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Ben 10: Omniverse

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Ben Tennyson was all set to be a solo hero, but Grandpa Max teams him up with a rookie, by-the-book partner, Rook Blonko. Flashbacks of 11 year old Ben are used to bridge various events that are shown in the present. With several new alien heroes to choose from, the fun is just getting started. It's a whole new Omniverse!

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AIRED ON 11/14/2014

Season 6 : Episode 30

  • A ruin of a good show

    series 1? good. series 2? better. series 3? okay. BUT THIS- SUPER CRAPPY FRICKIN HORRIBLE!!! The animation looks like something a toddler would draw. Gwen's been nerdified, Max has no eyes and Big Chill is now a big beefy moth and not the shadowy figure he once was. And even worse- the new team. They removed Gwen and Kevin, two really main characters and replaced them with penis-brain rook, the grump of the team. Now there are no female characters, and the jokes are even worse. So are the aliens. Lego brick man? Ben 10 are asking for a court case. Chicken man? What's his power- attract the attention of a nearby KFC? So random... Even my parents think this. And if you wonder why kids are so stupid and sexist, this show taught them that. F*** off ben 10 annoyingversemoreless
  • Freakin awesome, sad it had to go

    Before anyone calls me a child with no grasp of the matter, I'm 17 and have watched Ben 10 since childhood. The original series will always be the best. But Omniverse comes close second.

    AF and UA diverge so much from the original series that it slowly got me disinterested. but Omniverse brings back what made it great. They put so much effort into making Omniverse a continuation of the original. Examples:

    -Kevin's a human again

    -Gwen goes by Gwendolyn in college (Like she said in the first series)

    -Ben marries Kai

    Those are just a few. Also, others have griped about the animation style. Yes, it has moved away from anything in the past shows. But while the actual cartoon may be very different, the level of animation has gone up. The movement is much more fluid than AF and UA. And it's awesome to watch.

    I also personally loved the stories. Well written, and well voice-acted (yuri really seems like he had a blast doin it), this show was fun to watch and hear.

    Also, the aliens look like aliens again! They're not lookin like humans in superhero suits anymore, like in AF and UA (I'm lookin at you, Big Chill, Swampfire, Chromastone, . Not only that, but designs have changed to make every alien look more like an extra terrestrial.

    Many many references to past and future Ben, which is absolutely fantastic. Nostalgic fans will love the random episodes that show younger Ben.

    Theme song is kinda childish. But the soundtrack for the show itself, I think is very fitting, and I enjoyed when things got a little serious.

    Loved this show. Leagues ahead of Alien Force and Ultimate Alienmoreless
  • The show will Finally DIE!!!!!

    This show suck and will end NOV.14,2014
  • Ben Ten and the never ending series

    The first Ben Ten series was good. Everyone after that was so close to being great in my eyes. But with every series they go farther and farther away from the original series and they lose their continuity. But as much as I complained about that it was a fair trade for the being darker and having a better story. The character that's continue to grow and the dialogue was good but not great. The animation was great.

    Now take all those great things I said about the other Ben Ten shows and take them away and you get this series. I hated the writing along with the animation with this series. I like Rook that's about it though. The show is more kid like now. Taking away the darker element and the characters I liked. I find it hard to believe that Ben is older. He's back to not being able how to use his Obnitrix which annoys me as a fan because I watched him for 3 series now learn to use it. The biggest thing that annoys me is the continuity it has always been bad but now they just said screw it. They don't name the species anymore. Just things like that it's hard to explain. Fans will know what I mean. The show is not bad but it is not good or great or even close sadly. I was ready to love this and I know people will hate me for this. It's my option if you disagree message me. But this show still sucks either way.moreless
  • What happened to Ben 10

    This show is a abomination to the previous ones Ben is no longer likeable or funny in a good way all the characters felt like they changed their whole personalitys the villains you can't take seriously anymore because of the shows bad humor my advice if you like it then that's okay but for me they should had ended it at ultimate alien


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