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Ben 10: Omniverse

Cartoon Network (ended 2014)



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Ben 10: Omniverse

Show Summary

Ben Tennyson was all set to be a solo hero, but Grandpa Max teams him up with a rookie, by-the-book partner, Rook Blonko. Flashbacks of 11 year old Ben are used to bridge various events that are shown in the present. With several new alien heroes to choose from, the fun is just getting started. It's a whole new Omniverse!

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  • hated it at first but now....

    absolutely despised it at the beginning, its not the art style, as its a huge improvement over ultimate alien, and im speaking logically, so many colors and it just suits the feel of ben and leaves so much space for creativity, there are some episodes that are just plain and dull, and some other episodes, probably the last 30 are amazing, its a show that started out bad but ended up awesome, unlike ultimate alien that started out good but ended up boring, watch an episode of omniverse, and watch ultimate alien, then tell which one is more fun, so glad i watched the series till the last episode,so so gladmoreless
  • ben 10 omniverse shames the franchise

    Want to hate it? All you need to do is watch it and compare it to the first ben 10, when the alien design, names, script and overall production was entertaining. Cartoon Network really outdid itself with ruining Ben 10.
  • Ultimate Alien was much better

    I used to watch ultimate alien with my nephew it was entertaining to watch for my 12 year old nephew and I, I'm 22.

    Omniverse is weak, the lines are really corny, the witty jokes and stylish charecteristics are absent, replaced with kitty humor and the animation style is off, it looks like Cartoon Network wants the target audience to be 4 or 5 years old which is fine but if your older than that its unwatchable, even for my nephew. I'm not the only one who thinks this because the show's ratings have steadily dropped. Unfortunate because there are no more cool shows geared towards the kids entering young adulthood or preteen era it's too dumbed down to watch.moreless
  • It sucks

    It sucks
  • First 2 seasons were amazing... this one does not even compare

    It sucks

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