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Ben Tennyson was all set to be a solo hero, but Grandpa Max teams him up with a rookie, by-the-book partner, Rook Blonko. Flashbacks of 11 year old Ben are used to bridge various events that are shown in the present. With several new alien heroes to choose from, the fun is just getting started. It's a whole new Omniverse! The series won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Mixing - Animation.

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  • Disappointing much

    I would have been contented with ending of Ben 10 ultimate alien. It was a nice last episode. Infact all the sequels has this big final episode with a big villain. Gave the show purpose. Well all except happened to the Man of action? Huh? Ben 10 omniverse is like some rich girl's fanfiction that wants the drama with ben with kai and all that bs. I liked ben ten as a kid and as i grew up, the sequels became more and more exciting! And just went im getting to the climax, ben 10 omniverse decided to run along! THE STORY MAKES NO FRIGGING SENSE! I mean how can ben get older in terms of age and appearance throught the sequels and suddenly become this spoiled immature brat! 2ndly why would Gwen who spent years fighting crimes suddenly want to go back to study? I mean we all know that human's knowlege could not be matched with alien's knowledge! So basically its just a lame excuse to get rid of one of the most important roles in ben ten's sucess. 3rd i remember watching the last episode of Ultimate Alien, and Julie and Ben were still in extremely good terms and suddenly on Omniverse, ben's with Kai who only appeared like in one episode. Dont get me started with the drawings! They all look like crap and as a ben 10 fan, i simply cant accept it.. Also the aliens? out of creativity much? Lego alien? Why not soap monster to clean the city from its crimes! WAKE UP PEOPLE!moreless
  • Set a sequel

    Don't get me wrong, it's not that I love it so much to ask for a sequel, not saying I hate too much too. I've been giving chances to this show over and over again only because some episodes are really pure fun. So to be brief, yes it's all colourful and feel less dull and serious, but draw The Circle well. Honestly, the omnitrix symbol on Ben's alien chest suck. I dunno if its meant to be a circle or hexagon but make up your mind will ya?

    2nd, it wouldn't hurt to draw their face right. Gosh even the original series look so well, not to mention AF and UA. Fix Julie, Fix grandpa, Fix Alien X, Fix Paradox And Fix Gwen but don't change dr. Animo, he's cool. And PLEASE bring the original Vilgax look ok? That's the real face of world conquerer.

    3rd, Less filler, more plot. You don't need 8 season(80 episode) that kind of length to tell us the show is good. Some are fun. Some unnecessary. Episode like Chronospanner, Ben/Kai drama, time war story arc, parallel world and timeline, almost hit the notch but, I just can't feel it. So make a better story, make the Connection possible.

    I'm really a big fan, I respect hero like Ben 10. But don't downgrade him so so so So much. So set a sequel, 20 years old Ben, 25 years old Ben ANYWAY just follow my suggestion above:keep the colour, draw the circle and face well,plot-- fix it, make up for the mistakes. Then it'll be one hell of a show at cartoon network. Trust me.moreless
  • Pure disappointment

    I just cant begin to express how disappointed i am with this title. I loved ben 10 since its very first title till the very end of ultimate alien. Fist of all, the most noticable change is the animation. I thought that with the flow of time animation would get better but this is just bad. It looks like an 8 year old drawing, sometimes i dont even recognize the drawing, like, its simply a mess! I thought at first, ok i'll live with that. But the nightmare didnt stop there. I almost cried when they got rid of gwen and kevin and i almost puke when i saw kevin's new look he looks like a zombie. Gwen has been my fav character ever since ben 10. And now shes gone! And also, ben went back to being such an immature childlike boy, i almost fall asleep everytime i watch this show now its so boring and gets on my nerve. And also, he was given the "real" omnitrix but how i see it, its worse than the ultimatrix how is that supposed to be logical? i get that CN tries to make money out of this show by selling toys but whats the point if you lose your loyal fans? There is just no end to how disappointed i am and if its not for the previous titles i wouldnt even be watching this. I hope CN gets their senses together for the next ben 10 title. I would've given a minus rating if i could.moreless
  • How to ruin a tv series

    you see I didnt even need to watch omniverse to know it was bad just by looking at the animation I knew it was screwed plus so many shitty aliens I mean Bloxx the alien lego seriously?
  • Ben 10 Ultimate Alien was AWESOME

    Ben 10 series was awesome but Ben 10 Omniverse is totally bad. It's animation is weird and it's story writing is also not good..

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