a season finale.