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A Jolt from the Past Episode Discussion

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    [1]Sep 22, 2012
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    The Megawhatts return...

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    [2]Sep 29, 2012
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    I'm starting to like the new Omnitrix, especially since Ben, who should've learned by now, hasn't figured out which face goes with which alien. But it seems like the timeout doesn't last remotely as long as it did in the previous 3 series.

    Not a fan of Gravittack(sp?), at least not yet.

    Rook is growing on me though, and I'm certainly enjoying the animation style, more so than AF and UA at least.
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    [3]Oct 2, 2012
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    I actually enjoyed this episode quite a lot. Loved the villain (humans using alien tech powered by living aliens? **** yeah! About time some of our normal peeps get to be a**holes!) and i'm digging Rook, he's cool, his character is a bit of a cliche, but the delivery is quite nice. I like 'im.

    I simply adore the way Heatblast looks in this series, also that got me to appreciate the coloring.

    So, I guess the whole 10 Year Ben thing will be prelude scenes of his adventures that relate to the episode's plot? I guess I can deal with that.

    All in all... this episode convinced me, i'm gonna keep watching.

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    [4]Oct 2, 2012
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    Eh, It was alright.

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    [5]Oct 3, 2012
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    I also liked it. Heatblast looked awesome and I really liked him. Ben and Rook play off each other nicely. The villains were punk guys using aliens as weapons pretty sweet.
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    [6]Oct 3, 2012
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    Just as the title says, this episode features villains who we haven't seen since the Original Series!

    *We start the episode off at a Mr. Smoothy's at night with an (extremely) old school villain...a Megawhatt! Their previous appearance was their only one, the Original Series' Touirst Trap episode (although both the Original Series future episodes did show the Omnitrix version, Buzzshock).

    *Stinkfly appears, but quicky gets overpowered by it and turns back to (Kid) Ben!

    *I wonder if Kid Ben's scenes will foreshadow what happens during Teen Ben's phase in most episodes, the same way how most Psych episodes would start with a scene with Kid Shawn foreshadowing the main plot of the episode.

    *Kid Ben's remark about who would want smoothies gave me a good chuckle.

    *Yep, Kid Ben spoke too soon...

    *Fortunately, Kid Ben has Feedback, whose electricity based powers easily take care of the Megawhatts.

    *Grandpa Max and Kid Gwen show up to trap the (now sleeping) Megawhatts in rubber blankets; Grandpa Max comments that it's lucky Ben still needs them and Ben stops Gwen from saying something.

    *On a side note, it looks like Kid Gwen has freckles in the series now. She didn't get to talk yet, so we have no idea if Megan Smith will reprise the role or not.

    *We now cut to the present with Teen Ben meeting up with Max and Rook. Max politely reminds Ben that he needs to accommodate his schedule to benefit his new partner's schedule as well and leaves them to get started.

    *I got a good laugh at the "double fake out" in regards to Rook's ride!

    *Ben and Rook's small talk in the truck gave us some nice insight on current events in the Ben 10 Universe. Really Rook, you're going to be skeptical about Alien X when you live in a universe with all sorts of aliens with unique powers?

    *I really loved the music that played during the montage of Ben and Rook patrolling the city.

    *Ben is still bored of the lack of heroics, but that changes when Rook notices something suspicious about a nearby punk (who the credits call "Corvo")...

    *When trying to turn into Big Chill, Ben instead becomes Heat Blast! We still don't have Steve Blum as his voice again, it's David Kaye this time around. At least it's an improvement from his Ultimate Alien voice.

    *I got a laugh out of Ben's landing when he turned back from Heat Blast.

    *After some interrogating, the duo discover that Corvo's source of electric power is (surprise, surprise) Megawhatts.

    *I got a kick out of Ben hanging a lampshade on how long it's been since he last saw them. Rook also reveals the "formal" name of the Megawhatts, "Nosedeenians".

    *The two Megawhatts make their escape with the duo giving chase (which also allows Corvo to escape). Ben tries to turn into XLR8...but turns into Clockwork, instead.

    *Clockwork fears he's lost their trail due to his reduced speed...but the Megawhatts appear before him (without attacking him)! Hmm...

    *Clockwork sees the Megawhatts heads towards a warehouse and then turns back to Ben. Rook quickly shows up and Ben tells him the Megawhatts were trying to get them to follow them.

    *Upon entering the warehouse, Ben's theory is confirmed. The Megawhatts need the duos help to free their brethren from imprisonment!

    *This gets complicated when two more thugs appear, recapturing the two Megawhatts and subduing Ben and Rook! Corvo also appears with the thugs' leader, whose name is "Fistrick".

    *After Fistrick reveals his shady "business plan", the duo manage to break free and Ben turns into Bloxx to fight off the lower thugs. Fistrick soon decides to take matters into his own hands and gets into a Megawhatt-powered mecha suit!

    *Ben tries to turn into Four Arms...but instead becomes a new alien that the credits call "Gravattack" (voiced by David Kaye). He looks like a powerhouse in his own right.

    *Well now we now know why his name is Gravattack, he has gravity-based powers!

    *This makes freeing the megawhatts and stoping Fistrick that much easier, especially once he uses these powers to short circuit the mecha suit! Rook's "tech bow" was also cool!

    *Fistrick's suit has enough power for one last trick, a series of missiles...just in time for Gravattack to discover another power, having his own gravitational pull! I'm starting to really like Gravattack!

    *Grandpa Max and some other plumbers arrive to capture Fistrick and his crew. Max also tells the duo that these Megawhatts were kind enough to provide power for Under Town! I really liked that this episode showed that not all Megawhatts are "Chaotic Evil".

    *Rook tells Ben he hears most "Tennyson Legends" end with smoothies, Ben replies during the day, chili fries are for night...and adds that Alien X is real and that Rook should take his word for it.

    This was a fun episode! It was cool the Megawhatts back (and see that there are some good/friendly ones) and see some new human villains. Gravattack is a great addition to the Omnitrix's database of aliens, as well. Bring on the next episode!

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    Nice to see a new alien power set at last. Gravattack is the first of Ben's aliens to have gravity powers.
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