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  • example of bad animation and story

    omniverse is terrible
  • Ben 10: Omniverse; televised proof of Cartoon Network's cluelessness and greed

    The Ben 10 franchise has never really held my interest or attention, perhaps in the earlier seasons I'd enjoy a episode or two, may be even more. But, I was by no means, a 'Ben 10 fan', nor were my friends. Though it didn't matter. The show took off with young boys and pre-teens alike, spawning an entire franchise: with 4 series, two live-action movies, and over a billion dollars in toy sale across the world. Now, the show that captured the excitement of young boys everywhere, is now the show that they see while channel surfing at the ages of 13-14+, and instead of saying the heavenly words, "Ah, I loved this show", they let out a query of contempt, "Ben 10? Is that still on?"

    The franchise has become one of Cartoon Network's longest-running series and it's a prime indicator of what the company has done to themselves over the years. Slowly (scratch that, I'd say rapidly), the once great Cartoon Network is turning into a husk of it's former self. Back in the early 2000s, they channel boast perhaps the largest assortment of shows on a television network for children; ranging from the enduring "PowerPuff Girls", to the mythical and powerful "Samurai Jack", to the comedic darkness of "Courage the Cowardly Dog", just to name a few of my 'stand outs'. Now its either "Regular Show" or "Adventure Time", you pick where the others fall into place, because I honesty couldn't tell you the difference between a show like "Regular Show" and "The Amazing World of Gumball".

    But I digress, Ben 10 too has turned into a husk of its former self. Needless forced to continue the show has now become one of the many filler-programmings in Cartoon Network's lineup. There is no way on Earth that such a premise could spawn 3 continuations. The truth is, it couldn't. There's no more story to be told; like there was to begin with? Around 2016, we'll be entering Ben 10 series five, which will undoubtedly be titled: "Ben 10: EVOLUTION", as if this franchise has seen enough of those.
  • Truly the Decline of a Great Franchise

    After the first Ben 10, two other series came along darker and more focused on action focusing on a now teenage Ben Tennyson. Ben had matured along the way, but downgraded to a cocky kid on occasion but still showed a lot of maturity. The animation for Alien Force and Ultimate Alien were also very good and among the best I've ever seen in a show.

    Then this show came on. The animation went downhill, Ben became an arrogant immature brat, the series was more comedy based than action based, and I hated the new looks of the characters. Gwen and Kevin now rarely appear and Ben's new sidekick Rook is way more competent than Ben.

    Now to be fair, the show does have good moments. I actually like Rook and the show does have more action than Teen Titans Go!, but the animation is just abysmal and Ben's maturity is long gone. I think this will be the final Ben 10 series and it's not a good way to go.






  • Lament the loss of character development

    I agree with many others that the animation of the series has definitely gone down hill. The original series, AF and UA were by far superior. When I say superior I mean Original, AF and UA are the Empire State Building and Omniverse is an ant on the sidewalk. Also had some dark under tones it made it really worth while to watch. Omniverse they got rid of everything that made it well good.

    What happened to Ben's character development? He seems far more immature now, seems very childish now. Additionally in the previous series they did an extensive build up of Ben's relationship with Julie and they just threw it out the window. Really? Come on.

    What is wrong with these developers. They should take a page out of Japan's animation companies. Say what you want but if you want a good story that doesn't get changed because of idiots who don't know there ass from the hole in the ground watch Naruto, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Gundam Wing, Gundam 00. I could go on I really could.

    Most animation I've seen with really good continuity, character development and story its usually Japanese. When it's American I can only think of a few that were really good. Avatar the Last Air Bender, Legend of Korra, Transformers (this one vary's so many of them suck). I used to put Ben 10 in this catergory I can't anymore. Omniverse is just so bad. Why make these changes? Haven't these writers and developers ever heard this saying. " IF IT AIN"T BROKE DON"T FIX IT" . Animation isn't just for children. Hell Japan has an entire market for it at all ages.
  • What Is The Storyline

    What happened i've seen ben ten omniverse and i think they look like crap and what happend.

    like in the first season he was ten second series he was 16 and now he what twelve what has happened and what the hell it makes earth seem aware of the aliens. Cartoon Network is talking it up so much but the show is like a pile of crap that has been rotting honestly if i could give a nothing id would put it there

    if i missed something pls tell me and explain what happened

  • The most unbiased post from a REAL Ben 10 fan!

    A lot of these other people saying this Onmiverse trash is the best, CLEARLY have some sort of issue. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin look COMPLETELY STUPID in Omniverse, Ben looks like something is wrong with his face, gwen looks like a man, and Kevin looks like he was attacked by a group of goth children, then trampled by a pack of mummies. I'm being completely serious. Alien Force, and Ultimate Alien we the best seasons of Ben 10 EVER, even the art design was better in Alien Force and Omniverse. To be considered a good show, the viewers have to become attatched to the characters. When a boy sees a girl, (and when a girl sees a boy) they first judge eachother on looks. From the second I saw the new gwen, I was appauled. The gwen that I had grown familiar with was technically dead. (Female characters, most of the time, in order to attract the interest of male viewers have too look good, (Not hot) but good) and gwen looks, to be frank, quite disguisting. And people are saying that they tried make her look more mature, there were several ways they could have done this without making her look like a 'dweeb'. Kevin too, if a female takes their first look at him and says, "Oh, I like him" then I did not know that in 2013 women would be attracted to homeless/Bum looking men, I would have prepared.

    Honestly, I tried to find a good point in the new Omniverse show. I liked some of the NEW characters, and I guess I liked the new omnitrix. But that's it.

    The creators of Ben 10 need to watch the Creators of Pokemon.

    I was NEVER interested in pokemon. But the second I watched an episode back in 2010, (I wouldn't say I was hooked) but any time I just happend to see the show on, I would go out of my way to watch it. They never changed ash's physical apearance, he may have grown a bit, but nothing serious, and I like it that way. What makes the show, is Great character apearance, a sense of comedy, real character personality and connection, and heart warming story line.

    Ben 10 Omniverse lacks a few of these. If you think these are just nonses personal opinions, Just watch the show yourself.
  • Why Ben-10 Omniverse should be canceled

    Like many others I'm very dissatisfied with Omniverse, Alien Force was by far my favorite installment of the series. I liked the darker tone of the series, (almost reminiscent of Batman TAS) with the Hybreed story arcs, the Addition of Albedo as the 'Evil Twin', and the trauma that Gwen,and especially Ben went through when they thought Max had died. Then in third season, Vilgax resurfaces leading up to a very potent series finale.

    I was less impressed with Ultimate Alien, when Ben started to get cocky and too full of himself ("We saved the whole entire universe") The creators tried to go back to the lighter tone of the original series. but despite its drawbacks. Overall,however, the show still was a good addition to the triumvirate of Ben-10, B-10 AF, and B-10 UA. I really liked the the episode "Forge of Creation" when 10 year old Ben was brought forward five years into the future.

    Then we get to the sad little show that is "Omniverse". With the exception of the incursion war story arc, there has been little that I've seen that is a redeeming quality to this series. Whoever came up with the idea of the Tetramand princess being engaged to Kevin should be drummed out of the TV writer's guild.

    Finally, like most of the other reviewers, I am appalled at the poor quality art work of this series. The look of the characters did change from B-10, to AF to UA but only in subtle ways. Of course, they were five and six years older, respectively. But the look of the look of the characters in this show is ridiculous. Ben's head is too big, his hair is too long and his arms and body are way too thin. In the previous two series his hair was short and neat, and while he wasn't built like the powerhouse that Kevin was, he had some muscle.

    I've read that there has been so much negative fan reaction that Cartoon network is considering not ordering any additional episodes beyond the ones that are already made or are in the process of being made, and killing the series.

    In summary, two thumbs down

  • Seriously?

    Why has everyone's reviews that I have read completely ignored the big hole in the Feedback story? In the episode Showdown Part: 1 we are told that Feedback was destroyed, but then why was Ben able to change into him in Store 23 which was just 2 episodes right before Showdown? I mean a few people even actually mention Feedback's story and say that it was good, but still completely ignore the major hole.
  • Symbolism of Kevin's Clothes and WHERE HAVE THE PUPILS GONE?!

    In the first series, Kevin was classified as a villan He wore a black shirt ripped at the sleeves, a lock as a necklace, and guy-liner. In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, where he was a hero, he appeared decent: nothing ripped, no jewelry, no makeup, but still bad-ass. Now it's as if it's all going backwards with his ripped shirt, stupid lock, and more guy-liner. He looks and acts more like an oaf then a self-made engineer. Moreover, there's Ben and he should have matured even more, but now it's like he doesn't even deserve the Omnitrix. Then there's 11-year-old Gwen. She is less mature than 10-year-old Gwen. There are just so many inconsistencies in this series.

    Nevertheless, I love Rook. I love his character and I love his pupils.
  • Shocked

    I am so sad to acknowledge that this is part of the 'Ben 10' legacy.
  • Its a betrayal

    It isn't that this show is terrible. It isn't. But it is vastly inferior to the multi-layered comic book style supreme that Ben 10 Ultimate Alien was. That is the real problem. Ben 10 started out very like Omniverse is now but was probably a bit more mature as a show in terms of attitudes and good plotting. Now its all very random with no internal logic to it so it is very lightweight. It just feels stupid. And that is comics people. It needs to feel realistic within its own story even if the idea behind it is superheroes.

    Alien Force and Ultimate Alien built a story and an ongoing legend to tell in 20 minutes every week. What we have now is disconnected from that, immature and I'm sorry but.......... utterly unconvincing in plot developments that have left characters stupider than before, and giving up things like decent omnitrix, relationships, progression... I get that they were trying to get back to what made the original series such a hit but you do that by just making more episodes that flip back and forward in time like they have done - however you don't make it qualitatively, emotionally, worse.... You also shouldn't insult viewers who by now are getting other kids into the show (cos yeah its a generational sharing thing) by totally destroying the plot developments and cool vibes of the old show.

    I've heard a rumour that the former creator of the show died and that is why quality has taken a nosedive. Clearly the new people doing the show have never watched Spectacular Spider-Man, Batman of the Future, Justice League Unlimited etc. Instead they are taking their cue from things like the new Disney Ultimate Spider-Man which trades jokes for depth.

    And don't think kids don't appreciate the difference because they do. My three year old daughter is mesmerised by Ben AF and UA but drifts away and does other things when I put Omniverse on. Actually so does my six year old son. Even the kids know this is inferior, its a steamer. And in schedules on UK tv it comes on straight after an episode of Ben 10 - AU or UA so it is all the more obvious, the dip in quality that is.

    *shakes head* whatever happened to creative integrity and weaving a tapestry, creating another world in fiction? Cartoons are for the kids be under no illusions, we adults watch because it happens to be on, but the kids know when it isn't as good and they are bigger on continuity than most adults. Get it right or stop making it. Stop pissing in what for a lot of kids is part of their childhood.
  • Not as bad as you think

    I've been reading and seeing a lot of negative things about Ben 10 Omniverse, but honestly people. Its not that bad of a show. I've noticed that most people just really hate the animation in the show. Yeah, its different and has a more childish look to it. But the show still has a decent and intriguing plot.

    I'm actually a new Ben 10 fan. I recently started watching the series for the first time a few months ago. I just finished Arc 3 of B10 OV. Having watched all the series so close together I did notice a lot of change from the first 3 series to Ben 10 Omniverse. Ben becomes more childish and arrogant. Its kinda like he never learned to use the omnitrix. Although the show does have its flaws - especially bens character - its still the original concept. Ben wants to help people and be a hero.

    *Also - is anyone else annoyed that Ben and Julie aren't together anymore? Because that is one thing I really disagree with. I thought they were great together. -

    One of the best additions to the show was his partner Rook. Rook is by far my favorite character in the series now. He really adds to the storyline. And although I miss Kevin and Gwen being main characters, they still make a few reappearances throughout the series. I also feel like Kevin and Gwen needed to leave the show. They were good characters, but after doing AF and UA it was definitely time to change their part in the series.

    I was also impressed the new antagonists in OV. I was getting pretty tired of seeing Vilgax reappear every few episodes. Honestly - WAS ANYONE ELSE SICK OF VILGAX? - I was happy he only made one small appearance throughout the entire series so far. 30 episodes without him has been great. Teaming up Dr. Psychobos, Malware, and Khyber was an interesting mix up. And I LOVED the 'dog' who wore the Nemetrix. Ben 10 Omniverse has been a successful series so far. Many new concepts have been added, and a true fan will realize the good points made in the series.

    Switching back and forth between his 11 year-old self and 16 year-old self was also an interesting idea. I actually really like it. It makes a connection between events that happen in the past and present. A great addition.

    The story behind Ben's alien Feedback was also a great addition. It might be my favorite part in the show. It was one of the few episodes where you see Ben mature a little and realize what being a hero is about. Feedback is definitely my favorite alien.

    I'm not saying Ben 10 Omniverse is the perfect sequel to an already AMAZING series, but a lot of new concepts were brought to the table. And by far, the series has been very successful. I'm going to continue to watch Ben 10 like a true fan would. I am highly anticipating the 4th Arc to this great, never-ending series.

    *Focus on the positives in the series. Don't hate it just because it isn't totally original*

  • Good show

    Rook Blonko is awesome, even my classmates agree, the show is okay even without Gwen and Kevin. Aliens are better and cooler, but i miss the ultimate forms hope they return in the upcoming seasons.
  • The characters' design is deplorable

    Ben, Gwen and Kevin look so stupid and childish. Ultimate Alien is the best show. The art totally screws the show. The plot is better but it sucks without Gwen and Kevin. The new omnitrix is worse than the ultimatrix. The Ultimate Aliens were more powerful than this current batch. Extremely disappointed with Cartoon Network. Omniverse leaves much to be desired. I would rate it a 0 if there is.
  • Not as bad as people say it is.

    I've been hearing a lot of negative things about this series. True, it has it's flaws, but it also has a lot of good points, which people seem to be ignoring in favor of griping about how the animation style is terrible, or the characters are childish.

    I will admit the format has gotten softer, but it's not all bad. While the animation took some getting used, I find it stands out well compared to the dark tones of of Alien Force/Ultimate Alien, and some of the character redesigns are actually improvements over the originals, like Psyphon or Zombozo's new looks. Ben may seem more childish now, but he still has his moments of nobility, and some of the new villains are really sinister and dark, like Malware and Khyber.

    I prefer to focus on the positives of this series, like how they've brought back classic aliens from the original series, such as Eye Guy and Arctiguana (updating their looks in the process),and utilising underused characters from previous series (The Incurseans, in particular, are made out to be the threat they were only suggested to be in previous series, Attea in particular). The flashbacks to young Ben's adventures between the original series and Alien Force are fun, harkening back to Ben's original personality, and the way they often tie in to present stories are clever. And the writer's managing to link together the convoluted continuities of all four series works out most of the time, bringing in elements and plot points from across the franchise.

    Am I saying Omniverse is perfect? No. But it's far from the total garbage some are making it out to be. Derrick Wyatt took some chances with this series, and I think they really paid off. I will be watching this series until it's end, like a true fan would.
  • omnivers must die

    i invite all to boycott omnivers it is total rubbish it will die a death someday lets make it sooner im going to pretend the show finished with ultimate alien.
  • A lego alien?!?!?

    I know you should never judge a series by the first episode, but the first one of Ben 10 OV was appalling. The amination is terrible, Kevin looks like a wrist cutter, Max has no eyeballs, and I'm yet to see a pupil in any of the characters eyes. On top of that, the first alien Ben turned into was made of Lego. I actually can't watch anymore. AF and UA were relateable which is what made them good, and although OS was childish it was light hearted and easy to watch, with decent animation. Why ruin the franchise?
  • Barney & Friends called, they want their suck back

    How could you do this to ben 10? It was so awesome... and now its just nonsensical and childish

    The heroes are idiots, the villains are idiots, the art style is horrible and the new watch aliens suck ass.

    the whole thing is no longer serious. its just childish and stupid.

    I can't tell if this shit is supposed to be a crappy sequel or a crappy reboot.

    Doesn't matter, it sucks anyway. find something else for the kids to watch

  • Ben ten Is ruined

    It's just horrible the animation is just horrible and whats wrong with bens face? He looks like the guy from Aladdin and the magic geni!!?
  • They completely destroyed Ben 10.

    I am a huge fan of Ben 10 series. But I gotta say, Omniverse sucks! For me, Alien Force was the best series, follwed by original and UA in order. Animation is crap. Story is not good(though better than UA last season). And why did they remove Kevin and Gwen. Seriously, DM worked so hard on AF to make it awesome and now they've destroyed it. I'm just waiting for this to be over so they can start, hopefully, a new and better Ben 10 show.
  • POOP!

    awful, just awful! DISAPPOINTED!!
  • Fans can slobber all they want--

    But honestly when you look at even the stylistic change from even the original series, this mess of bad choices is just what people should expect from western "groupthink" changes.

    Yes there were problems with AF and UA but while some of the 'additions' were bad ones, most were for the expansion of the universe of Ben 10 and the sudden and immediate removal of two main characters that are beloved by fans because the new head doesn't like their powers is one of the many big changes that have lead to a bad show.

    The best part about Ben 10 overall was Bens character evolution, even in the original series he went from a selfish little brat to a somewhat responsible little brat. AF&UA allowed writers to take all characters and give them real world problems along with their alien ones, that's good story evolution!

    And finally the kiddish story plots, not to harp on about it but when you go from a multi-arc storyline to monster of the week because the flashy colours and hyper music get kids watching shows what matters to the producers-money not story and quality.
  • how could they *** up ben 10 this bad?

    this is easily the worst incarnation of the series i've ever watched. they decided not to put back gwen or kevin for this series. cartoon network, i am not happy about making gwen and kevin extremely absent from this show, and i am not giving this one a 10 unless you put them back pronto!
  • I hate this show!!!

    The original ben 10 was good, b10 AF and b10 UA were the best but this one completely sucks there's no way I would even think of watching this show if I knew how bad it was.

    The graphics are atrocious, there so comical that there not even funny

    The story is complete rubbish

    I would give this a zero if I could

    I was so looking forward to this series and I am very annoyed with man of action for making this piece of rubbish


    Btw ben 10 doesn't even look like a 17 year old, he looks like he did in the original
  • Not Bad, Not Great

    I actually think that Ben 10: Omniverse isn't bad. Everyone is mentioning that it is a lot more lighthearted than alien force and ultimate alien and I agree with that. In fact, that is one of the aspects that makes the show pretty enjoyable. The animation is definitely going to take some getting used to though; I wish they hadn't changed it, and if they really had to, I wish they hadn't changed it on such a large scale. Kevin does look very goth and unkept, and the way they made gwen look after college makes her look kind of like a little girl(with her plaid skirt and cat top in addition to the short hair). I think they should have shortened kevin's hair a little bit and kept his clothes the same and made Gwen's longer, or at least made her hair look like it did in the Ben 10,000 episode. Grandpa Max doesn't look too different, it's just the fact that his eyes are black slits(not even pupils?). Also, I am a huge fan of gwen and kevin(and their relationship in AF and UA), so it really sucks to see that they were just sent away and that it didn't even really appear that they were dating. Otherwise, the show's dialogue and plot so far is really good, and I'm excited to see what the writers are going to do with it and see whether or not they will make any changes based on fan reviews.
  • the reason the art isn't so good

    the reason the art got worse is because its a completely different artist. the original one passed away....
  • Perfect

    People need to get a damn life and stop giving this show a bad review. Atleast it is a whole lot better then the AF/UA series which are both hated by fans.

    I have only have watched 1 or 2 episodes and this show is dreadful I miss the 1st Ben 10 series, which actually looked great and was great. All the other Ben 10 shows, after the 1st have sucked and this is the worst out of all of them.
  • Compared to the crap that Alien Force and Ultimate Alien were, this is an improvement.

    This show brings back the much-needed humor and lightheartedness from the original series that Alien Force and Ultimate Alien sorely locked.

    And lol at people saying the animation is bad. Get some glasses, it's a fact that it's better animated than AF or UA.

    AF and UA just took themselves way too seriously, and failed at executing its plots.

    Omniverse has its own flaws, but it's at least fun to watch, unlike the previous two shows.
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